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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bedroom in the Japanese style

Features Japanese-style

course, play a Japanese room in a literal sense, we did not succeed, because our culture, mentality, world view and way of life is still different from Asians.It is these differences and inspired designers to create stylized Japanese interiors.A modern selection of finishing materials allows anyone to design the interior of their own in this embodiment.

Bedroom in the Japanese style .

So what are the features of the eastern design?There are a number of design methods and rules to help achieve the desired styling.

basic rule is restraint in the interior.Minimalism in the number of colors used, types of decoration materials, decorative elements, a minimal amount of furniture and other subjects.

The next rule is that all the necessary household items should not be cumbersome.As the bed is ideal for a low bamboo bed platform.

The bed platform in the Japanese style .

At a minimum, use the amount of furniture.In the room there should be nothing superfluous, but not necessarily everything you need.According to the Japanese, the more space, better traffic flow of positive energy.That energy is the feasibility and design feature of the east.Ideally, stay in a room like this should really update the power of the person, giving him the strength to achieve the objectives.It is through a balanced and practical energy situation in the bedroom Japanese-style and became famous all over the world.

Next - objects and furniture in the bedroom should be functional and mobile.The second is due to the fact that due to the small living spaces, bedrooms in Japan often turn into a living room or dining room due to quick and easy transformation.

finishing and interior decoration in Japanese style

When buying decorative materials as possible, try to choose only natural.Again, the secret lies in the energy sector.The Japanese appreciate what nature gives mankind, and trying to use her gifts to the maximum.The flooring should be wood, or at least mimic the tree.For natural parquet floorings use, preferably in dark colors.A cheaper, but no less beautiful material is a laminate.

in their homes, the Japanese sliding screens replace walls of a wooden frame and rice paper.You can use the wallpaper with the corresponding pattern or simulate bamboo for our interior.The original design for this wall to be covered with a light cloth with dim light ornaments.

Example of the walls in Japanese style

Another way to draw wall design - pokleit paintable wallpaper and make the walls solid, but after necessarily decorate their pictures with the characters and the scenery.

Decorating the walls of the painting in Japanese style

bedroom Japanese-style involves a range of colors for the floor and walls, but the latter should be a few shades lighter.

ceiling finishes should be given special attention.After all, for interior design in the Japanese style lighting plays an important role, but rather lamps.To use a multi-level ceilings Stretch fabric design in light colors.This will give the ceiling "ease."Another modern variant - suspended ceiling from squares of frosted glass.He is fully stylize your bedroom in the Japanese style.

Suspended ceiling from squares of frosted glass

Number of lamps shall be such that the lighting in the bedroom was not too bright, and the muted and soothing.As lighting using lanterns made of rice paper with parallelepiped or ball shape.

perfect accent in the Japanese way become special curtains - stretched wide web, reminding and moving like a folding screen.

Japanese curtains

There is a huge range of decorative elements that bring to the rooms of the Japanese spirit.The most common elements - a variety of ikebana, bonsai, dolls in kimonos, floor vases with artificial cherry branches.Also, the wall instead of paintings often adorn the large fans, swords or daggers.Japanese symbols can also decorate and bed linen, and floor mats.

Thus, thanks to the global popularity, simplicity in design and a wide range of decorative attributes, a bedroom in the Japanese style has become quite feasible dream for any fan of Asian design.