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August 12, 2017 18:08

The roof of the steel sheets

The roof of the steel sheets photo Roofs of houses with their own hands.The roof of the steel sheet alone

advantages made of galvanized steel sheet roofs are durable, easy, high resistance to mechanical stress, the ability to cover the roof of any configuration, even quite complex.The service life of such a roof is 18-25 years without major repairs.

The disadvantages of this type of roof is a small fire, and caused the need for periodic painting the high cost of its operation.So, for the first time after installing the roof of galvanized steel should be painted after 8-10 years.Subsequent painting should be carried out every 2-3 years.The roof, made of black steel, requires painting every 2-3 years.The slope of the roof is 18-30 °.Crate

under the roof is made of steel bars having a cross section of 50 x 50 mm and a pitch width not exceeding 200 mm.

crate of rails can replace the solid flooring of boards on which are placed on top of first insulating layer of roofing felt or tar paper and then steel cover.This roof structure contributes to a significant increase in its lifetime, and attic insulation.The latter is especially important if the attic space to be used as an attic or building is located in a cold climate zone.However, when such a device is important to consider the complexity of the roof and significant financial investment.

bars or battens nailed planks in the direction from the eaves to the ridge.

roofing Production of steel sheets with his hands

board, which will be harvested joints sheets (paintings), beat every four bars.In addition, be sure to make a solid flooring of boards over the eaves and cornices, a valley and valley gutter.

Justify a deck should be at least 600-700 mm.

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serious drawback of the steel roof is rapid corrosion under adverse atmospheric and environmental conditions.To extend the roof life, sheeting should be primed.

Priming is a simple operation, which consists in the fact that pre-cleaned from dust steel sheets on both sides covered with natural linseed oil.Linseed oil is applied to the entire surface of the sheet evenly.In order to avoid gaps in the transparent and colorless varnish should be added in a little grated minium ratio of 10: 1.

On the table is placed a metal baking sheet, then it is filled with linseed oil mixed with red lead.There also put the steel sheet to the edge.Supporting it with one hand, his other hand roofer using a cloth dampened with a drying oil wipes, first one way and then the other.

carrying out this operation with some pressure.

At its end, make sure that no streaks on the sheet varnishes and permits, only then you can start to another sheet.

Before using primed steel sheets should be thoroughly dried.

to the next stage of preparatory work includes the production of paintings, prefabricated parts and coatings raw blank sheets for wall gutters, eaves, valleys and so on. D.

Normally the picture is made up of 1-2 sheets prepared for rebate edges.

work on making paintings is most convenient to conduct on the bench, having a length of 2 m and a width of 1 m, with the implementation of a corner of the left edge.

In appearance rebate can be divided into standing and recumbent, and on the degree of compression - in the single and double.

To perform single seam lying on a bench placed on the steel sheet prescriber scheduled bending line seam edge.

risk then combine with an edge area and using a mallet makes two of Lighthouse bending at the corners of the sheet.After that, on the whole risk folded edge of the sheet turned over and dumped on a plane the flanges.On the second sheet do the same workpiece.The first and second sheets are joined and sealed into the lock using mallets.

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