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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to eliminate the blockage in the bathroom with their own hands - a video guide .

How to clear any clogged in the bathroom without aggressive chemicals

in an apartment building to get rid of debris in the drain is usually more difficult than in a private home.This is due to the fact that the sewage can occur both local and general obstruction.Type of clogging is determined as follows: include water in the bathroom and in the kitchen.Contamination is a local, when a problem is detected in a single place.It can correct yourself.As a result of vital activity of households in the drain pipe get your hair a different fat, animal hair, pieces of lint and other dirt.The reason may be worn and the sewerage system.

How to unclog the blockage in the bathroom using a plunger?First you need to seal the plug hole for the overflow of water.Then firmly press the plunger to drain rapidly and do ten or more reciprocating movements.If the result does not come, then try to clean clogged with water.The bath is necessary to pour hot water in an amount such that it covers half a rubber plunger portion.Then plunger to plunge into the water and pump.With the last movement need to dramatically open drain hole.If the first attempt clogged, the procedure must be repeated until the result.

cleaning clogging

Cleaning clogging plunger

When plunger by well-cleaned only small blockages.What to do when the blockage in the bathroom could not be cleaned using a plunger?When it was formed in the pipe away or heavily caked, then apply the plumber's snake to clean.The method is as follows: a rope trying to catch weed plug and pull it out.If you do not manage to pull out, you can push it into a wider pipe.
This work is performed in the following order:
• introduce a cable into a drain pipe;
• push the cable and start its rotation.This can help the other person.It should be noted that the rotation of the cable improves the destruction of obstruction;
• pass littered the site and make a few sharp moves back and forth.Then let the hot water and gently pull the cable out of the pipe.

We must not forget that the use plumber's snake to clean chrome and plastic pipes can not be categorically: thus damaged their inner surface.

use chemicals to clean the blockage

Many owners use to clean the blockage in the bathroom chemicals.What kind of drug to choose for the solution to your problem is?To help determine the choice, give a list of popular drugs and their description:
• «Mister Muscle" - means suitable for all types of pipes.Tool kills bacteria, thus eliminating from the unpleasant odor;
• «Mole" - means you can not use for plastic pipes;
• «Pothan" - means no residue dissolves all pollution.But has a sharp chemical smell;
• «Tiret» - means effectively eliminates blockages.It does not smell of ammonia.

When using chemicals to remove blockages in the bathroom it is necessary to observe the rules of personal safety.This means to use the rubber gloves, gauze, eye protection from corrosive vapors and rubber apron.And be sure to read the instructions for each specific chemical drugs!

blockage in the bathroom

blockage in the pipes

Always remember that the best way to clear the blockage in the bathroom - is prevention.In time performing preventive measures, it is possible to solve this problem much easier and more efficient.