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August 12, 2017 18:08

heat common parts

What is obschedomovoy heat

counter Initially it is worth considering the fact that the installation obschedomovogo heat meter is required for each apartment building, regardless of the presence of this type of residential units in each housing.The presence of such a device allows you to control the overall consumption of resources consumed and to minimize the maintenance costs of municipal house networks loss.heat common parts

Who should install the metering device?

to the fore the fact that, despite the law to prescribe the mandatory installation of the device, obschedomovoy heat meter set by the owners of the house, ie residents.In this case the supplier of utility resources rather confine itself to consumers warning of the need to install the device, after which the responsibility is transferred to the home owners.The price of this device is about 15,000 rubles.It is worth noting that the return of this product ranges from one to five years depending on the size of the house and the amount of resources consumed.

legislative act which regulates all issues related to installing and using the general building heat meter is the law N 261-FZ of November 23, 2009 "On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency."heat common parts

Positive factors obschedomovogo use heat metering device

Installing this device entails the emergence of a number of positive aspects in the use of municipal resources and pay for them:

  • becomes possible to calculate the actual heat consumption for the entire apartment house;
  • Based on the data, you can save on payment and consumption of public services;
  • actively encouraging residents to savings of resources consumed;
  • ability to receive detailed reports about the number and resource consumption and heat.

install this device can work as a public service and private.

Thus, the article described the main specific features of the legal foundations and the installation of common house heat meters.