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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to build their own hands a great bath from a bar - guide from A to Z

Construction bath from a bar - one of the best options.And in terms of the effectiveness of treatments, and being able to perform all the work on the construction of buildings on their own.It is worth noting that the finished "lumber" construction "turnkey" of less than 450 000 rubles will not do, and then, when the modest size of the room.

It makes no sense to dwell on issues such as dignity (although there are some shortcomings) baths from the beam, the rules of selection and storage (storage) products, and the like all aspects of the construction process.If you decide to use this material, it is natural that the owner with all such nuances already familiar.

However, recall certain moments will not be superfluous.

  • Timber of natural moisture must be used immediately.If the material is left "for later", you can trite "story" as to create optimal conditions for uniform drying of products (over the entire depth of the structure) is quite difficult in the home environment in the process of shrinkage of the workpiece.In addition, it is necessary to know all the intricacies of this technology, not so much among the individual developers of professionals, and the possibility of their limited.


  • Recommended sizes of timber: External and bearing walls - 15 x 15, for the walls - 10 x 15 (cm).These sections are the optimum combination of requirements for strength and thermal conductivity of all components baths.
  • need to spend it sorting After the acquisition of the material.In any party, even the most high-quality products there is always at least a few samples with small, but defects.This does not mean that they are absolutely not suitable for installation.This timber should be delayed separately and put only in the construction of interior walls.But the external is better not to use.

Bath - out timber

procedure for the construction of a bath from a bar

Every owner himself on the basis of financial capacity, and define an architecture and internal layout of the bath, and the kind of finishing materials.Therefore, we focus only on the main stages of construction.

foundation construction

  • foundation pre-cleared for the construction of a place with the convenience of calculation work.
  • easiest on the type of foundation installation technology, given the small weight of the bath - "Ribbon" (monolith) finely recessed - detail the construction of the foundation is described here.After preparing trench marking the site for installation of the formwork.The width of the tape, based stacking timber, within 35 - 40 cm. Therefore, the trench is dug several large, as it is necessary to install panels (panels) enclosure solution for the fill.
  • Construction on the bottom sand and gravel "cushion" layer of 10 - 15 cm, followed by pouring water and tamping.
  • Installing reinforcing frame.
  • Loading concrete mass.The solution is poured into the mold parts, at a height of not more than 20 cm, and then rammed (reinforcing pins, scrap or shovel - how convenient).The entire area of ​​the loaded material, it repeatedly punctured to release air to the surface and any excess water.


  • necessary to put the so-called "embedded."This metal, vertically arranged pins.That they would "be planted," beams the lower crown bath to prevent their horizontal displacement.
  • formwork is set in such a way that the upper section of the foundation towered above the ground at least 15 - 20 cm.
  • Under the stove in the sauna is mounted separate, "their" base.The best option, given its small size and considerable weight - the foundation of columnar.The easiest way - to bury the pipe (asbestos cement, plastic), to impose on them the metal pins (for reinforcement) and fill the cavity with a solution.

Horizontal waterproofing

necessary to avoid direct contact with concrete, wood, or the ingress of moisture (below) can not be avoided.To do this, the upper part of the tape is covered with mastic (bitumen-based), which is pasted waterproofing material (for example, thick film p / e, roofing material).It is desirable that such layers is not less than 2.

fund Sometimes further stacked "stand" under the boards of the 1st row - rails, located across the belt.

Erection log

insulation different methods are used to connect the beam.But for a bath, taking into account the specifics of the structure (excessive humidity), preferably all joints do "butt".What does it mean?Products abut end portions, and the bonded metal plates or brackets.

Why is it better?This technique will allow, if necessary, quick and "painless" to replace the rotten beams without partial disassembly of log bath.If the reader does not agree with this approach, the information about other ways of installation on the Internet is more than enough.But they also require some experimentation and longer!



  • After installation, the lower crown is necessary to verify the accuracy of its geometry.It's enough to measure and compare the values ​​of the diagonal.At this stage it can still be something correct.
  • Between the rows of boards is laid insulation material mezhventsovogo - jute tape, felt, or otherwise, at the discretion of the owner.The figure shows the cheapest option - insulation moss.


  • openings (doors, windows), it is desirable to plan at once, rather than to cut later.But the boxes are installed only after the final shrinkage of wood.


Options may be several.But the general requirements for top overlap baths are (considering that the warm air tends upwards):

  • quality insulation;
  • sufficient water vapor permeability;
  • reliable waterproofing.

inner lining

choice of material - a separate conversation.And here is what you need to pay attention, because this insulation structure, reliable waterproofing of all surfaces and high-quality ventilation.Compliance with these conditions and ensure the effectiveness of the reception procedures, and durability of the bath.More about warming bath here.


Additional activities

  • After shrinkage of wood caulk all cracks necessarily (and they will).If the gaps are quite large (for example, in the place of installation of door blocks), use foam.
  • connection to utilities (water, sewerage, power / supply).

Practical recommendations

  • No matter what breed of wood purchased beams, the device the lower crown is recommended to take larch.This timber is characterized in that during operation, even partially absorbing moisture only becomes stronger.
  • advisable to use material from softwood (pine or spruce) to reduce the cost of construction of the bath in the construction of the third and subsequent rows.
  • Without fail, each workpiece to be processed by special means (flame retardants and antiseptics), and before the installation.
  • sale is a special sealant ( "warm seam", wood).A bucket is about 4100 - 4300 rubles.For konopatki bath is the best option that does not require a lot of time and experience.