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August 12, 2017 18:05

Epoxy Self-leveling floors with their own hands

Modern design technologies are becoming increasingly important in conventional homes.And now that seemingly only by professionals, you can make yourself.One of the easiest ways to create an unusual and luxurious interior is the use of technology such as epoxy self-leveling floors .On the merits, as well as the technology of their independent production will continue it.


  1. functionality and aesthetics with their hands
  2. Video potting epoxy self-leveling floor

functionality and aesthetics with their hands

epoxy self-leveling floor is often called "liquid linoleum" izequipment for its application characteristics and appearance.Epoxy two-component self-leveling floor has only been used in industrial applications.Its peculiarity is that, thanks to a special method of application, namely - casting, formed perfectly smooth surface.Among other advantages, which are different epoxy self-leveling floors in an apartment, allocate as strength, resistance to abrasion, moisture and fire, hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

Make this floor is quite simple today, without resorting to the services of specialists.

epoxy self-leveling floors The device includes the following steps:

  • Substrate Preparation.
  • Manufacturing base layer.
  • Application of rough bases.
  • last coat.

The first stage involves a thorough cleansing of the surface of any debris and household pollution.This can use a special vacuum cleaner, and various washing solutions.The ideal surface for applying foundation is a concrete screed.You can also use a tile, but then pre-treatment process will be delayed.All irregularities should be putty, otherwise they'll show up on the finished floor.

To self-leveling floor epoxy was easier to apply should also be primed surface.If it is quite porous, the prime need in several layers.But do not get carried away, because they can get the puddles, which can not be tolerated.To these puddles it was not recommended to use a spray bottle.

To make quality epoxy self-leveling floors with their own hands, you need to use a special polymer solutions for alignment.Direct application of the base layer is produced no earlier than the day after the primer has been applied.

To determine the deviation from the horizontal, you can use level.Typically, these deviations do not exceed the figure of 10 mm.Then, a solution prepared by using 1.2 layer of the squeegee is poured next floor surface.In places difficult for a doctor blade is better to use a spatula.Then, on the surface you need to go aeration roll.

To give special aesthetic epoxy self-leveling floors as in the photo, for example, use epoxy paint and polyurethane varnish.They not only decorate, but also protect the surface.Apply a paint should be no earlier than one week after the second coat has been applied.That's how much time does it take to dry.

finishing touch in the technology of epoxy self-leveling floor is the application of the last layer and cutting heat-shrinkable joints.The latter makes possible to avoid shrinkage.

Today especially popular and fashionable interior transparent epoxy self-leveling floor, with decorative elements or without them.With his help create special effects in 3D environments.Also, to create a variety of decorative elements are used chips in the process of applying the decorative layer.

In pursuit of the ideal flooring should not forget about the selection of quality materials that ensure ease of application and, in the end result, the desired effect.

Video pouring epoxy self-leveling floor

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