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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building a frame house with their hands

Construction of wooden houses frame construction gained popularity in our area relatively recently, only in the last decade.But such rapid growth in the number of supporters of such buildings due to the very rapid process of their construction and the possibility of using eco-friendly materials.

Building a frame house with their hands

Building a frame house with his own hands

first frame buildings appeared during the development of the territories of America and Canada, and then they have gained widespread in European countries.This type of buildings is good not only for those, that house rises quickly, but also because, that requires much less physical effort and cost.In addition, if the front of the house to decorate one of the modern materials that simulate brick, wood or stone, its walls can not be distinguished from the capital.

Interestingly, the construction of a frame house with his own hands quite possibly even alone.Of course, the process will take much more time, but not have to pay for the work of the whole team.If it is decided to carry out their own construction and to be completed within

warm and dry summer, the start is still needed in early spring. If house will completely finished until late autumn, it is necessary to try to bring construction least to rafter design and to the flooring roofing material, since it is inconceivable that building stood uncovered before the nextspring.

What is the frame construction?

Article Contents

  • 1 What is the frame construction?
  • 2 Foundation for the carcass structure
    • 2.1 markup future construction and earthworks
    • 2.2 Construction foundation
  • 3 Construction frame
    • 3.1 Bottom rail
    • 3.2 Beams groundceiling and flooring
    • 3.3 The construction of the wall frame, the top rail
    • 3.4 Video: tips on building frame house
    • 3.5 Beams attic floor and roof construction
    • 3.6 Roofing
    • 3.7 Video: useful additional structural reinforcement frame
  • 4 Heat cladding and finishing works
  • 5 Video: frame house - "pros" and "cons»

Considering generally , the frame house constructionIt consists of a top and bottom strapping that holds the rack installed vertically, forming a framework of internal and external walls.The basis under the floors and the attic floor consists of supporting beams made of timber.Rafter system being built as from the boards, and it laid roofing.It is desirable that it does not differ too much weight .

An exemplary diagram of the housing frame house

approximate scheme dwelling frame house

between the frame elements set and fit insulation.Its thickness is selected depending on the region and climate. Anyway , the thickness of the studs must match this value.The most common insulating materials selected one of the varieties of mineral wool, ecowool , polystyrene or polyurethane foam.For the insulation of floors and attic floors are used and expanded clay.

heaters The warm brick house?

If you select must take into account not only the quality of thermal insulation material, but also a number of other factors - hygroscopicity, chemical and biological stability, density, sustainability and etc .For a frame house are of great importance flammability of the material and its resistance to the effects of rodents.

on our portal - a lot of materials, recounts on the characteristics and performance of various insulations .

After installation of insulation sheathed water-resistant construction materials - it can be plate OSB, water-resistant plywood or cement chipboard (DSP).

Compared with solid wood, brick or block buildings, frame construction is obtained easy , does not require a massive foundation.For her suitable or columnar-helical pile foundation, and if the house is planned to arrange a basement, then in this case it is best to choose a strip foundation.Frame construction is necessary to lift off the ground high enough, so part of the plinth must have a minimum height of 500 mm.This is necessary in order to moisture from the soil by rain water or snowdrifts as little as possible to act on a wooden frame house elements.

Foundation for the carcass structure

Any building begins with the foundation, and, as mentioned above , you can choose any of his kind (except, perhaps, monolithic "floating" plate - it is not necessary).

markup future construction and excavation work

Before digging trenches for the foundation piles or screwing, it is necessary to conduct a thorough layout area.You should not consider this work a minor, as from her will depend on the straightness of the future of the walls, and the general volumes work, so how not have exert excessive force on the alterationfoundation, if the exact coordinates and size are initially determined.

From marking accuracy depends very much

The accuracy depends very much markup

  • marking is carried out using a tape measure gon other simple geodetic instruments.Usually it is to install wooden stakes with taut cords that visually indicate the size of the building and its location on the areas.

This kind of "drawing" are determined by all the carriers in the structure of the wall if the selected band kind of foundation.If you plan to columnar variant or a screw-pile, you need to mark the exact location of each of the columns (pillars).

Pit - trench strip foundation

pit, trench strip foundation

  • trenches can be dug by hand or, if you want this proce ss etc. Ovest quickly attract a special building technique by which this whole operation pass one day.
  • for digging holes under the pier foundation is used, in addition to the shovels, the usual hand-auger or augers , which will allow much faster to drill a hole of the desired diameter to the required depth.
Availability augers greatly simplify the task

Availability augers greatly simplify the task of

These methods - most affordable, as if to invite large-size equipment, the necessary firstly to it, have on the site additional space and free transportation to the place of workand secondly, the cost of such drilling will cost many times more expensive.

  • At digging excavation is carried out carrying sewage.For laying pipe trench digging deep below the soil freezing in this region.Then fit the pipe to the place inside the pit where the plan should be located bathroom or ventilated sewer standpipe.
At the same stage , and usually provide sewers

At this stage usually provide sewer and

If arranged pier foundation, the portion of the pipe extending from ground level to the exit in the house must be thoroughly warmed.Around it is recommended to build a brick wall, and the space between the pipe and they fill insulation.

Of course, this work can be carried out after the completion of construction, but in this case it will make uncomfortable - have to cut holes in the floor or in the wall cut through the foundation.

Construction foundation

To specifically focus on one type of foundation, it is necessary to imagine that they are.

Strip foundation

This type of foundation is a monolithic concrete strip having in its design reinforcing lattice .The height of the plinth can be different, but if in terms of construction of the house has a basement, the basement and the wall is raised to 600 ÷ 800 mm, in which case they require insulation.In the preparation of the formwork can not forget about ventilation holes, which will not allow moisture to accumulate under the structure.

"Классический" ленточный фундамент

«Classic» strip foundation

If you just consider measures to combat rodents, which are always a lot of out of town, the foundation around and inside it is recommended to make a small fraction of the expanded clay backfill.

lentoch .Fundam How to pour a strip foundation?

This is - quite a difficult question , which requires a closer look. Therefore, the reader is recommended to consult a special publication of our portal, dedicated it strip foundations .

pier foundation

Wooden houses on the rail pier foundation

Wooden tying home on pier foundation

1 - a pillar of the foundation;

2 - strapping beams;

3 - joists;

4 - sub-floor joists.

pier foundation - a set of concrete, brick or composite pillars, arranged in the correct order according to held markup.Supports deepened depending on the type and location of ground layers in this area and the future of the massiveness of the structure.

post.Fundam Choose pier foundation?

For a frame house on a stable ground - a very good solution.Full details of the installation columnar foundation can be found in a special article.

helical pile foundation

Screw funda nt etc. edstavlyaet a metal pile, screwed to the desired depth in the points, according held marking in accordance with the project.The upper part of the piles, protruding above the surface of the ground, tied with metal grillage or metal jumper, then a powerful beam.This will be the basis for the lower trim the carcass structure itself.

Driving a screw - pile foundation

Driving screw-pile foundation

pile-helical structure is good, that support can be screwed so, that will be performing at different heights.This allows the house not only on flat ground, but also on intersected area, with a vertical drop of - withdraw piles then one horizontal level in the cellar . at the same height.

Screw piles Screw yourself fail - have or invite several helpers, or use the services of a brigade masters, « armed » special equipment.

Construction frame

Whatever foundation is chosen, it is required from the top gidroizolirovat - Playground (grillage, mounting plates or the upper bound of the pillars or ribbons), which will be installed sill beams, blanketed with roofing material,which will create item is agonepronitsaemuyu gasket.

Beams lower binding strip on the insulated mounting pads pile- foundation screw

Beams lower binding strip to seal the mounting pads pile-screw foundation

Ruberoid spreads in several layers , it is desirable - "hot" way to TARS, mastic, and it must be greater than the width of the foundation at 150 ÷ ​​200 mm,as it must act on both sides.

Bottom rail

Strapping made of timber size 150 × 150 or 200 × 150 mm.At the corners of the elements are connected "in a half-tree", bars securely twisted together and secured to supports (tape) foundation with the help of pins or anchors, depending on whether, a kind of bases selected from of material it is constructed.

Additionally strapping beams fastened together corners or other metal elements, such as plates.These details can be used for attaching the binding to the foundation.

Connection details corners and plates

Connection details corners and plates

At the end of this work is supposed to be hard binding strip that can withstand the basic frame structure.In the case where the timber used does not have a sufficient size in section, fits on to od other two, and sometimes - and three parts.

Reinforced binding strip of the two bars

Reinforced binding strip of the two beams

And , upper trim bar is mounted on the bottom of the beam so that the possible locations of butt joints, if any, do not come one over the other.

If the wood rail is mounted on the tape base, it can not be too thick, but it is very important to her width coincides with the width concrete base.

Bottom rail on strip foundations

Bottom rail on strip foundations

Beams basement ceiling and flooring floor

Beams ground floors

Strength carcass quality to the maximum extent depend on the quality and sectional beams binding, beams overlap.It is clear that trying to pick a top-notch material.But the cross section depends on and spans the length of , and step by location details.To correctly determine the size, you can use the following table:

Table sectional boards floor beams for the frame of the building:

section used lumber 1 grade span length (mm)
3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000
attic floors
Board distance between adjacent beams (mm)
160 × 50 1200 900 650 500 420 - -
200 × 50 1850 1350 1050 800 650 550 450
180 × 80 2400 1750 1350 1050 850 700 600
Bruce distance between adjacent joists(mm)
140 × 180 - - - 1800 1480 1200 1050
150 × 200 - - - 2400 2000 1650 1400
160 × 220 - - - - 2500 2000 1750
ground floor and floor decks
Board distance between adjacent beams (mm)
160 × 50 800 600 450 - - - -
200 × 50 1250 900 700 550 450 - -
180 × 80 1200 1200 900 700 650 450 -
Bruce distance between adjacent beams (mm)
140 × 180 - - 1550 1200 1300 800 700
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