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Стройматериалы для дома

August 12, 2017 18:06

Characteristics of plastic drainage systems TekhnoNIKOL

Rainwater system - an important attribute of a good home and cottage.Nowadays, there are few craftsmen who themselves are made of tin drains, sinks and pipes.On the market a lot of proposals that allow to collect reliable and sealed drainage system, like children's designer.One of them - TekhnoNIKOL, Russian production.

gutter system made of plastic to metal has such advantages as

  • light weight, does not exert extra load on the roof structure or wall,
  • easy installation,
  • lower noise levels during rain.

TekhnoNIKOL system by, in particular, made of high-quality and safe PVC, are frost resistant to -50 ° C, resistant to UV light and heated to 50 ° C and atmospheric influences.Special design fasteners to reduce their number, thereby further simplifying the work.Drain can be white, brown, gray, red or green colors, which will ideally fit it into almost any home exterior.


Rainwater TekhnoNIKOL system includes all the elements necessary for the construction of the collection even homes with complex forms, both in the construction and later:

  • gutters semi-circular shape with a diameter of 125 mm,in that the roof drains water,
  • connectors gutters with seal and marked for proper installation,
  • caps for gutters, enhancing its rigidity,
  • angles of 90 and 135 degrees for mounting on inner and outer corners of the building,
  • bracketsplastic trays for mounting to the front board should be placed every 60-90 cm so that the gutters were sloped at 10 mm by 3.5 m.
  • brackets with an extension, if the front board on the roof there,
  • protective grille to preventfalling debris and leaves,
  • funnel connecting pipe with a groove, can be supplemented with protection from leaves and debris,
  • downpipes of 80 mm diameter,
  • joints for pipes,
  • knee to change the pipe configuration, for example, when crawlingbuilding elements,
  • drain plum for proper drainage of water from the plinth or foundation,
  • ordinary and universal pipe clamps (with nut).


All elements gutter TekhnoNIKOL fitted with seals of quality and reliable rubber latches.In the opinion of the masters, fastening between the elements of a strong, but to connect some of them have to use force.

indicator of the quality of drainage TekhnoNIKOL system is the fact that the manufacturer gives 15-year warranty on its products, and the service life of the system for more than 30 years.