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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of log bath softwood or hardwood .How to make the right choice

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decision to build in the country or in his backyard bath does not mean self-construction and procurement of material, knowledge of carpentry and joinery bases.You can simply browse the catalogs of companies offering log cabins, choose material, choose economical or expensive option to collect on good-quality construction for swimming instruction.The main thing - to choose a high-quality frame and define the material.


  • Review of building material for the construction of baths
  • pine log structure.Advantages and disadvantages of wood Blockhouse
  • leaf.Advantages and disadvantages of the material
  • Rules selection of quality log
  • How to fold frame for a bath yourself
  • beginning of works for non oshkurennyh or round logs
  • Build log
  • last phase of assembly bath
  • Log cabin for the bath.Price finished building

Review of building material for the construction of baths

modern frame-panel, brick, shlakoblochnogo materials are used for saunas buildings.Connoisseurs prefer the traditional bath construction of the wooden frame, relying on well-known to all the benefits of the walls made of natural material:

  1. not require additional insulation.
  2. The unique properties of the wood is maintained in a stable indoor climate.
  3. comfort and warmth of the living comfort.
  4. Environmentally friendly material.


Log buildings baths from the logs from coniferous erected more often than hardwood trees.Conifers have moisture resistance and water repellency rate higher over time do not lose these properties, but on the contrary, become stronger.Coniferous logs do not require protection from moisture, rot, that is fully compliant to the steam room: airborne substances with medicinal properties.Processing of materials for the construction of baths excludes the application of varnish, antiseptics.Vaporized, inorganic pollutants nullify the whole effect of the procedure, slow down and prevent the release of nutrients from the wood.

pine log structure.Advantages and disadvantages of wood

1. Log cabin made of larch.Larch is used for the construction of "forever."It has the unique properties of water resistance, durability and hardness.The disadvantage of a wooden material made of larch is only the high price.Cubic meter of round logs for log home will cost an average of $ 300.For reliability of construction is to lay the foundation of the building is made of larch.

advantages of larch log:

  • samopropitka resinous composition;
  • high water-repellent and moisture-resistant properties;
  • high coefficient of elasticity and compression;
  • natural protection from bugs carpenter;
  • material hardness comparable to granite;
  • lifespan is unlimited.


  • high cost;
  • difficulty in processing.It requires special tools for work on hard materials.


2. A log house made of pine.Pine machine rounded logs easier to handle, available at cost.One cubic meter costs an average of $ 35.For baths with pine log house is necessary to sheathe the room from the inside lining.This will give the decorative sauna and prevent ingress of resin on the body while bathing.

Benefits pine material:

  • easy handling construction materials;
  • has a high mechanical strength;
  • has good performance moisture resistance and breathability.


  • require additional treatment of internal walls for insulation;
  • durability of the material is in the range 30-40 years.

3. Log cabin made of spruce.According to the properties slightly inferior pine material.


  • easy handling construction materials;
  • average gummosity.No additional lining inside the bath;
  • not crack shrinkage;
  • resistance to deformation;
  • low cost.The price of cubic meter of logs from $ 30-35.


  • low resistance to bending.A large number of spots on knots;
  • possible deformation of the walls if not properly laying the foundation.

Blockhouse leaf.Advantages and disadvantages of the material

1. Aspen frame.


  • increased moisture resistance;
  • high heat saving;
  • operation does not lead eventually to the loss of the basic qualities;
  • material handling easy and fast;
  • not require additional cladding log inside.


  • high price compared to higher-quality coniferous material.Cubic meter rounded aspen logs cost $ 38-42;
  • cube weight more than 700 kg, which places high demands on strengthening the foundation.


2. Log cabin of oak logs.


  • highest durability of wood from deciduous similar materials;
  • high density, strength and elasticity of the material.


  • difficult material for self-construction of the bath due to the size and weight of the log log;
  • high cost.Cubic meter of oak logs costs 60 $.

Rules selection of quality log

advantages and benefits of trees for log were analyzed above.The selected timber can again be analyzed:

  1. Before traveling selected inspection of the finished log, prioritize.Do you want to build a hardwood or cedar sauna.Learn the value of the company in a cubic meter of transportation, not the pure stuff.
  2. Re revising the cost of material, choose a budget option, or leave the original.
  3. Inspection to buy logs:
  • visually determine the absence of cyanosis on the beam, small holes.The blue is not just determined.There are special wooden bleachers on the market that handles lying a few years the trees and then put on sale.Fully lime or mask the gray-blue color is impossible.Look close to the log and you will notice it.What is the risk of acquiring and using logs from the blue?When a log lying rotting from the inside, especially aspen, pine are less susceptible to improper storage.Small holes indicate the presence borer beetles;
  • determine the diameter of the logs and check their installation.Under the rules of the lower crown of a log house is made of the most thick logs.Top fit fine, and then the diameter of the timber is increased to the top of the framework.Permitted discrepancy between the diameters of the lower and upper logs of 2-3 cm. This tab explains the subsequent operation.The lower beam is subjected to an increased influence of moisture from the ground, the rain, the water used in the bath.Top timber is experiencing increased impact of wet steam, if you put a thin beam, it will rot quickly.The difference between the options of small and large logs small, is not allowed run size diameter by 1.5-2 times.A good frame is assembled from logs with almost the same diameter.


How to fold frame for a bath yourself

Tools for work:

  1. scraper or shovel.
  2. Axes: carpenter, joiner.
  3. Saw.
  4. hammer, mallet.
  5. hell.
  6. Hacksaw.
  7. Chainsaw.
  8. chisel.
  9. drill or a drill.
  10. Plumb line or level.
  11. Clamps for construction.
  12. Carpenter pencil.
  13. Set konopatok.
  14. Tilter for logs.

beginning of works for non oshkurennyh or round logs

  • Selects flat frame, cleaned Drawing knives, planes, electroplane.Recommended log diameter of 23 cm to 32 cm. Use a smaller diameter logs is not necessary.Their processing spent more time, and the performance of this material is worse.Removing the bark and the necessary tools to work well described in the proposed video story:
  • mortgages saw off log logs for the first crown.The choice of laying logs made from the largest diameter on the material: in salary will be cut one sex lags.

Council.A log house is necessary to cut down with an ax.The tree is made up of elongated fibers obliquely cut ends.The main function of fiber - to conduct water from the roots to the trunk.Metaphorically - a capillary moisture.Processing a log with an ax, chisels, planes, jointer blockage occurs capillary ends.Rustic log wall is not getting wet, retains heat well, is not subject to rotting or fungal infection.Using a chainsaw, left Nedorezov 1.5 - 2 cm to mark, finishing is performed with an ax.

  • on the foundation laid waterproofing layer of roofing material, are placed on top of the lower crown.
  • logs for the rest of rims are selected subject to the geometry of the carcass and the absence of skew.To compensate for the beam divergence are chosen according to the rule "the butt to the top."You can also customize by location of the annual rings.Wide or south have inside baths, northern, narrow - outside.
  • special tool "line" to mark the cuttings.It helps to keep a perfect seal timber.Outlines the lock in the corner of log and timber slot.
  • Do Castle "paw" or "bowl┬╗:


  • Connection "cup" is used for the installation of the large, powerful angle and protection against freezing.When you build a log house "cup" turning upside down to drain moisture.compound is sampled semicircular rather than triangular.wooden studs or nageli used for assembly.
  • Connection "in a paw" is used for the mast or half mast.This connection method allows you to drive logs closely, excludes the implementation of the external skin.The disadvantage of the method: a recess formed between the logs, so runs insulation joints.During the operation must be continuous monitoring of the state of the corners, especially in winter.
  • Checking vertical level.Selected logs are numbered or marked markings at the ends to facilitate assembly.


Build log

correctly and carefully conducted preparatory phase will shorten the assembly of the finished log cabins of bath.At the assembly stage, stacked horizontally on top of each other in the order marked crowns, forming a wall framework.

  1. Stack salary and on top the rest of the scheme is applied crowns.The grooves are filled with insulation.The best konopatki considered red bog moss, flax batting tow.After assembling the log you want to see the seams.They should have the following form: slender, tow does not stick out.caulking process is carried out immediately after the assembly, do not wait for the shrinkage of the building.
  2. Applying ecological material such as moss, you will immediately embrace the long-term protection against moisture and antiseptic treatment.Complete assembly bonding shkantami logs.
  3. bath, as well as any building, equipped with a door and a window.A wall with a door going from the 2 lower and upper 5 crowns.Wall with window openings is collected from the 5 lower rims and 2-3 upper.In the middle of the height of the crown carcass laid a solid - it gives the whole stability of the building.

last phase of the bath assembly

  1. After walling log ready to install roof system, making the cubicle veranda obreshetchivayut and arrange eaves, roof and draft floor.
  2. The building is left for 1-1.5 years for the shrinkage of the walls.Work on the interior decoration begin only after the drying period and the settling timber.Realized once finishing works are not suitable, will be cracks, distortions of window and door openings.
  3. baths all the time necessary to carry out the shrinkage control survey crowns gap.Emerging gap fill insulation, caulk moss or hemp.

Getting Started with the mood and the desire to build, you will build a traditional or contemporary bath of the framework.Photos of different projects will help to choose the right design:

  • Bathhouse "Gust of Wind┬╗:


  • Classic room:


  • bath from wild carcass:


  • two-storey room with pinktiles:


  • internal bath arrangement:


  • Banja Pagoda:


Log cabin for the bath.Price finished building

Russian companies offer to customers ready for log-baths from oshkurennyh, round logs.

Wild frame box costs about $ 130 per 1 m2.Since the system truss frame is 200 $.turnkey project will cost $ 450 per 1 m2.The exact price is calculated and the representatives of the company will depend on the selected material, building design, transportation of material to the site.

average bath price to 50 m2 turnkey costs $ 500 per 1 m2.

Choose the method of construction: on their own or with the help of professional construction team - the prerogative of each.

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