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August 12, 2017 18:08

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper , and what does it do

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, and when

Here, it would seem, who can get away with the need to apply wallpaper on identical coverage, already for some time are present on the walls of the room.But, imagine, there are cases where other options are less preferred or even unacceptable.You want examples?You are welcome.First and foremost - design requirements.If you decide to use a combination of the method and choose a method such as insert, then the best option - it pasting wallpaper walls on top of other.Just as a basis for decorative pieces will be the first layering.

Another case - when the old wallpaper are kept so tightly that they tear off makes no sense, labor costs would be unjustified.There are cases when the houses built in the beginning of the last century and transferred to housing, home repairs when, determined to tear the wall paintings found layers of different material thicknesses of up to two centimeters.Well, and, finally, as an extreme case - the reluctance to fool with the cleaning of the walls.For example, using the correct composition of the glue, you can save yourself the future of such a need.

can hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, but it may be difficult

Many people know about the pre-pasting of wall newspapers, which had been circulated relatively recently among DIY enthusiasts and some professionals.And, apparently, this is why it is possible to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, however, there are some difficulties.First of all - susceptibility furnish material to adhere to the new layering .In other words, if the old wallpaper, which it was decided to cover the new, vinyl, glue them to smear did not succeed.The same applies to metal and fiberglass surfaces.

Another problem can happen if the old paint wall paper and not the highest quality.In this case, by applying the adhesive carrier layer of wallpaper can be melted and began to gather in folds, and sometimes even to blisters.Another problem, which is always to be feared - the penetration of the ink from the old coverage through the new layer.To sort happened, when pasting the walls without any treatment, you must first try to attach to the old pavement damp sponge for a short period of time.If it would be in the slightest degree of colored ink, before pasting the walls will need to be put directly on the old surface sealant against stains.

technical secrets papering the walls

As mentioned above, there is a special composition, which when applied to the cloth, prepared for the walls, glued tightly, and, in the future may be new layers.The composition of the mixture is quite accessible to everyone: one part PVA is mixed with two or three pieces of wallpaper paste. Slightly different proportions of the same components - 2: 1, respectively, are used for pre promazyvaniya wall surface at joints.

If there are two layers of wall decoration wallpaper the third stick is not recommended, but may be an exception, if the carrier layers are held firmly enough and are absolutely smooth surface.

Another important point - when a sticky wallpaper on the wall, at the slightest misalignment or the appearance of wrinkles, you can gently peel and smooth over gently.It is a mistake to assume that just as you can glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper, because any attempt to correct the error may lead to a further worsening of the situation.In other words, for pasting the walls, with their rejection of the pre-treatment, you will have only one attempt, and it should be used with the utmost efficiency.