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August 12, 2017 18:08

As the warm water under the earth : the main methods and types of insulation

Types of thermal insulation materials

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Before warming of the water supply system, you need to decide, with the help of the material, we will carry it.

The most common are the following types of heaters:

  • polyurethane foam (PUF);
  • polystyrene (foam);
  • glass (glass wool, rock wool);
  • basalt fiber.

polyurethane shells are half-cylinders of different diameters and thickness of 1 m in length. The texture of foam consists of small cells, so it is not vulnerable to moisture.Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam removes the effect of evaporation, when the snow melts from the heat.

Installation of the heater can be made all year round, whatever the weather.This is due to the fact that the polyurethane foam is lightweight and has an excellent insulating properties.

Ins insulation of polyurethane foam are:

  • long service life;
  • ease of installation and removal, with the possibility of repeated use;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • ease of access to the system in case of repair.

Installation forms polyurethane is carried out by means of ties.

convenient and cheap way to solve the problem of "how warm the water under the earth" is a foam.This heater is not operating limitations, remains dimensionally stable and has a very low rate of water absorption.For pipes, insulation foam, do not need trays.

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common variant of insulation glass is considered.However, the mineral wool absorbs moisture, because of which necessary to provide an additional heat insulating layer in a roofing material.The use of glass is prohibited in wet weather.

good insulation for water pipe is a basalt fiber.This insulation is in the form of a hollow cylinder, and eliminates the need for trays.A significant disadvantage of basalt wool can be considered the high cost.

Many manufacturers offer pipes, which are available already covered with a layer of insulation.It is logical to assume that the price of this product is high.

installation of insulation for pipes

insulate the pipe under the ground by mounting a heat-insulating material, really, for any host.Put on the pipe insulation halves offset about 15 cm, and fixed with a slight overlap.The internal diameter of the shell should be equal to the outer diameter of the pipe.

As warm water under the ground glass:

  1. before installing the insulation material pipe must be cleaned of contaminants
  2. Locate the glass around the pipe and secure with ties.
  3. Protect from moisture with an additional coating of roofing material or other suitable materials.

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Installing the heating electric cable

This method is used in areas with very cold winters, when a heat-insulating material is not enough.According strands of the cable current flows, metal heat conductors, transferring heat to the tube.Also in the heating system includes a thermostat that controls the temperature of the pipeline, with an increase which disconnects the cable.

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Of course, the heating cable must be laid under the heater, otherwise it will not warm the water supply system and the earth.cable layout should be considered not only from the outside, but also inside the pipeline.

heating cables have the following advantages:

  • Easy and convenient operation;
  • Economy, which enables to regulate the power system;
  • Versatility - cable can be used, placed in the open air for insulation communications, housing and under the earth;
  • cable system reliability, safety, and prevents overheating.

Lack of heating cable - its dependence on electricity.In case of power failure is to provide back-up power sources.

It should be borne in mind that the choice of insulation depends on the air temperature in the cold season in a particular region and the financial capacity of the owner.To cope with the problem of how to most effectively insulate the water under the earth you can use all the methods in the complex.

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