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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose the right coffee machine for home - practical tips for everyone

1 Almost every one of us begins with a morning cup of coffee - in fact, this wonderful drink is very popular in our country.But we are preparing it differently.

Someone content in the simplest way, using instant product from the jar, for someone - a whole ceremony, with the indispensable attributes of a coffee grinder and the Turks.Of course, in the latter case, the technique allows to get a really delicious coffee, but what about the lack of time, if each of us is in a hurry to work?How to combine the speed of preparation of high-quality beverage?

This is possible if the right to choose and buy a coffee machine.What it is?

A person ignorant immediately have an idea about something overall and massive.In fact, it is familiar to many of us a coffee grinder, only fully (or partially) automated and fulfill all tasks for the preparation of coffee.

There is another feature - the ability to get a drink made of any recipe, depending on the user's taste preferences.It turns out "two in one" - the functional versatility, and significant time savings.

For coffee lovers the feasibility of acquiring the coffee machine for the home is evident.But given the huge range of models, the question arises, how do you choose it to be the best?Everyone has their own approach to the assessment of "someone" or "something".And it is clear - we are all different.

There are general criteria that should be chosen one or another model:

  • specifications and warranty conditions;
  • owner's preferences, the specific beverage preparation and ease of use;
  • cost.

Here with these positions and will understand what you need to look for when buying a coffee machine.


Coffey For owners of homes it can be, and is not a big deal, but for the citizens, especially when modest scale kitchens in the homes of the old plan - an important factor.It should be easy to navigate and to connect the coffee machine to the installation site.It is not always possible to reset the socket (or mount a new one), but always use the portability unlikely anyone will.

most common option (in "cm") mini-models ( "machine") - 23 x 32 x 45.


It is clear that we are talking only about the instruments stores.But how many cups of the beverage machine can cook for 1 time?After all, the family can be a big if at all enough?And if the user used to eat several servings in a row?

where you need to focus on the best rate for you.It makes no sense to overpay for a great opportunity espresso machine, unless they are claimed.

Features custard mechanism

There are two variants of engineering solutions:


most convenient to maintain the type of mechanism.In accordance with the program laid down car "thinks" as beverage cups cooked.When the limit is "selected", it signals the need for cleaning.

process is started by pressing the corresponding button, and automatic alarm mechanism in the "sent" a special tablet detergent.


22 Vendors argue that plus these models that do not have to purchase consumables - spetstabletki.Although cleaning is performed manually and, in running water, but make it easy.And here there is a caveat.

In this way, the service will not work qualitatively clear all the "insides" of connecting tubes.One way or another, but every few months (depending on the intensity of coffee machines operation) the hydraulic system will have to serve by means spetssostavov.Otherwise prepared coffee will have a specific taste, there will be more "taste bitter."

type millstones


In many respects they are better than metal not susceptible to overheating (which means that there is no "burnout" grains), corrosion.

But there are also disadvantages.The solids were trapped with the product can result in such a millstone into disrepair.In addition, after a certain number of cycles (about 2000) will have to carry out their control.


Foreign particles do not damage the grindstones.When choosing the model you like is to ask about the level of noise generated.Most machines with metal parts it is higher.

bay - to - ground coffee

Specificity water heating boiler

disadvantage that heats the whole volume.This time, and en / consumption.Furthermore, if the water is not completely selected, then it is "stagnant".Consequently, a new portion of coffee there is a characteristic flavor.


This flow option.Therefore, more economical, and because the flow of liquid and electric / power - only when needed, for a certain number of portions.


Each manufacturer - a package of additional functions of the machine, so we mention only the most common:

  • auto-cappuccino.The process of frothed milk is carried out under the control electronics;
  • second boiler ( "quick steam").Significantly reduces the time of preparation of the beverage;
  • heating platform (cup);
  • extended range of different settings;
  • simultaneous preparation of two servings (2 cups);
  • adjustable spout and a number of others.

Coffey - colossus


Each model has its own espresso machine it is.It is necessary to determine whether all of this, it is us (various jugs and the like)?But such "little things" add value to the product.

All of the above - only the main points on which to focus.But manufacturers are constantly improving the coffee machine, so all can not be taken into account.When you purchase should carefully get acquainted with the instructions on the specific model.


Most buyers reduces everything to the banal ascertain its validity.However, it is rather superficial approach.What to clarify:

  • who will carry out the guarantee (and post) repair?Where is the appropriate specialized organization?It makes no sense to buy a model that for the repair will have to be sent to another city;
  • presence of "hot line".During operation, inevitably there will be some questions that the seller is unlikely to be able to respond adequately.


Basically the price is determined by several parameters:

  • level of automation (programming features, the presence of an LCD display, and the like);
  • number of boilers (1 or 2);
  • presence spumatore automatic - it is not standard on all models;
  • external design and casing material.

On the issue of coffee machines, many manufacturers specialize.Among the most famous brands can be noted Swiss model «Jura» , German «Bosch» and «Siemens» , Italian «DeLonghi» and «Gaggia» , Swedish «Electrolux» , «Krups» (France / Germany) and several others.The price range - from 4000 to 110 000 rubles.

Overview models

dwell on the most simple, budget options, as they are purchased more often.

Bosch - 004

One inexpensive - TKA / 6001 of firm «Bosch» .Semi-automatic, in which the ground coffee is loaded.Minimum services, although they are sufficient for the house - temperature regulation, beverage strength and the number of servings.Capacity - up to 15, with a "tab."A special feature is the availability of the latest system, called "ANOVA-vortex", which allows you to get the best taste of beverages.

Price - 3750 rubles.


Italian machine ICM-15750 company «DeLonghi» .The volume of the reservoir - 1.25 liters, power consumption - 1 kWh with a mass of 2.5 kg.Productivity is somewhat lower - 10 servings, but the functionality of the wider (digital display and more "services").

Price - 7650 rubles.

Naturally, the more "bells and whistles", the higher the cost of the coffee machine.But whether they are so necessary for us personally?In principle, for the house is fine and the "semi-automatic", but its price is much lower than that of the "super-model."