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August 12, 2017 18:06

Specifications and types Linokroma , application features

lin2 For everything waterproofing structural elements of any structure used a variety of materials, a wide range which allows you to make the best choice.However, for each product as it can be said that he is "universal" in the application and is suitable for all occasions.For example, traditional roofing material can not withstand high values ​​of temperature.At higher it starts to "melt", and at low - cracks.

By the way, this is one of the reasons why the new waterproofing material - linokrom, aroused great interest among consumers.What is it?This is the basis (fiberglass, fiberglass or polyester fiber), which is treated with a special mixture (oxidized bitumen + additive polymer).All varieties of material have extra protection in the form of a surface layer "sprinkling" or thin polymer film.This technology determines the properties of the final product, it is sufficient for its universal use as waterproofing.

Easy installation

technology simple.Cloth attached by fusing, and they may be used for any base (wood, concrete, brick, etc.).If the installation is on a "bare" surface, it is recommended to make a two-layer stacking.In some cases it can linokromom "strengthening" an existing hydraulic protection, thus will be sufficient to fix only one layer of material.Ease

linokrom consists in the fact that the width of the fixed product - 1 m. With regard to other linokroma sizes, then the length of a roll or may be 10 m or 15. This makes it possible not only to accurately calculate the required amount of material, but also facilitates itstransportation.Speaking of linear parameters, it is worth noting that there are some differences in the thickness of the webs.For products with a designation K is equal to 3.7 mm, and for P - 1 mm less.


material does not lose its qualities to +80 ° C inclusive.This is achieved by using as the impregnating composition is not a conventional bitumen and oxidized, which has high heat resistance.

force the web to break - up to 800 N (longitudinal) and 900 N (in the transverse direction).But if the base polymer (e), the active component is less than - 360 N. In any case the structure or thermal shrinkage deformation linokrom material is not damaged due to certain elasticity.


Density (kg / m2) ranges from 3.85 (EPG) to 5.1 (HSS).This allows not particularly concerned, for example, whether the truss system will withstand the total load when using this material.Furthermore, with such products easier to work alone, which is also a significant "plus" (given size bands).You can choose to align something to correct, perestelit.

once - cover roof

Long life

If we analyze the brochures of all well-known manufacturers, it is in the range 10 - 15 years.While this term may be extended.Much depends on the compliance with the rules laying and climate characteristics of the region.As an example - the life of a waterproofing of roofing material is not more than 4 to 5 years, even in the "hothouse" conditions.


Experts say that this material is easy to restoration, so the repair of the building is not necessary to change it.In many cases it is enough only to undertake the necessary measures to "upgrade."

Deciphering product designations

It is available in several versions, which leads to the specifics of the application.

the basis for "roofing" pie

  • primary layers - CCI, SPP, HSP.
  • top - UPC, TAP, EPC, HSS.

for waterproofing surfaces

  • All of these, except for HSS and HSP.

letters values ​​

first - base material:

  • C - fiberglass.
  • X - fiberglass.
  • E - Polyester.
  • T - fiberglass skeleton.

second and third - the type of the upper protective layer:

  • Sprinkling mineral: R - coarse, M - fines.
  • film of polymers - PP

Species linokroma

«Economy class»

standard The cheapest type of product.Accordingly, the service life is less than in other species.More suitable for the repair of small areas, such as the garage roof.


best-selling variety.The optimum ratio of price and quality.Most often used for arranging a soft roof.


above not only the quality but also the cost of the roll.


have a wide range of customers the high demand does not mean high cost.But the service life - for several decades.

Given the variety of products under the name "linokrom", it makes sense to bring only some data on prices (RUR / m²):

  • linokrom - HSS - Neuve HSP - 42;
  • HSS - 68;
  • EKP - 82;
  • TCH - from 90.


When choosing the material for waterproofing should not forget that not only has the good characteristics linokrom.There is also a number of analogs, which are also sufficient quality coupled with an acceptable price.For example, gidrostekloizol "dneproizol" steklokrom.It is commercially available, and other materials that have better linokroma, but their cost is much higher.