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August 12, 2017 18:07

Paint Parquet - not to spoil the noble we cover ?

Why might want to paint the floor?

There are situations where the parquet painting is absolutely necessary.Sometimes there is a need to transform the surface of the floor beyond recognition, sometimes quite a bit to refresh it.And then the question arises: Is it possible to paint the flooring, for example, a color paint?And what generally can be covered with parquet flooring?

answering these questions, it should be noted that, first of all, parquet - a better quality wood floor, and, in principle, its painting is the same as for any wood floor.Deciding on how to paint parquet, it depends primarily on your taste and the overall interior room.On this basis, and should be required to pick up the paint, varnish or stain.The attached thereto instructions usually described in detail the effect achieved.

How can we paint the floor?

possible that when you check into a new apartment, you will find that natural look of the texture of clean wood parquet completely in harmony with your intent for the arrangement of interior space.In this case, it is not necessary to dismantle and install new flooring - parquet enough to cover any you liked opaque enamel.

And here already it is necessary to think not about whether it is possible to paint parquet, and about what kind of paint to choose.In principle, any suitable paint for wooden surfaces designed for interior use.However, it should be remembered that the enamel should be resistant to abrasion, as the coating in this regard are experiencing increased stress.Well suited for this purpose latex paint designed specifically for floors.

But the process of parquet surface can not only paint.Change its original color and turn the floor in the exclusive cover it is possible by means of special toning tools.

To do this, apply stain, oil and special waxes or colored lacquer.The colorless varnish used as finish.Depending on the application with the help of oil can keep the natural color of wood, to make tint fine wood, cover the surface with bright color.

If you only need to update the floor, in this case, would be indispensable stain.With this impregnating the natural color of parquet can be given the desired tone, clearly reveal the figure.

Restoration of parquet - update tree

Cover can be like new flooring, and properly prepared old.New flooring, it is desirable to paint immediately after placement, before any treatment was his.If the parquet was already covered with varnish or paint, and for some time operated, then the task becomes more complicated.

The surface must be carefully cleaned of previous coatings, and then align and repair it, ie,sanded and ottsiklevat. Before applying the first layer parquet degreased with special solution.The instructions to the paintwork is usually indicated what and how it is more convenient to apply.

most commonly used for this purpose roller fitted on a long handle.If the paint consistency is not very thick, you can resort to using a spray bottle.In the case of water-based paint needs to be applied two coats, the second applied to the first not earlier than two hours.After drying the surface is covered with two layers of clearcoat.