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August 12, 2017 18:05

Screed floor with their hands

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Select the type of floor screed and its subsequent conduct must be carried out according to the required parameters of the resulting surface.For example, for a solid foundation and perfect alignment will require concrete screed, can be used semi-dry type for easy alignment.A space for insulation is perfect screed floor with his hands, using expanded clay.For each species has its own particular mix of training and performance.But the principle of purification and isolation of the floor all the same.


  1. First step: cleaning the room, installing beacons
  2. Laying screed
  3. Concrete, dry and semi-dry screed: how to get the job done right?
  4. Video screed floor with their hands

First step: cleaning the room, installing beacons

any debris that is in the room, you need to remove.It is best to use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove the building of large and small particles.

After that, the prepared surface is primed.As seen in the photo on the floor screed, used for this purpose can be a roller and a special primer for sex.

Next is the alignment of beacons.But we must remember, if a concrete floor screed will be carried out, it is necessary to produce a reinforcement with reinforcing mesh, which expanded throughout the room space.This will further strengthen the foundation.

Installing beacons carried out with the help of the level.The walls need to make a mark.Further, dense solution of cement is spread by small hills to the height of the marks on the walls around the room.On top of a number of marks lies profile.

To consolidate the results, you can check the level using the evenness of the obtained structure.Detailed videos about self-screed floor profiles will clearly see the installation process.

Laying screed

use of expanded clay will significantly insulate the floor in the room.But in order to understand how to make the floor screed with expanded clay, it must be remembered that the material should not protrude beyond the profiles that limit the level of the floor.

should carefully fill it over the entire area and spread.Perfectly smooth surface does not work, but the smaller gaps will remain, the better.On top of the layer of expanded clay is necessary to sprinkle laitance.It would cover the bottom with a thin film material.At this stage, the work is interrupted for 1 day.

Once received by the mass of frozen and passed day, you can proceed to the final stage.To do this, it must be remembered that the device floor screed with expanded clay is not much different from the normal fill without the insulation layer.In particular you will need to dissolve the cement grade 400 and mixed in a ratio of 1/3 with sand or you can use ready-made mortars.

composition is poured and spread a little higher profile level.The final alignment is performed under aqueous or laser level.We can only wait and pour the cement screed is ready.

Concrete, dry and semi-dry screed: how to get the job done right?

reinforcement was carried out before carrying out the concrete screed.From this starting point and repair continues.You need to purchase foam from the B3 class and even higher.

Especially important is the density of the composition - 600 kg / m3.Mixing is done by using special construction techniques.Put out by the screed layer can be from 3 to 5 cm.

quality dry floor screed with his hands fulfilled faster than any other species.For this purpose, special materials, sold in any hardware store.It is filled on a concrete foundation.Next, the alignment and installation of floors.On top of these layers is made directly to the installation of flooring.

Preparation of semi-dry screed floor with his hands and takes very little time is required for its cement, sand and fibrovolokno (about 0.5 kg per 1 m3).

composition is leveled on the surface of the floor with respect to the beacons.

is followed by a 12-hour drying and standing for weeks.After that, you can safely proceed to the installation of the flooring.

Each type has its own advantages ties.But it is necessary to pay attention to the cost.The stronger, warmer tie and the sooner the work is performed, the higher the price accordingly.

Video screed floor with their hands

Semi-dry floor screed with his own hands:

Dry screed floor with their hands:

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