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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to remove old wallpaper

Plywood wallpaper - the fastest and most cost-effective way to completely change the look of the room.With their help, you can quickly transform a boring room into an elegant girl's bedroom or a strict office.


  • Preparations
    • room cleaning
    • Removing fasteners
  • Removing old wallpaper
    • Paper wallpaper
    • washable wallpaper
    • Fleece Mural
  • Removing old wallpaper withwalls, pasted on the adhesive vodopolimerny
    • How to peel old wallpaper from drywall
  • Why should not hang wallpaper in the old wallpaper

modern market offers a magnificent selection of all kinds of wallpapers for any purpose.So you bought a cherished rolls and want to quickly transform your home, but how to be with the old wallpaper?Shoot or glued on top?From the old wallpaper is sure to be got rid of, and we will explain in this article how to remove old wallpaper quickly and easily.


Before you tear off the old wallpaper, you must undertake some preparatory work, which greatly facilitate the process.

room cleaning

Removing old wallpaper - pretty dusty and "garbage" procedure, so before starting repair work, take out the whole of the room furniture, roll carpets and remove anything that can get dirty - decorative home furnishings, appliances, flowers andetc.

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If the floor is covered with linoleum, after removing old wallpaper it will be easy to wash.But in the case of parquet or carpet can cause problems.Therefore, under the walls of the floor paved with oilcloth or old rags.coating width should be no less than 1 meter.In the process of removing the wallpaper on it will fall all the dust and small pieces of wallpaper, so that after completion you will only shake the litter, avoiding harvesting capital.

Removing fasteners

When the furniture taken out, and the floor is paved with oilcloth, carefully inspect the walls.Surely in a room adorned with paintings or murals, hanging shelves or decorative attributes.It is necessary to examine each site and remove all nails, screws and other fasteners.Firstly, accidentally missed carnations can spoil the look of the future wallpaper.Second, you can severely damage the hands, scratched on the sharp edge of the nail.Therefore it is better to be safe from the wall and remove anything that may bring problems.

nail on the wall ,

Removing old wallpaper

Remove old wallpaper from the walls fairly easily, if you know some of the nuances.So, your action strategy should depend on the type of wallpaper coatings.For example, during the Soviet era, before covering the wall with wallpaper, it is pasted over the paper, he says, it would be better to hold on.Undoubtedly, in some apartments, such wallpaper "alive" and to this day.But what if the interior fashion of the last century already bored, and strip off old wallpaper, firmly glued to the newspaper layer does not work?Below we will look at ways to remove a variety of wallpapers.

Paper wallpaper

old paper wallpaper is necessary to take "into submission."Methodically moisten the surface with warm water using a sponge or spray.If you lived before unscrupulous owners who pokleit wallpaper on top of old coating layers have to shoot - there's nothing you can do about it.

To most easily and quickly remove old wallpaper from the walls, start from the bottom, with a knife or spatula podtseplen the lower edge of the coating.Gently pull up a piece of wallpaper, if necessary, helping him peel off from the wall.

remaining pieces of wallpaper also be deleted.This requires extreme care because if you damage the wall, it is necessary to plaster the holes and bumps.

washable wallpaper

If you happen to be dealing with water-resistant wallpaper, with plain water will not go against them - the water simply roll on the hydrophobic layer on the floor.It will help the knowledge of wallpaper patterns.Usually wallpaper multilayered water-repellent, and removing the top protective layer can reach the plain paper, which, as already known, is removed with water.

If waterproof wallpaper solidly glued, then remove the bottom paper layer does not necessarily - it will be an excellent basis for the new gluing wallpaper, ensuring excellent adhesion.If you do decide on a complete removal, remove the water-repellent layer, gently picked up the wallpaper spatula and dragging upwards.Remaining paper cover with a damp sponge and smooth out with a spatula.

Fleece Mural

But in some cases, washable wallpaper do not behave well and do not separate.In such a situation will have pretty tricky, clearing the upper protective layer with a spatula.Non-woven wallpaper and only removed, but there are a couple of tricks that will facilitate your task.

If the area is small, use stiff wire brush (construction or for washing dishes).If you have to clean a large room is better to use power tools such as angle grinders with a wire brush.But everything is not as smooth as we would like - the top layer is made of synthetic materials and quickly scored a brush unit, so it will have to be cleaned very often.However, perfectionism here for anything, and to remove the non-woven wallpaper, you only need to scratch the surface of the well, and not to strip the wallpaper completely.After that - the water, a spatula, and the familiar manipulation.

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Removing old wallpaper from the walls, pasted on vodopolimerny

glue to glue wallpaper glue vodopolimerny, or simply PVA is probably the most bad idea.And "happy coincidence" in the generous Soviet times often come across such builders, wallpapers kleivshie popular then "Bustilat".Why PVA is not suitable for wallpapering, because it really keeps well?That's the problem - he's too well kept.After hardening of the glue can not be vodopolimerny maceration and dissolved water, so remove these wallpapers will be very difficult.

If you are faced with the wallpaper, glued on the PVA should seriously think about other ways of wall decoration.Remove old wallpaper without damaging the surface of the wall, you do not get.Of course, you can spend on plaster and pokleit new wallpaper, but it is necessary to consider and less labor-intensive options.For example, the wall sheathing plasterboard, which will save a lot of effort, time, and give better results.Plasterboard walls are insulated, soundproofed and allow to carry out any repairs, ranging from gluing the new wallpaper, ending artistic mosaics.

But back to remove the wallpaper, glued on the PVA.Soak them will not work, no matter how hard you try, so be patient and instruments.Rip off the wallpaper have literally centimeter by centimeter sharpened trowel or scraper.If possible, use a router stripping, which is designed specifically for stripping pasted or painted surfaces.

How to peel old wallpaper from drywall

complexity plasterboard work that during the removal of wallpaper can suffer paper layer on the surface of the material.For this reason, ordinary water can not do here.Use special tools for the dissolution of wallpaper paste, which can be found in specialized stores building.Moisten the wallpaper with water is possible, but not abundant - so as not to soak the drywall.If the wallpaper pasted on PVA drywall will have to change completely.

Useful trick: once someone tried to remove old wallpaper instead of water, use hot steam, and it turned out!Iron the "difficult" place of iron and feature stripping or steam generator, and the wallpaper peeling off quickly.

Why should not hang wallpaper in the old wallpaper

If you think that a new wallpaper paste to the old - a good idea that will save time and effort, be a moment to think about the consequences.What is the wallpaper?This coating, which is several years been in contact with things, human skin (sweat, mud), absorbs various odors, germs during illness ... Now imagine that beneath your beautiful new wallpaper will be so dirty harmful layer, and in factnew wallpapers will eventually be the same.Old wallpaper increases the humidity in the room and can trigger mold and mildew infestation.


Removing wallpaper is inevitable, so suck it up and use one of the methods described above.Easy Repair!

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