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August 12, 2017 18:08

Classification by type of roofs roofing

Classification by type of roofs roofing Photo What are the roof, their main types

What are the rooftops

Metal roofs .The advantages of this type of roof are strength, durability, ease of installation and the possibility of applying, including, on the roofs of complex geometric shapes.metal roofing cost depends on the characteristics of the material and the manufacturer's brand.The basis of metal roofing are runs or wooden crate.If the installation is correct, the metal roof, without requiring repair, will last for decades.

Slate roofs. slate is the oldest natural material used for the device of roofs.Slate roof consists of fragments are large single block of rock slate plates.Due to the complexity of the production of oil shale and its treatment costs, the cost of roofing slate is quite high, but its remarkable performance fully justify investments.Roofing slate aesthetic, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, not afraid of the negative external influences, the life of its unmatched long.The roof covered with slate, capable of any b

uilding to give a solid appearance that lasts for a very long time.

reed roof. For devices such roofing is used having a high resistance to moisture and rotting water-rushes.

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essence Roofing is that reeds are placed on the roof to the outside is in the water part of the stem.The unique properties of this material is that its use significantly reduces the probability of occurrence of the roof, in addition, it allows you to save the natural atmosphere in the room.In the hottest summer days under a roof is cool, but the harsh winter cold - warm.In some cases, for example to preserve thatched roof in case of fire, the material is pre-treated with special means.The advantages of reed roofs are well insulated, environmental safety, durability and aesthetics.It is advisable to use such material for arrangement of roofs simple form.Length of service thatched roof can reach 100 years.

roofing shingles. wooden shingles, or tire-del, shingles, is a natural material of the species of solid wood (beech, oak, cedar, larch).Wooden shingle appearance is a flake, produced by hand.The roof, covered with shingles, looks like a forest bumps.When wetted increases in volume timber, resulting in a dense cap appearance of wood flakes.The main requirement is that the raw material for wooden shingles - is a complete absence of cracks and knots.The wood must be mature, to the same processed preventing its natural decay means.high-quality shingles will last up to 100 years in the form of roofing and thus retain the remarkable appearance of natural material.

Sod roofs.Arranged using sod roof is not the first century used in construction.Installation of sod roofs - enough time-consuming process.Firstly, this material is characterized by considerable weight, so it should enhance device roof structure using planking and reliable trusses.Secondly, for the turf roofing requires the use of additional materials, such as roofing material, glued to the floor with mastic.Then poured on top of a layer of pebbles, gravel, and only then in the two layers are laid grass sod.

Despite the considerable weight of the material due to the complexities involved in the installation, sod roof has a number of advantages, such as for example environmental safety, the original appearance and low cost.That's almost the entire classification of roofs.Thank you for attention.

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