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August 12, 2017 18:06

Soapstone stoves ( soapstone ) , a description of the material , the use of

Talkohlorit or soap or potting or stone oven - the synonyms of the same natural mineral that forms in the earth of talc and magnesite under the influence of high temperature and pressure.The process requires a lot of time.Probably because talkohlorit so beautiful.Painting of blue-green stone, which does not require finishing.The combination of all these qualities greatly raised its value and made noble.

Soapstone stoves

soapstone stoves

soapstone stoves Why so popular?

If the walls soapstone stoves pour water, you get high-quality steam, as the material perfectly absorbs moisture and evaporates it evenly over the entire plane, creating a unique fine pair.Still, many other factors make soapstone stoves is very attractive to create a soft heat in the bath with healing properties as much as possible closer to a traditional Russian sauna.Today this material does not control the amount of labor as well as to acquire the entire bath.But why buy expensive Finnish saunas from soapstone, if you can build your own?This is not difficult!

Talkohlorit WHY CONSIDER "warm stone"?

material has two characteristics associated with warmth.The first - a high heat capacity, which is two and a half times the heat capacity of the brick, and the second - a constant coefficient of thermal expansion.The high heat capacity of soapstone does not allow to crack when the temperature difference in the bath, and a constant factor - allow to warm throughout.

Soapstone stoves from producer

Soapstone stoves from producer

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ATTRACTIVE THAN Talkohlorit for manufacturers?

thermal characteristics make the material simply is unique and ideal for the manufacture of stoves and fireplaces.Talkohlorit heating to 1600 degrees.Celsius, nothing will happen to him.The heat soapstone still give gently and evenly for a long time.Talkohlorit as clean and environmentally friendly, which allows to make the dishes.And it has high strength and durability, but at the same time it can be easily processed and sanded, and on the finished product.


Application soapstone for the production of bath furnace is fully justified its unique properties.Scientists have discovered a very interesting fact about him.Thermal radiation material and the human body is on the same wavelength, which is equal to 9.8 microns.It is because of this factor, the heat emitted from soapstone, seems so soft and pleasant.This length also waves themselves have a beneficial effect on the human body, boosting the immune system, regulating blood pressure, improving metabolism and respiratory system.The adoption of the bath in which there is an oven of soapstone, improves mood and has a healing effect on people suffering from arthritis.Compare the thrill of the heat of the furnace of this unsurpassed material with something in a person's life can only be sunbathing.Quickly talkohloritnaya heated by the stove, it will take less than an hour of time to retain heat for a long time.And all this is due to the fact that soapstone heats up to 10 times faster and cools to 2 times longer.To clearly demonstrate all and not to be unfounded, we recommend the following experiment: take a small pebble soapstone and put it in boiling water for 5 minutes.Once you remove it, the heat will be felt for an hour.Imagine how it sparingly!It turns out that the fuel in the furnace for a bath talkohloritovauyu should be 2 times smaller.And this is no small advantage.

Heating soapstone stoves

Heating soapstone stoves

simply and quickly stoned OVEN!

make a qualitative lining of the furnace is not difficult soapstone.This is done quickly, even if done by hand.But before that you need to learn the technology.She is so:

  1. stones inside the oven should be put in a horizontal position.From this masonry, they heat up quickly, transferring the resulting heat outside walls.
  2. In contrast to the inner walls, rocks have vertical outer walls.This will keep the heat inside the oven as long as possible.

To ensure a secure grip tile soapstone with the base, it is necessary to use a special glue, which is a hundred years ago came up with the Finns.The adhesive is made of a water glass powder talkohloritnym.Accordingly, the mixture was thoroughly stirred.Clay durable, long time and is not harmful to the environment.When laying tiles each secured to one another using a special pin or staple.It is necessary that the tile has not fallen off under its own weight.Laying leaves four hours to dry.As you can see, the Finnish glue dries quickly.After all the done staples removed, and the gaps that have formed between them is filled with grout.The technology is not complicated, so go for it!

Facing soapstone oven

furnace lining soapstone


The article describes a material that somehow was able to tell about the properties of the material, and some of the technical points of the furnace installation.We hope that all this will be helpful to you!PSThe most interesting - finally.This is the most interesting in soapstone stoves is that the surface can not burn our body!