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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to remove rust from a car , bicycle , metal

How to remove rust from car


If corrosion is only beginning to emerge, and you just woke up - for you there is a simple solution to this problem.Rust - a chemical compound which initially easily deal with a so-called rust converter.It neutralizes the compound, and further corrosion is not increased, which gives you the right to live in peace and not have to worry.On the Internet there are a lot of positive feedback about the "magic cans", which gives us every right to say that such a simple method of struggle takes place to exist.

Wire brush

If you run your metal horse, and the rust appeared a year or even a few years ago, it has a bulge, and you definitely know that no miracle will not help - we take in hand drill and a nozzlewith a wire brush.

To get started is to clean the surface from dirt and dust.All swelling remove the drilling machine beater.Further still recommend to use a rust converter for greater effect.After that take the sandpaper grit 80-100 and process until until corrosion will not do, otherwise - you leave a chance for further development of corrosion.Once you have won - is to degrease the surface.We would not advise to use atsetonsoderzhaschie fluid, since they corrode the paint of the car body.

How to remove rust from a car , bicycle , metal

How to remove rust from a car, bicycle, metal

Anti-corrosion treatment

One of the most common, but not the best options.The stores sold many variations of the "anti-rust", and one of them - epoxy primer.In this method of getting rid of corrosion - there are 2 weighty disadvantages: high toxicity and high labor costs (about 12-16 hours), but there are advantages: this kind of treatment is an excellent basis for further paintwork.

How to remove rust from a bike

Across our country sports enthusiasts every summer sit on the bikes.In the summer the bike - it's the best friend and ally in the fight against excess weight and bad mood.But what if there was another iron rust?Fight!It is important not to run and do not put off until tomorrow, for the week and for the next year.The problem of corrosion at an early stage can solve even the girl without a man's help more.

As is the case with the car, we have the support of a rust converter.Do not forget to clean the surface, and then degrease.If the problem is far from being the first stage of corrosion - you just as motorists, should refer to the wire brush and sandpaper.It is important to pay special attention to the fact that after any treatment - corrosion should not remain at all.

How to remove rust from a car , bicycle , metal

How to remove rust from a car, bicycle, metal

How to remove rust from metal

We talked already about a few simple ways to combat corrosion by hand.It is worth mentioning one more.If you are an engineer or deep down they want to be - try.This method is not only a 100% save you from corrosion, but also learned a lot of new and informative.

So, we need:

  • small piece of zinc
  • long wire
  • soldering acid
  • rag
  • bulb 12V.

How to remove rust from a car , bicycle , metal

How to remove rust from a car, bicycle, metal

Stages of work:

  1. put on a piece of zinc wool, wrapped it all with a clean cloth.
  2. Take the screw and its screw-in piece of zinc.
  3. For metal screws, attach the wire, and subsequently, through the 12V light bulb, connect to the battery.
  4. wear gloves.Liberally moisten wrapped in zinc solder acid.
  5. Treat the surface corrosion of zinc dipped swab to obtain a gray plaque.Turning off all the battery, wash off with seats acid residues and metal processing.

after the procedure at the treatment site will never rust appears, even if it does not cover the place painted.These are the wonders of engineering.