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August 12, 2017 18:06

Power stations portable petrol how to choose

Presently it is difficult to imagine, even theoretically, the life of modern man without the use of electricity.Electrical equipment of different purpose so firmly established in our everyday life that leave such "benefits of civilization" would not be desirable even for a short time.Agree that even a temporary power outage able to almost completely paralyze the household.And if in cities with interruptions in the supply of "light" situation is all the more not less favorable, the country under the "cataclysm", alas, is still not uncommon.

Power stations portable petrol how to choose

Power stations portable petrol how to choose

cases and other situations when no power is very difficult to do, and that is to connect anywhere.A typical example - the beginning of private construction in the area, which had not yet organized the supply of electric power.Yes, and leaving to rest overnight will also be much more comfortable if it will be possible to connect at least the minimum necessary appliances.In all these cases, the assistance may come compact power sources - generators, unique mini-power station.

So power portable gasoline what to choose from the range presented in the stores, on what to pay particular attention to when buying - looking for answers in this publication.

What is a home electric generator

Article Contents

  • 1 What is a home electric generator
  • 2 How to choose the appropriate model gasoline generator
    • 2.1 Determine the power of gasoline power
      • 2.1.1 calculator for calculating the required power of gasoline power
    • 2.2 Select the type of engine
    • 2.3 generating unit Parameters
    • 2.4 rank performance
      • 2.4.1 Dimensions and weight of the power plant
      • 2.4.2 engine start system
      • 2.4.3 power mode
      • 2.4.4 Additional equipment gasoline power
    • 2.5 Video: recommendations on the selection of portable gasoline generator
  • 3 Features petrol power inverter
  • 4 what brands give preference
    • 4.1 Video: review of domestic gasoline power "Zubr»

Mobile power, or as often as they are called - electric, isa rather complex electromechanical device.Its main task - to transform the energy potential of liquid or gaseous fuel into kinetic first, and then - into electrical energy for its further use in domestic or commercial purposes.There are so many different models, but always and in all there are basic units and units for the operation of this device:

The general scheme of gasoline portable power

general scheme of gasoline portable power

internal combustion engine (item 1.) Generates kinetic energy - creates torque,which directly or via a transmission mechanism is transmitted to the generator shaft (pos. 4).The motor has a built-in start-up system - Recoil (as shown in item 2.) Or (ii) electric.Fuel supply to engine operation is carried out from the internal tank (Pos. 3) of a certain capacity.Conversion

kinetic rotational energy to electrical energy takes place in the generator (pos. 4).

whole construction is arranged on one frame (Pos. 5) or in a common housing.Usually provided with convenient carrying handles power, and sometimes - and wheeled trolley to facilitate the movement of heavy models.

Most modern portable generators are equipped with a control unit (pos. 6) with instrumentation that allows to monitor the work of both mechanical and electrical parts of the unit.Some models do not have such a unit, but they usually provides an opportunity to follow the installation option.In any case, there are one or more outlets (sockets) (pos. 7) to connect the consumer of electricity generated.

generator drives are diesel , gas and petrol

generators drives are diesel, gas and petrol

  • actuator (motor) can be diesel, designed for long non-stop operation.Typically, such units are massive enough quite noisy, and have a value of 1,5 ÷ 2 times higher than that of gasoline with approximately the same characteristics.
  • If the installation site power plant supplied with gas, it makes sense to buy a machine that runs on natural gas.Produced and compact models, which run on LPG or natural gas from the cylinders.The main advantages of such power - high efficiency and very cheap electricity - due to the low price of gas fuel.Disadvantage - a very high cost plants themselves.In addition, they are quite complex to set up, maintenance, repair.So what is the popularity of gas generators - low.
  • greatest demand among the average consumer still use gasoline generators - they are the most mobile, compact, easy to use, and.not least, the most affordable in terms of cost.It is to them and will be devoted to further exposition.

Movable petrol power may vary:

  • This generator can be installed as a backup power supply in case of a temporary power outage.
The generator is installed permanently in the box as a backup power source

generator set stationary in the box as a backup power source

  • It can be used as the main source of energy during brief family visits to the country, which is not provided by summing the stationary power supply line.
Often Minipower becomes indispensable in the management of construction

Often mini-power station has become indispensable in the management of construction

  • This - the perfect solution for the organization of power tools and lighting during construction and, sometimes, agricultural activities, workshops, garages, etc.when the network can not use electricity.
Compact generator allows you to organize high-grade comfortable rest in nature

Compact generator allows you to organize high-grade comfortable rest in nature

  • Mobile petrol power station will help to create maximum comfort in field conditions, providing power lighting, multimedia devices, mini-refrigerator, electric stove and kettle, etc.

potential owner, intending to purchase a gasoline power plant, must clearly understand what role it is going to use it.From this depends directly on many criteria for evaluating and selecting the desired model.

How to choose the appropriate model gasoline generator

Even the small gasoline power plant is still a buying expensive, designed for long-term use.To throw money "down the drain" in the selection of optimal model must take into account a lot of nuances.A start must be still at home, with the settlement, which is the power generator you need.

Determine the power of gasoline power

This is probably one of the most complex and controversial issues which, as mentioned above, depends on a clear understanding of the future owner of the destination of the acquired power plant.

fact that Internet can be found a lot of recommendations on generator power calculation, which are reduced to what is necessary to sum the power consumption available in the home appliances based on peak starting loads (about them will be discussed below), add and willthe required amount of power produced.It seems that everything is correct, but we are talking about a portable gasoline power plant, which is considered as the main source of energy is a gross exaggeration, since the possibility of such equipment is still limited.And if you add up all the values ​​and capacity to accept it as a basis for selection, it becomes clear that no compact portable station with a load will not cope.

This means that when calculating the required power is necessary all the same to place certain priorities, approach the matter with reasonable expediency.It can be explained by a few examples:

  • Suppose gasoline power plant is used as a backup source in case of power failure in the central power supply system.Probably, the network shutdown period should provide power only to those devices, without which is really difficult or impossible to do.Of course, you can not go without lighting, without volatile operate the heating system.It would be desirable not to interrupt the operation of the television broadcast and the computer.But the owner does not zateet reasonable at this time, without some kind of emergency need, washing, ironing clothes, including a microwave oven or dishwasher, can be this short time do without the HVAC equipment.If
  • compact gasoline generator will be used for suburban or field conditions, it is likely, some overly energy-intensive, stationary household appliances is not expected.However, you also need to exercise prudence - if, for example, included a pump for watering the garden, while you can take a break in the work of a powerful electric tools, etc.
  • When calculating the capacity of the generator, which will be involved in construction work, and do not necessarily take into account all their instrumental "arsenal".Perhaps we should take into account the provision of the necessary lighting and only those tools that are more likely to be turned on simultaneously.Typically, the list is limited to two, maximum - three.

These were general recommendations, and now - to the very calculation.In the summation of household appliances and power tools, be aware that they may be quite different according to the type of electrical load.So, passport performance power of the device may not fully reflect the peak load at startup.

  • to the device with the simple resistive load are those in which electrical energy is directly on the resistive principle is transformed into light or heat.These include incandescent lamps, heaters (not equipped with a fan), electric kettles, etc., orTheir rated capacity is not significantly different at the start and during operation, that is, it can be taken into account without any amendments.
  • more difficult with the devices, which is characteristic of reactive load, that is a considerable amount of energy consumed when starting to create electromagnetic fields.This includes all devices and devices equipped with electric motors, fluorescent lamps, pumps and compressors, etc.Starting currents can be many times the value of the nominal consumption.

To determine the full launcher reactive power, use the following dependence

Wn = Wn / cos φ

Wp - full power, which must be taken into account in calculating the parameters of the power plant.

Wn - rated active power of the device is indicated in the data sheet.

cos φ - the power factor, which takes into account the presence of the reactive component.It is equal to the cosine of the phase shift between the sine waves of alternating current and voltage.Typically, this value is also indicated in the data sheet.

For reactive loads must take into account the power factor - cos φ

For reactive loads must take into account the power factor - cos φ

For example, in the pump data sheet indicates that the device has a rated power of 1.5 kW, and given the value of cos φ = 0,84.So, the total capacity of the unit is already 1,5 / 0,84 = 1,79 ≈ 1,8 kW.The increase of 300 watts - enough is essential, especially for compact power.

If the power factor is unknown, it is possible to use an approximate correction factor for the various types of household appliances.In this case, the value of the rated power is multiplied by the following coefficient:

Some values ​​of these coefficients are given in the table:

types of devices correction factor to the rated power input
incandescent and energy-saving fluorescent lamps 1
electric cookers, electric kettles, irons 1
multimedia equipment and computers 1.15
Vacuums 1.35
Circulating pumpsheating and boiler control units 1.5
Fluorescent lamps 2
household fans, cooker hoods 2
washing machine and dishwasher 2.5
Microwave 3
submersible and external pumping stations 3
Kitchen equipment - grinder, blender, etc. 3
Fridge, air conditioning 3.5
Trimmer, Electric shears garden 1.2
Electric drill, grinding machine 1.25
Hammer,angular, grinder, elektronozhovka or chain saw, electric plane 1.5
Mixer 2
pump for watering 2.5
Compressor electric 2.5
Mini high pressure washer 3
Welding inverter 3.5

This ratio takes into account inrush peak current consumption.

Thus, we can write down those instruments that are more likely to be at the same time be invoked when using gasoline power.Then each nameplate rated power is multiplied by the appropriate factor, the figures obtained are summarized - and end up with the required amount of power generated by the generator.To him it is advisable to add a further 10 ÷ 25%, to create a certain reserve.

quickly estimate the power required to help the gasoline power and calculator located below.It is, of course, take into account the very average values ​​of average power household appliances and power tools, but, nevertheless, makes it possible to present a general picture.

calculator for calculating the required power of gasoline power

Enter the requested values, and then click "Calculate the required power generator"
Specify the number and type of lamps that willinvolved simultaneously
saving lamps
Fluorescent lamps
Mark the those instruments that canbe simultaneously activated when the power
Select the desired position
Refrigerator Microwave electric stove Electric Food processor TV Media center Computer Laptop Charger for gadgets Heat fan Heater infra-red or oil Iron Washing machine Dishwasher Vacuum pump or pumping station
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