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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying slate with his own hands

Slate - a popular roofing material.Slate sheets are both flat and undulating profile - they are more popular, as they provide better drainage of water from the roof and have greater strength.Term Slate service depends on the correct installation.

Laying slate with his own hands

Slate Laying his hands

Preparing roof battens

to perform crates needs a bar of square section 60 mm.It is attached to the rafters with a pitch of about 50 cm. The battens need a well-seasoned wood, or when dry bar is reduced in size, and attachment slate weakened.Issues beyond the edge of the roof battens must be calculated so as to avoid cutting sheets of slate - sliced ​​edges do not look aesthetically pleasing.

Preparing the roof battens

Preparing roof battens

Application Method

Slate Slate laid in two ways: vrazbezhku or trimming angles.Laying slate vrazbezhku less laborious.For this installation method is better to buy vosmivolnovy slate, as his stack with a shift to half a sheet, and from semivolnovogo will be a lot of unused scraps.Laying with trimming angles requires more time, as you have to undercut each sheet of slate.

Slate Laying begin with the lower edge of the ramp with the most windy side.The first sheet is required to align with a plumb line, as difficult to correct the imbalance is.Each subsequent row is placed overlapped, the size of it depends on the angle of slope.For roofs with a slope of 20-45 degrees is sufficient overlap of 10 cm.

Krepjat slate to the sheathing with galvanized roofing nails for slate, scoring them in the crest of the wave.

1 - batten bar ;2 - Schiffer ;3 - a nail ;4 - washer;5 - rubber gasket .

1 - batten bar;2 - Slate;3 - a nail;4 - washer;5 - rubber gasket.

can not hammer a nail too deeply - this can create overvoltage material, and at the first load or temperature gradient it will crack.Nails hammer to lightly touch the cap of slate, and in any case do not bend from the attic - it can also cause a split sheets.Hole Wizard is better to drill a drill with a drill diameter of 1-2 mm larger than the diameter of the nails.

Technology laying slate vrazbezhku

Technology laying slate in Extension

Technology laying slate vrazbezhku

  1. necessary to draw a layout plan and determine the number of sheets to be cut in half.Perform cutting sheets with a hacksaw or grinder.Slate can dampen before cutting along the cutting line - it will facilitate the work.
  2. prepared plates should be examined for the presence of chips and cracks.Even minor damage can subsequently leak, so these lists it is better to discard.
  3. begin stacking slate with the bottom row from the slope opposite to the direction of the prevailing wind.The bottom row is formed of solid sheets.The sheet is applied to the crate, attach the upper corner and aligned with respect to the edge of the roof and eaves, and then secured another 2-3 nail on the edge of the sheet.
  4. next sheet horizontal row are placed with overlap in one or two waves.Continue laying slate roof to the opposite edge.Each sheet is attached in at least four places with the help of nails slate with a large hat and a rubber gasket.Nails hammer into the upper wave - this technique helps prevent inadvertent damage to the sheet during impact.In addition, when operation of the roof water flows not run wave along the trough and hence to the upper nailing wave will prevent leakage from the roof.
  5. next row start with a half sheet - this is achieved by shifting rows.Places joints completely overlap, followed by a number, and the gap between the sheets is minimal.The cut edge of the possible hidden under a wave of the next sheet.
  6. Continue laying rows staggered.Last horizontal row are placed so that the vent was the apex.Similarly, make laying a second slope of the roof.
  7. Skate is made of sheet metal.You can buy ready-made skate shops selling rolled metal.Krepjat horse to the slate and crate on top of the wave of slate.

slate stacking technology with cutting corners

In general, technology is similar to laying vrazbezhku, but the sheets are stacked in neat rows without shifting, with the exception of the double lap and large gaps corners of sheets are cut butt in accordance with the scheme.

Laying slate with trimming angles

Laying slate with cutting corners

This technology is more labor intensive, but the finished roofing turns smoother, smaller clearances, and the life of the roof - longer.

  1. first sheet is placed without cutting, align the bottom left edge of the roof and fix.At subsequent sheets in the first row of the upper left corner is cut.
  2. first sheet of the second row is cut along the bottom right corner of the dock and a second sheet of the first series with a small gap as shown in the diagram.The average number of sheets of the second cut has two angles - the upper left and lower right.At the extreme right - only the upper left.
  3. Top row crop only in the lower corners.

With this installation and compliance gaps all cut corners overlap the top sheet and the roof protects the structure from rain and meltwater.

to protect the lichens from the slate roof can be covered with antiseptic.Also, if desired, it can be painted with paint for Slate.Thus, you get a reliable, durable and, moreover, expensive roofing.

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