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December 13, 2017 00:01

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom

All processes involve a bath water supply, and hence the presence of the pipes.The complex weave, usually concentrated in the lower part of the room, the risers are rare.The variant, which branches off from the riser heated towel rail.And this is perhaps the only case where the tube is required in view space.Other desirable pipe somehow hidden, as their presence does not add any aesthetic room.


  • Possible terms of water consumption in the bathroom
  • Options decorating pipes in the bathroom
    • How to hide the pipe in the wall
      • What can be hidden in
      • wall What's hiding in the wall can not be
      • Materials andInstruments
      • Progress
    • How to hide the pipe with the help of drywall
      • necessary materials and tools
      • Progress
    • How to hide the pipe heating or hot water in mortar

about how to hide the pipe inbath, read on.But let's start from the beginning.

Possible terms of water consumption in the bathroom

  • boiler;
  • bath;
  • washing machine;
  • washbasin.

Sewer pipe at the correct layout at an angle to the lowest point of the drain plumbing (bath sink).

decorating options pipes in the bathroom

  • If the wiring is still only at the planning stage and the project provides plastic pipe corrosion increased wear resistance, it is best to hide the pipe in the wall.
  • already installed the pipe easier to sew in a box made of plasterboard or chipboard.plintus4
  • If the water is concentrated in a niche, you can close the shutters and screens.

like -for- bathroom - hide - pipe

  • Sometimes tube just enough to cover furniture.

hide - a - tube - in - Bath 02

How to hide the pipe in the wall

This method is good for glued or welded plastic pipes.When using a threaded connection, a leakage can occur which must be addressed.Not only that, it will have to batter the wall, so you simply can not detect damage at an early stage.On it you will be informed indignant neighbors below, which will have to pay for repairs.

Stroebe - 500h375

What can be hidden in the wall

  • soldered fittings for polyethylene;
  • fittings for metal and plastic, crimped special clips (very good quality);
  • soldered copper pipes;
  • steel pipes with welded connection.

What is hidden in the wall can not be

  1. pipes of any material with threaded connections.
  2. Metal pipes with fittings, assembly of which it is carried out using the keys.

Important! deciding how to hide the pipe in the bathroom, remember that you have to Stroebe wall.Therefore, to begin with, it is necessary to examine the subject of performance and thickness.

  1. strictly forbidden horizontal shtroblenie panel walls!
  2. not recommend Stroebe walls, folded in a half-brick (and any thin walls, too, regardless of the material)!

can, of course, ignored these recommendations, but for such negligence and can pay, not to mention the problems with ZhEKami.

So with this start, if the material and wall thickness makes it possible, and decided to build into the tube?

Imago - 2304

necessary materials and tools

  • Bulgarian or chisel;
  • pencil and tape measure to mark;
  • trowel and putty;
  • facing material.


  1. wielding a pencil and tape measure, make markings denoting the location of the alleged pipes and their connection nodes.
  2. With grinder or chisel Stroebe do the depth of a little more than the pipe diameter.
  3. Insert tube into the grooves.
  4. Zashpatlyuyte grooves with embedded pipes.
  5. After drying trimmed facing material.

How to hide the pipe with the help of drywall

necessary materials and tools

  • metal profile;
  • measuring tape and a pencil;
  • hacksaw or a sharp knife;
  • screwdriver and screws;
  • sheet of drywall.


  1. metal frame Construct the frame box, securing it with a screwdriver and screws.
  2. Make the necessary measurements to determine the size of the box by means of roulette.
  3. wielding a pencil, mark the items on drywall sheet.
  4. Cut out parts with a hacksaw.
  5. Sew plasterboard box using a screwdriver and screws.


If the pipes are located under the bathroom, they can simply close the piece of gypsum board, securing a pre-tube clamps.

In places where there is a connection thread and other parts of the water system, which must be periodically inspected and repaired, it is desirable to arrange a sanitary manhole.It is a neat door to the shed, which always provides access to those portions of the system.

hide - a - tube - in - bathroom

If you got a riser with a heated towel rail in the niche, you can disguise it shutters.Such a method is good that if necessary, the design can be easily opened and closed after using the towel dryer to the destination.This idea could be adopted in deciding how to hide the gas pipe.

How to hide the pipe heating or hot water in mortar

This method is just to avoid horizontal shtrobleniya walls.The catch may occur in the thickness of the screed, especially if it is planned to hide the system "warm floor".Although today's innovative technologies allow for stacking a "warm floor" into a layer of tile adhesive, which significantly reduces the thickness of the screed.All other pipe systems are usually laid on the perimeter.Tube is desirable to put in a ripple, in the event of changes in size when heated.Incidentally, the heat!Prior to complete drying of the screed is necessary to exclude the possibility of a heating pipe, otherwise it may cause cracks at their proleganiya.

We hope that by following these tips, you can get a beautiful spacious bathroom without ugly cobwebs of water pipes.

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