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August 12, 2017 18:08

Soldering copper pipes by


Before the spike will be carried out, it is necessary to make a number of preparatory work.The main condition is the presence of a constant gap between the two parts.Therefore, the surface to be bonded must have a cylindrical shape.And it is important that there are no defects that often occur when cutting pipes (burrs, rough cut, the deformation of the material).To avoid them, you need to cut as straight as possible, and then clean up the ends.

also have appeared defects can be eliminated by using a manual template.Removal of the oxide film, and mechanical impurities is done using a wire brush and nazhdachki.After conducted on the treated surface with a dry cloth.It depends on the purity of the base castle compound.Further active chemicals applied - fluxes.They are necessary for a better distribution of the liquid solder.

And then performed soldering copper pipes, video lesson are presented at our site.In soft soldering (up to +450 ° C) is generally used as a flux or rosin with an alcohol solvent, and the wood tar, hydrazine, petrolatum and others.To apply you need a small amount of the composition and eliminate the residues (to avoid corrosion).With a solid, high-temperature soldering (over +450 ° C) flux is not used, perform a mechanical cleaning of the base.

How to solder copper pipes at low temperatures?

If you want to know how to solder copper pipe video to the process presented in our portal.But, in addition, give detailed instructions.As already mentioned, they can connect a high-temperature and low-temperature method.So, how to solder copper pipes at low temperatures?First, a surface heating propane burner at a temperature up to + 200-250 ° C.Then on the parts to be joined, the solder is applied (metal).Carry out the soldering.wherein the seam width should be from 7 to 50 mm.

used as fusible solder metals: lead, tin and their alloys all.

Use this type of welding (Capillary low temperature) only for pipes with a diameter of 6-108 mm.Subsequently, they are used for heating and water pipes (plumbing, for example, in the regeneration of sewage homes, including sewage discharge) from t to 130 ° C.The gas supply and drinking water supply with lead soldering banned because of its toxicity.

How to solder copper pipe at a high temperature?

This technology soldering copper pipes is carried out at temperatures above +450 ° C.Connection method - gas-flame (flame welding, which uses acetylene-air, oxygen, propane, acetylene, oxygen is sometimes possible).Please also heated surface.Then, solder is applied from a solid metal (which may be solder based on silver and copper).Implemented connection.Through the use of these metals ensures high strength and reliable seal.

soldering feature this method lies in the fact that upon annealing the metal it begins to soften. Because for the smallest loss of strength characteristics make natural cooling (air), and the heating of the surface it is desirable to make a minimum.Soldering copper pipe brazing is suitable for solar systems, and distribution pipelines.Also, this method is used for heating and water pipes.