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August 12, 2017 18:05

Laying laminate on a concrete floor

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In most modern buildings concrete floor is used as a rough floor.After buying an apartment the new owners to decide how to use the finishing coating.One of the most popular today is considered to be of a laminate floor. Laying laminate onto the concrete floor - a long process, but it is easy enough even for a person that does not have the necessary experience in this field.That's why most home owners want to save finance and operate their own installation of laminate.


  1. Preparation laminate
  2. Preparing concrete base
  3. leveling surface
  4. Installation of steam and noise insulation
  5. Videos laying laminate onto the concrete floor

We offer detaileddescription with photos, how to perform laying laminate on a concrete floor with his hands.The whole process can be divided into stages.Each of them has its own specific features, compliance with which will provide you with a positive result.

Preparation laminate

Before you perform the installation of the laminate, it is recommended to put laminate board in the room for 36-48 hours.During this time, the material "get used" to the ambient air temperature and humidity, in order to avoid changing its shape and structure of the future.

Preparation of concrete base

Laying laminate is performed only on a flat surface.Irregularities more than 3 mm per meter should be eliminated.laminate panels while walking will bend, break joints and locks, fastening laminate will break.

leveling surface

In order to remove from the floor all the chips, cracks, align it, use the self-leveling cementitious compositions.The composition of leveling mass contains special additives that prevent the impact of water.That is why the composition is characterized by high plasticity and fluidity.It eliminates all the cracks and irregularities, creating an ideal plane.Over time, bathed in a mixture becomes sufficiently strong, well dry, and only after this is done laying the laminate onto the concrete floor.Guide recommends withstand periods of 7 to 10 days between these processes.

Installation of steam and noise insulation

Implementation of this phase depends on your individual wishes and specificity of the room in which is carried out laying laminate onto the concrete floor.On the floor substrate significantly less noise passes and provides a reliable vapor barrier.Usual plastic film can serve as an excellent steam insulating material.It is laid across the area of ​​the room, leaving 20 cm extra overlap.The joints can be fixed construction tape.Exception - dry concrete screed.On her waterproofing not placed because it is already present at the very heart.

Videos laying laminate onto the concrete floor

All preparatory processes are completed, and you can go directly to the point!There are several ways to mount the panels - glue and locking «Click» and «Lock».Each of these methods has its own specific nuances, advantages and disadvantages.For more information about how to mount panels you get by looking video in this article.Along the wall rests a wooden rake, a thickness of about 10mm, which will provide the required distance between the wall and the laminate board.After laying laminate onto the concrete floor is completed, the rail was removed and in its place mounted plinth.

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