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August 12, 2017 18:06

Foam floor under the tie - Installation instructions

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In any building focuses on creating a warm and safe sex.Using the foam to the floor under the screed, you can easily solve this problem.

Foam floor under screed

foam floor under the screed

Providing comfortable living conditions and desired comfort in any building is achieved in different ways, which is ranked and insulation foam.Most often, this method of insulation is used for the premises located on the ground floors of apartment buildings or in private households in need of increasing the level of heat flooring.

Pros use of foam

foam is considered the most efficient insulation material.Its cost is available to any consumer, and features a large number of positive indicators.

Fig.2 Dense foam is the most preferred for the insulation under the floor screed

Fig.2 Dense foam is the most preferred for the insulation under the floor screed

  1. Saving heat .

foam has excellent heat retention properties, as it has a low rate of thermal conductivity.This structure provides a material that consists of specific granules having an air layer, which acts as a thermos.

  1. Absorption sounds.

foam, as a building material, characterized by excellent sound insulation performance.For this reason, the use of foam absorbs sounds, both outer and inner sides.He copes with vibrations and sounds such as: traffic noise, loud music.

  1. Secure effects from exposure to open flame and heat .

foam base is made of a material that has the properties of self-extinguishing.During the fire situation, this material does not burn for a long time, while during combustion is released substances, similar to burning wood.

Fig.3 Proper design floor stroyaniya

Fig.3 Proper design stroyaniya floor

  1. Large operational life .

quality foam has a long service life.This is due to the fact that its production process and the raw materials do not tend to shrink and rot.

All of the above properties characterize the foam is a versatile building material that is ideal for all insulation constructions.This material perfectly and protects from the summer heat, and from the winter cold.

Its use and application are quite simple, since the foam is lightweight and does not require special tools for processing.

use foam under the floor screed

foam, like any other insulated material, the installation requires accompanying and additional building materials.

foam floor under the screed is always used in conjunction with:

  • with foam;
  • adhesive solution;
  • self-leveling compounds and solutions for the tie;
  • building tools.

At the outset it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work, which are in alignment flooring using special leveling compounds or conventional concrete solution.Typically, the thickness of the initial (rough) layer ranges between 3 - 5 centimeters.

Fig.4 Align the floor surface

Fig.4 Align the floor surface

After drying the initial alignment layer is carried out laying the waterproofing layer (special films).This is to prevent the penetration of moisture and condensation.After all, when wet foam loses its properties of heat and sound insulation.

Fig.5 Laying the foam on the leveled and prepared surface

Fig.5 Laying the foam on the leveled prepared surface and

Next styling foam held under a final alignment and fixing of the floor surface.This procedure provides a simple foam slab selected stacking over the surface.For this purpose, special grade foam having the desired density and thickness of 5 centimeters.

should be borne in mind that the larger the thickness of the index, the better the end result.

avoid reducing the effectiveness of the technology used to be very tight stack of foam sheets.If the gap when laying there, they need to fill with foam.

completing this robot carried the reinforcement of the outer layer, which is performed using a small tie (thickness of 1.5 - 5 cm) and reinforced mesh laid on top of it.This major installation work is almost completed.

final event in this technology is to pour the last layer, which is made of the construction of the concrete mix.Stacking layer should be between 5 to 6 centimeters.

Conducting further construction work is possible only after the complete drying of the concrete, which in this case can guarantee technological strength surface.

Recommendations made by the implementation of the screed flooring with foam

During the execution of works it is necessary to take into account the specific technological aspects and recommendations.

How thick is used and where the foam

foam thickness under the screed in multi- and single-storey houses are not the same.Thus, the lower line is insulated to the basement floor, the thickness of the foam is to be used.In buildings of more than one floor, you can use the foam, which has a thickness of 5 cm.

Fig.6 Laying of foam on the prepared surface in a small room

Fig.6 Laying of foam on the prepared surface in a small room

foam Location screed

Location foam during installation may be different.For example, it can be placed between the concrete screed and finishing layer (finishing floor) of the planks or tiles.You can also lay foam layer between the waterproofing layer and the final tie.This option is best used for the flooring of ceramic tile or natural stone tiles.

layer reinforcement

To accomplish this milestone should be used only high-quality and certified grid, which serves as a reference framework for the distribution of the external load.

Fig.7 Reinforcement - increase the floor strength

Fig.7 Reinforcement - increase the strength of the floor

With foam can provide excellent thermal insulation of the room, which will reduce energy costs.

What gives the foam insulation of the floor?

Implementation of all recommendations penoplastana stowage under the floor screed provides:

  • increase insulation levels;
  • decline of heat losses;
  • constant temperature in the rooms.

costs for execution of works

Many question the need for the use of such technology in the repair work.However, analysis of the reduction of the flow of funds to pay for the use of energy shows that this technology from year to year will be to reduce the financial pressure on the owners and tenants of buildings.

This technology is the best promotes the establishment of comfort and convenience as the main indicators of quality and practical assessment of any room.

main indicator of the financial cost to implement the whole complex of works is the cost per square meter, which usually vary between 60-130 US dollars.

Video - The foam under the floor screed

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