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August 12, 2017 18:05

Laying laminate on plywood

Laminate now - this is the hottest version of the floor, it's easy due to its high performance, which in combination with a long service life and affordable cost make it an item number one.Also, the merits of this coating include the possibility of installation on any surface type, for example, is considered to be a fairly common laying laminate on tiles, plywood or wooden floors.


  1. Stages laying laminate plywood
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One of the best options is considered laying laminate plywood , because it not only allows you to make the floor warmerbut also greatly enhance their ability to soundproof.

Before starting work, many who have decided to do it on their own, could not help asking: "How to lay laminate plywood."However, it should be noted that laying laminate on plywood with their hands - an operation that is relatively simple and step by step guide can help orient perform it without assistance.

Stages laying laminate plywood

primarily laying the laminate on the plywood base should begin by checking the evenness of floors, if they are far from ideal, all the possible irregularities, available on the basis of the plywood should be thoroughly sanded.After leveling the floor foundation is laid laminate substrate, thus it is necessary to observe that not formed to creases.After that you need to perform fastening tape substrate construction.

laminate Laying plywood starts to run from the left far corner of the room and runs farther along the wall, which is parallel to the incident from the window of the light rays.When laying laminate it is important to leave a gap of about 10 mm between it and the wall.To accomplish this task, you can along the wall to put the wooden rail or laminate pieces.Along the rail, laid against a wall, the first row of stacked strips cover so that the ends are joined together. Photo and Video in this article will show all the details of this process.

It should be noted that the way to be connected via a laminate board, depending on the type of lock used laminate.The most common laminate wiring diagram indicated on the accompanying instructions.To connect the laminated boards can use a mallet and a hammer.When this laminate by directly knocking does not follow to avoid damaging the laminate.Hammering is necessary and to an unnecessary piece of laminate is matched.In the last panel must be cut off the excess part, to ensure that the gap between it and the wall.

When laying the second row of the laminate on the plywood surface is necessary to ensure that the movement of the joints of the second row for the first was no less than 40 centimeters.To attach the brackets, there are only two of the most acceptable option.In the first scenario, the complete assembly of all of the second row, and then attaching it to the first row.In the second case, the alternate connection of each slat of the second row to the first.

Videos laying laminate

All subsequent rows and stacked and interconnected preselected manner.After installing the last row of rack, which provides the necessary distance between the laminate planks and the wall is removed, and then in its place set plinth.

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