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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen design with photo wallpapers - your choice of date !

So how do you arrange the kitchen wallpaper?

In terms of usability design wallpaper wall so the kitchen is very advantageous, since:

  • wallpaper and vinyl paper basis can be washed (for this is to choose wallpaper, which was not waterproof dye pack);
  • can save on decor because Mural easily become the main focus of the interior.

Besides drawing on modern wallpaper no floats, does not burn and does not fade.

When pasting photo wallpapers cuisine importantly - remember that they can not act as a full wall covering.Rather, they will be bright bold design accent.Variants of using a photo wallpaper in the kitchen interior design:

  • Pasting entire wall.Valid only with sufficient open space kitchen, otherwise visually shrink space, it will create a sense of Pile.
    Pasting entire wall
  • Pasting architectural element.The most commonly used in cooking studio for the space zoning.
    Pasting an architectural element
  • Apron.Today, the most stylish contemporary design options walls near the work area is a heat-proof glass.It can act as an independent element, and may serve as a protective barrier for stylish wall photos.
  • Masking.Mural on the ventilation duct to help him hide, however absurd it may seem.
  • boxes or picture.Actually decorative element.It can be either protruding or indented, or in the same plane as the wall.In the case of accommodation on the edge of a flat located photowall border or frame.Or picture Panels


far as such it is advisable to choose the wallpaper in the kitchen, where, as it is no secret, the air is more humid and its temperature is higher than in other areas of the house or apartment?Will the cover aggressive environmental effect of the surface of the medium?

Most modern materials to cope not only with moisture, and with a sink with the addition of detergents.Therefore, follow the hygiene of the coating is no more difficult than conventional wallpaper.Regarding the possibility of harmful fumes from paint, now also virtually impossible to find materials that do not meet sanitary standards.In any case, before the acquisition finish better acquainted with the composition in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.If you choose must provide the ink with ultraviolet (UV) curing.They are completely harmless for you and for your pet
Example: Mural in the kitchen - 1.

Colours decorative insert is selected according to the preferences of owners of apartments, but should bear in mind that the range can affect the psychology of the tenants.The selection may not only affect mood and mentality, but also on the appetite, increase or decrease it.Therefore, if you follow its own weight, in these surveys, you should be careful and cautious.

should be careful with bright shades and colors, because they can greatly affect the digestion and appetite households.Example: Mural in the kitchen - 2

Plots for kitchen interior should choose more appropriate for this site.It may be, for example, fruit or fruit baskets, fruit still life, still lifes of bread, wheat ears and the like.Example: Mural in the kitchen 3

Watching these images cute, cozy, relaxing, cause positive emotions.But these wallpapers can cause significant damage to your figure, as the cause appetite.So, if you are inclined to be overweight, you'd better choose the wallpaper with a neutral patterns.For example, marine or urban landscapes in pastel colors.
Example: Mural in the kitchen 4

Kitchen - one of the important places in the house.This is the place where a person eats, not only physically but also spiritually.Therefore, the chosen design desktop will affect not only the gastronomic preferences of you and your household, and their peace of mind and comfort.