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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hollow core slabs - Dimensions and specifications

plate_ These samples, along with monolithic slabs (sometimes wooden) are widely used in the construction industry.Typically, hollow-core slabs are used for overlapping arrangement (including, and floor), the open areas with a load of not more than 800 kg / m2.Manufacturing technology involves the use of concrete in the main classes B15 and B20 grades 200 or 250.

Industry produces several varieties of hollow core floor slabs, some of which differ from each other are understandable only to specialists.Therefore, we indicate only that they can be unstressed and prestressed, with different kind of reinforcement.There is a difference in the characteristics, such parameters rods (on A-III to A-V).

As a rule, the size of plates have a certain range (in "m»):

  • length - from 3 to 9;
  • width - from 1.2 to 1.5;
  • thickness - of 0.2 to 0.4.


product designation

  • PB - multihollow.
  • PC - round channels.

The number before the letters refers to the diameter of the holes in "mm".1K - 159, 2 K - 140.

Numbers behind letters characterize linear parameters (length, width, thickness "dm").For example, PC 08/10/24.

Next may be referred to the reinforcement material.For the same product, it looks like - PC 24-10-8 AVT ( «T» is a heavy concrete).

letter symbols appearing after digital, and characterize the type of reinforcement.Rods can be laid between the "channels" along the edges.Depending on this, the corresponding letters are used.
  • H - reinforcement of the lower plane.
  • B - the top.
  • NEC - from below, above and between the cavities.

There are a number of other abbreviations used in the integrated reinforcement.Their decoding is given by the manufacturer.For example, NVKU, 4NVK that involves one or more than one row reinforcement rod.Letter "I" indicates an increase in strength (for example, used in the manufacture of concrete B45).


hollow - plate - overlap Due to the fact that it is smaller than that of monolithic slabs analogues, simplified products rise to the height.In addition, it reduces the load that they create on the foundation structure, which is important in individual housing, and the house would be cheaper.

Performance Specifications

presence of voids in the concrete mass provide higher sound insulation properties of the articles on and reduce the heat level.Furthermore, such a design feature increases the flexural strength products.

These boards are convenient by the fact that the available "channels" can be used for laying engineering communications (such as e-mail / wire).


Since the manufacture of similar samples for hollow core slabs lower material consumption than the monolithic, then it is cheaper - on average by ¼.

Given the huge range of products, it is advisable to bring only marginal price of the product 1 (minimum and maximum).So, stove PK24-10-8 costs about 2200 rubles, and PC 90-15-8 - 18 990 rubles.


  • In the process of transporting slabs need to take extra precautions.Despite its massiveness, in fact, these products quite easily broken.So between them, on the perimeter, it is necessary to lay the boards or bars.
  • Given the specificity of these products, their use is somewhat limited.For example, you can not use everything for viewing platforms (with the removal of the building perimeter), balconies and in some other cases.

Experts advise not to buy hollow core slabs category "b / y."Such savings may have a negative impact, since it is not clear how to behave in a particular sample under load, given its deterioration.

If the products are manufactured for a specific order, its characteristics can be very different from the above.For example, the increased load (up to 1 200 kg / m²), modified linear dimensions.This makes it possible to lay the product where conventional, standard can not be used.