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August 12, 2017 18:06

Improvement balcony - do wardrobe with his hands

If the apartment has a balcony, and in particular, insulated, you should think about the rational use of the additional space.Each "house" there are things, household items, which are not used very often (horses, for example, the tool).There is always something that you need, but at the same time is constantly interferes.The way out - to make the balcony closet for storage of household utensils.

Preparation for construction of the closet on the balcony

cabinet - on - balcony - 2

If such a decision is made, and it is "once and for all," it is necessary to "take care" in the first place by the balcony.The best option - to glaze balcony, because to have another "room" is always a pleasure.But there is still present and the practical side.If you build a wardrobe on the windswept and rain the balcony for a long time whether it's "construction" will last?

gradual deformation of the body, shelves - this is an incomplete list of what awaits the hosts.Not to mention the fact that in this cabinet can be stored?Tool and the rust quickly and will unfit to work.So first is better to solve the issue with the glazed balcony, and of course, insulated floor and ceiling, especially if the apartment is on the top floor.

next step - preparing the balcony to the installation of the cabinet.It is necessary to determine why he needed this case, what concretely.On this basis, and identifies the approximate dimensions of the design and the installation location (side of the balcony).We need to find the best option - it is too cumbersome and obscure cabinet will, and fresh air is if too many things, build a better dressing room.If

balcony glazing was not there, it is necessary to provide for the installation side ( "street") of the wall of the future cabinet.Second sidewall naturally house wall.And if you already glazed balcony, you will have to do the two "sides".Of course, it is very useful when an end has a balcony neighbors.If all sides are open (but the balcony wall - a rear wall of the future cabinet), then you need to think about it when the size of the removal.

Making wardrobe

After all the measurements necessary to produce the balcony "prepare".At least, the place where it will be installed cabinet must be properly equip.First, you must carefully align the wall (do not forget that this is a perspective side wall of the cabinet).Naturally, the inside of the cabinet must be clean and "smooth", so the wall will have to "bind".Typically, such cabinets particleboard sheets are mostly used only laminated (for "confrontation" dampness).This material is significantly cheaper than wood, and the weight of the material is smaller and thus easier to mount the cabinet will.Cut thin chipboard sheets with a bang conventional construction with a knife.

cabinet - on - balcony - 1

Keep in mind that if the sheet is cast on an uneven surface, the parallel walls of the cabinet does not work.It is for this reason that you need to knock down all the ledges, repaired all the holes.The surface must be well leveled, and not on the eyes, and checking their work with the help of a spirit level or plumb.Secondly, the floor also needs attention.If it is already lined with boards, it is necessary under the cabinet to make a "foundation."Enough to fill blocks of wood the size of the cabinet, and on top put a carved fragment of chipboard.

Naturally, such a substrate (the bottom of the cabinet) should be strictly horizontal, otherwise the cabinet will be skewed.Between the board and the bottom of the balcony forms a layer of air, which further insulate the cabinet bottom.If the floor of the balcony in no way covered, it is necessary in the installation of the cabinet make the screed, if you can not handle the entire balcony.And on her to put bars and secure.

shelves and doors are also made of laminated chipboard sheets, but thicker.How to design the interior of the cabinet - it is up to you based on your own needs.Special conversation - on door hinges, which are now on sale in abundance.There are those which are used for the manufacture and metal, and plastic.Closet to the balcony need to put the loops of a homogeneous material.Remembering school (physics) it becomes clear that different materials - different coefficient of thermal expansion, and on the balcony of the temperature will "ride".So that there can be problems with opening - closing doors, although it refers only to those cases where the balcony is not insulated.

As you can see, to make the closet and get the extra space for storage "only acquired" on the balcony is not difficult.

Finally see the video for the manufacture of the cabinet: