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August 12, 2017 18:06

Black tiles in the bathroom : a combination of white , ceramic , floor , glossy

Black tiles in the bathroom
  • Features black
  • rules of interior
  • color combining
  • Manufacturers tiles
  • Options laying
  • Tips for laying

ideal bathroom has traditionally been considered a place for cleansing and relaxationso each owner seeks to perfect her decorate.Hence, the high demands on the material - they should combine beauty, practicality and safety.Many owners in the design of "wet" areas want to get away from the ordinary, standard solutions and to your own taste.Tired of the monotonous several pastel gamut, they go for a bold move and choose a black tile.

Black and white bathroom
Black tiles in the bathroom
Black bathroom

Features black

Black is considered a symbol of suspense and mystery, speaks about peace and quiet.It rarely causes any emotions, but in large amounts can suppress the psyche.Despite this, many people choose it for him his bath, because it continues to be a versatile, do not go out of fashion for many years. If you do decide to use a dark tiles in its interior, it is necessary to thoroughly consider its design.

The dark tiles in the interior

rules of interior

The first thing you should pay attention in the decoration of the space - the size.Everyone knows that black minimizes the value of the surrounding range, so a large area the best option for him.But even in the spacious premises of contrast needed to avoid creating a sense of gloom.

With this in mind, a small bathroom main task is not to abuse such a color, it can be used to issue only a single wall or floor.

should also keep in mind that dark colors absorb more light than other colors, so lighting should be bright enough.It is necessary to consider what light devices and a number of them will be needed.

about combining tiles in the bathroom, read our other article.

design bathroom black tiles
Tiles jade
Black tiles
The black mosaic tiles
White and black tiles
Stylish black tiles

color combining

Harmony interior space is largely due to the correctly selected palette. dominant in her black color can be easily combined with any other color, to create a bright accent and attract attention.

Black color impressive with white.Read more in our article about the black-and-white bathroom.

Note that the white ink as well as beige and cream well reflect light, thereby perfectly balance the dark elements.The ideal companion will be combined with hints of wood.

If black ceramic bathroom seems too dull, stop your choice on a colorful patterned products, the effect of rubbing, or other shades of this color.

The combination of black and yellow
The color pattern on the tile
The combination of black with beige tiles

Remember harmony.Causing excessive will combine with a red or purple, aggressive - in a combination of bright, saturated colors, dark - blue dilute, tatty and dull - in tune with shades of gray.

Black and red bath

Manufacturers tiles

In order to achieve the perfect bathroom interior, the owners want to see the materials conform to modern design and have a high quality of service.Therefore utmost importance should be given to the producer of facing surfaces.

most elite high-quality tiles produced in Spain, the collection of which are presented in a large assortment.The Italians, so do not miss your chance to be a leader in the sales market.

Recently, the Polish factories have greatly improved the quality of its product.

They are followed by Russian manufacturers, Belarus, Czech Republic, materials which can well compete with foreign counterparts.Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the opportunities and make the right choice tiles.

Italian black tiles
Polish black tiles
Tokyo Collection

Options laying

Thanks to the original color combination of techniques can become a chic top.Value are drawing surface, its texture and structure.When laying a black-and-white products for narrow spaces, as a base, you can use a white background.Laid on it dark horizontal stripes tiles, will significantly increase the width of the space and the vertical lines of black, high ceiling create illusion.

more simple and classic version - light top, dark bottom, or the separation of the surface on larger areas of the same colors. It is worth noting that due to not a great contrast of colors is obtained with a combination of calm black and cream-colored pottery, rather than white.

Tile black horizontal stripes
Black and white floor
The classic version of the black tiles
Tiles in a checkerboard pattern - black and white
Option laying black tile
Beautiful black tiles

Another method of laying - to put it in the form of "Christmas trees ", alternating colors. to the bathroom to create a greater sense of perspective, a better use of the narrow tiles, same wide, visually reduce the space.

can convert a compact space in a "checkerboard", it would be appropriate due to the tiles of small size, and only on one surface - the floor or wall, but again, it is not necessary to use such a scheme for all of the walls of one room in order to avoid medley.Just pay attention to the method, the so-called brick.

Design staggered
Modular version of tiles
The modular pattern

Lining material in different colors and sizes can be put in a modular way, which eventually will give specific, repetitive pattern through a certain distance.

Given all the variations of stacking, black ceramic ceases to symbolize the isolation and negative.A high-quality material and well-placed accents give it another chance to be used in your interior.

Also think about what kind of tile - matte or gloss you want to see in the bathroom. glossy tiles are usually like those who follow the fashion novelties and is a supporter of elegant style.But the black glossy tiles finds its application in a simple interior.An interesting and can be a combination of gloss to matte.

Tips for laying

Texture black tiles is quite varied, manufacturers use marble, granite, natural stone, but still ceramic products are in great demand.

Getting to the finish wet areas requires carefully prepare and level the surface.

Tiles with different textures
Tile under a brick
The texture of the black tiles
Panels in the bathroom
Grout black tiles
Stylish black tiles

In the process of laying finishing materials, you should pay attention to somenuances:

  1. condition of joints and seams, which should be promptly cleaned of glue residues.For tiles recommended to use dark colors contrasting grout, eliminating background from the oversaturated color.
  2. excess grout is best to remove immediately after work - a week to clean the surface will not be easy, and the more pronounced the texture of tiles, the more effort will have to apply for it.
  3. help compensate black contrasting inserts and borders, tiled panels, products with color ornaments and even a mirror, but the decor should be used is limited.Therefore, everything must be in harmony with each other differently, even the most sophisticated ceramics can lose its appeal.
  4. Just visible boundaries between walls and floors, making order in the interior.This can be achieved by changing the stacking pattern.In conclusion, it can only be defined with accessories that will perfectly complement your bathroom into a simple black design.

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