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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to calculate the consumption of adhesive for aerated concrete per m2 , based on all the features of masonry

MCL gases most common method of fixing the place of installation of blocks of cellular concrete of this variety - "landing" on the glue.To tell about all the advantages of this procedure is not part of our problem is not discussed in this article.Let us examine another important aspect of the repair or construction work with these products.

Such products - adhesives - available for sale (in the form of dry mixtures) and cooked on the spot, immediately prior to use.No need to explain that in order to ensure continuity of work necessary to prepare all the necessary materials in advance and in full.Therefore, to determine the correct adhesive for aerated concrete consumption per 1 m2 of surface need to know how much it will need.But just multiply this figure by certain parameters of the structure - so make a big mistake.

Things to Consider

skills of workers

One of the features of the units of the artificial stone - their correct geometry.But in the production of any product has its own standards, which determine the margin of error (tolerance).All these deviations are ultimately (for the entire length of tape or foundation height) "poured" into fairly appreciable number (number).Consequently, the inevitable distortion of masonry.

Since the solution is not used to bond the blocks and the adhesive, which is "smeared" a layer of about 1 mm, then align with the help of a "spacer" number of units will not work.That is why in the process of construction of all products "grinded" with a special planer.The importance of this issue is evidenced by the fact that companies that sell concrete, sell and such a tool.

If the wizard does not have enough experience in handling units, then their perfect fit will not work.So, somewhere in the adhesive layer will slightly thicker settlement.

aerated - 2

procedure laying

in this case means the method of applying the adhesive.If it is to apply a thick layer, the flow rate will be, and if you work the special tool (spatula, trowel) - another, much smaller.Incidentally, the more the adhesive layer, the lower the strength of the connection blocks.

presence (or absence) of reinforcement between the rows

clear that in the first case, consumption will be higher.

construction features

wider use blocks (thicker walls), the greater the applied layer of adhesive.

degree of humidity products

Aerated concrete absorbs liquid.This is another feature of the porous structure of the product.Glue is applied, as we know, also in liquid form.Naturally, it is partially absorbed.So much depends on the degree of drying products, and the weather at the time of the work.This fact should be taken into account in the manufacture of non-autoclaved aerated concrete self.

composition Make (Manufacturer)

It should be understood that the package shows the average recommended by the digital data and each manufacturer they own.

aerated concrete

Compliance solution preparation rules

This quality batch (manually or using the "mixer"), and the amount of added water, its temperature.

It follows from the foregoing that all the recommendations and numerical figures on consumption are approximate averages.To answer the question, which is indicated in the title of the article, we present some data:

  • 1 m³ purchased gazoblokov - about one and a half bags of dry mixture;
  • 1 m² of masonry - approximately 1 450 - 1 550 g at a thickness of 1 mm.3 mm - about 4.5 kg.


Before you buy glue, you need to pay, in addition to other features, attention to indicators such as the manufacturer's recommended rate.Suffice it to calculate how much you will need it, and it becomes clear what the best buy.It is possible that the adhesive should be cheaper just much more than one whose value is higher.And not the fact that the composition of the buying at a low price, will be able to save considerably.But quality remains questionable.