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August 12, 2017 18:06

Indesit washing machine errors and Hotpoint Ariston: error codes and fault f01, f05, f08, f12, f18 machines Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston

Errors washing machine Hotpoint Ariston
  • Error Codes
  • Frequent faults
  • Tips and prevention of damage

Technology under the brands of Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston made by one company Indesit Company.These washing machines are considered to be of high quality and very reliable, but the technique of any brand from time to time fail.Self-diagnostic system helps the owner and allows to identify the cause of breakage.In some models of washing machines have a display where you can see the fault code.Other display is missing, and the code is determined by the blinking of certain indicators.

Error Codes

All error codes Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston general, as produced by a single company.We have collected them in the table, adding deciphering and a guide to action:


What does

When mistakes ranks



problem with the signal from the motor

damaged motor triac.

Check for moisture inside the connector.

Inspect the motor contacts.

Replace faulty triac.


problem with the tachometer (it does not send a signal to the engine is running)

jammed belt.

The tachometer circuits had a break or short circuit.

Check whether the motor is jammed, as well as explore contacts.

Determine resistance tachometer, as well as to test its wiring.

If necessary, replace or electronics module or the motor itself.


problem with the temperature sensor

The chains had a temperature sensor open or short circuit.

Check the sensor resistance.If it does not work, make the replacement of the sensor or the entire electronics module.


problem with the pressure switch (from him comes at the same time signals and a vacuum tank filled state)

happened "sticky" contact group pressure switch, signaling the empty tank.

Inspect the pressure switch itself.If necessary, replace the sensor, or the entire electronics module.


problem with drain

has worn the pressure switch or the drain pump.

formed in the drain system blockage.

Inspect the connections, as well as to evaluate the performance of the drain pump.

Check for blockage or damage to the drain hose and the filter.


problem with buttons

buttons are faulty or damaged their contacts.

elektrokontroller not work.

Inspect the buttons themselves and explore the control panel, as well as elektrokontroller.Defective components replace workers.


problem with TAN

heater is not submerged in water due to the lack of water in the pipes or insufficient water pressure.Also, the water supply may be limited due to a malfunction of the Gulf valve or pressure or when a blockage in the Gulf system.

Making sure that there is water in the pipes and pressure sufficient inspect Gulf system and replace defective components.


problem with TAN

heater was broken (often fails relay) or were damaged in its wiring.

Check whether the heater is OK, as well as its connection.Also appreciate the level sensor performance and an electronic module.


problem with the volatile memory

lost its memory.

to flash memory or to carry out the replacement of a module.


problem with the pressure switch (it does not give a signal about the filling or emptying the tank)

pressure switch is not working or electronic module.

appeared damaged in the chain linking the level sensor and the electronic module.

consistently test the pressure switch, its circuit and the electronic operation of the module.Defective components replace workers.


problem with drain

Happened broken pump wiring.

Check pump connection to the electronic module, pump winding (resistance), as well as the electronic module itself.If necessary, you can replace the pump.

F12 ​​

problem with the control board

chains were disrupted binding Indication module and the controller.

Check electrical connections, as well as the performance of the modules.

F13 (For models with dryer)

problem with drying

damaged drying temperature sensor or its connection to elektrokontrolerom.

first check the temperature sensor itself, and then the electrical circuit.Defective components replace workers.

F14 (For models with dryer)

problem with drying (it is not included)

has worn heating element is damaged or its compounds.

Rate job PETN drying and chains that bind him with elektrokontrollerom.When a fault is detected to eliminate it.

F15 (For models with dryer)

problem with drying (it does not turn off)

has worn heating element is damaged or its compounds.

Rate job PETN drying and chains that bind him with elektrokontrollerom.When a fault is detected to eliminate it.

F16 (for top-loading models)

problem with the drum

Drum jammed.

Check electromagnet drum lock.


problem with the door lock

voltage does not arrive at the castle.

door is open.

Verify the presence of voltage at the terminals of the castle, as well as to check the wiring.

Make sure that the lock snapped.If there is damage to the castle to perform his replacement on a workable item.


problem with the electronics

violated the chain connecting the engine processor and controller.

repair or replacement of the electronics module.

Frequent faults

Cars brand Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston break as a result of natural wear and tear or due to blockages, Debris apparatus, careless use or improper handling.Some problems can be resolved on their own, for example, to remove an excess filler hose, check the correctness of the selected program, make sure that there are no foreign objects in the tank or clean the blockage in the drain hose.

Consult a specialist costs, if:

  • The machine does not turn on and no indicators are off.
  • washing duration increased or started having problems with certain operating cycles.
  • inside the machine that something squeaks, rattles or bangs.
  • drum stopped turning.
  • machine stopped pressing clothes.
  • There was a leak.
  • During operation, the machine begins to smoke, or the smell of burning plastic.

Eliminating leaks washing machine Indesit (Ariston) you can see in the video Vladimir Khatuntseva.

replacement of bearings in the washing machine Ariston (Indesit) with bonded tank you can make your own video V. Khatuntseva.

Preventive measures, as shown in the program "All bude good", will help you increase the life of your assistant.

Tips and prevention of damage

  • After each wash, the water supply to the machine are advised to block.Such actions will safeguard the hydraulic system against wear and protect the equipment against leaks.
  • Remember that before cleaning the machine must always be disconnected from the mains.
  • outside the unit can be cleaned with a soft cloth slightly dampened with soapy warm water.The use of abrasive agents or agents with solvents is prohibited.
  • Regularly inspect the detergent dispenser and perform its cleaning, removing the container from the machine after washing it under running water with a brush and returning back to the distributor.
  • The door machine after each wash is advised to leave the half-open state, to avoid unpleasant odors inside the drum.
  • Although the pump in the machine Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston self-cleaning through filter of his "trap" can accumulate small items, such as buttons.To clean the filter machine is disconnected from the network, remove the baseboards, turn inside the cover, remove foreign objects, and then the cover is wrapped and put in place a plinth.
  • at least once a year, it is important to perform the test the inlet hose.Having discovered cracks in it, without delay, replace the hose.