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August 12, 2017 18:06

The gate of corrugated board with their own hands

Gates from corrugated board - it is beautiful, comfortable and modern.They have a number of advantages and can be made even without any human construction skills.Fabrication and installation of gates is better to produce a team of two to four people.By the way, read also about making the gate of corrugated board with your hands - it will help you more fully understand the details.

The gate of corrugated board with their own hands

Gates from corrugated board with his hands

Materials and tools that may be required in this case:

  • Two square tube 100x100 mm with wall thickness of 4 mm for the poles;
  • square tube 40h25 mm for door frame;
  • metal angle 20 mm;
  • profiled sheets, galvanized or painted;
  • tapping screws or rivets for attaching the sheeting;
  • hinges mounted, bolts and lock;
  • Decorative items for decorating the gate, if you want to make them original and different from the other gates;
  • Concrete;
  • primer for metal and paint;
  • welding machine for the manufacture of the carcass;
  • Power: Bulgarian, drills, jigsaws;
  • Scissors on metal;
  • Roulette, square, level.

Definition gate sizes

First of all, it is necessary to determine the width of the gate.On the basis of the needs determined by the minimum width of the gate, typically the size of one leaf does not exceed two meters.Next, you need to choose a professional flooring, because it is a completely different size and configuration of the wave.Measure the height of the gate.Most manufacturers and sellers of corrugated offer cutting service in size, and it is better to use it - the edge of the profiled sheets are smooth and colored, that will protect them from corrosion.

After the purchase is necessary to take two sheets of corrugated board and put them to overlap, combining waves.Measure the minimum distance, and adjust it so that both sides profiled ended lower wave.Fixed on the frame, it will not cut the hands and clinging.To this must be added the size of 1-2 cm - this will be a gap for laying trapezoidal sheet inside the frame.

Location sheeting on the frame gate

Location sheeting on the frame gate

woodwork Manufacturing

40h25 mm pipe is cut in accordance with the drawing at an angle of 45 degrees.Fold the frame and prihvatyvayut spot welding on a flat surface and then measure the internal dimension, as well as the diagonal gate.If necessary, they can be corrected, gently tapping with a hammer.Welded pipes from both sides.Measure the inner surface of the frame area and it is welded inside stykuya also at an angle of 45 degrees.By the corner of the steel sheet to be attached, so party with which area will be outside of the gate.Vertical bar welded in place joining sheets of corrugated board.To add additional stiffness at the corners gussets.In place of the installation of the lock welded plate corresponding to its size.By the way, read how to weld hinges on the gates.

Door construction of corrugated board

Door construction of corrugated

Poles designed for legs, lay on a flat area.Between them are placed cooked woodwork, observing clearance of 10 mm between the frame and the legs and between the doors.It is important to make sure that the frame is put right - the outer side facing up.The pillars are placed equally with the top edge of the frame or slightly below.Apply a sunshade, align them and welded.We clean the welds, clean the frame and pillars from rust and dirt, cover the entire frame and bearing a primer for metal surfaces, and after drying - paint.

Installation of supports for gates

measure the distance between the supports.Pull cords to indicate the position of the gate in the area, measure off the required distance and dig holes for poles depth of not less than a meter.The bottom layer of gravel poured.Ready-mixed concrete.

Brigade of at least 4 people establish the pillars together with attached to them in the framework of the pit dug, leveled all the gaps, fixed with braces in a hole and pour concrete.Once again carefully check the position of the door, align if necessary.The frame is removed before the concrete dries.

Setting the profiled sheet and decorative elements

While concrete is gaining strength, you can leisurely go finish gate.Profiled sheet placed on the prepared carcass and secured thereto with screws for sheeting or by rivets.Rivets look neater, but to dismantle the steel sheet for the replacement or repair will be difficult.

Following the acquisition of the strength of concrete struts of the supporting pillars can be removed.Attach the gate, do not forget to lubricate the hinges and replace the lock and bolts.The installation is finished gate.Additionally, you can weld the decorative elements.If the site fence is also made of corrugated board, finishing will select gates, and give them an original and stylish look.In addition, read about making a fence picket.