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December 13, 2017 00:01

Children's room for two: the original solutions in the design of

Creating a children's room for two children often causes many questions and difficulties for parents. How to create a comfortable place to sleep, study, rest in a relatively modest space for two sometimes completely different people? At first glance, the task seems very difficult, but if you know the small design tricks, you just dig into the child's psychology and show a fantasy, it turns out that the layout of the children's room for two is a trifling matter.


General recommendations

The design of the room for two children depends on the mass of factors: gender, age,.And before studying the methodology of planning and other wisdom, it should be understood that each case is individual, and if you see a photo of a children's room for two girls, does not mean that the same will suit your children. This is a very subtle psychological moment. You are parents and you know better, but you create a living space not for yourself, but for other people, even the most relatives. That is why the future tenants should take part in the choice of furniture, colors, decor, planning.


Layout of the children's room

When designing the layout, it is often necessary to start off from your own desires, but from the existing quadrature and geometry of the room. Well, if you have at your disposal a spacious or medium-sized room of a square or rectangular shape. In such a sleeping place can be placed along the wall, dividing them with a decorative arch or a rack with shelves for books.

If you decide to make a nursery in a wide room, then it is better to put sleeping places near the opposite walls, placing them in a mirror. Near the window will be placed desks with shelves or shelves for textbooks. If the room, on the contrary, is too narrow, the best option would be either secret beds( hiding in the wall), or a bunk bed. In terms of ergonomic furniture has long made a huge step from the folding sofas, and the market a lot of interesting proposals.


If there is a niche in the room, you can "drown" the beds in it, thus saving the free space( headboards in the niche).There you can attach a few shelves or bedside drawers.


In a confined space it is very convenient to arrange beds in the form of the letter "G".By forming such an angular zone, you save a lot of free space - you free space along the walls and in the center of the room. You can think of a convenient layout even for a children's room for two for 12 square meters.m or 8 square meters.m, as shown in the photo below, for example.


If it is a room on the top floor( attic), you can and at all to play the interior in an original way, adding curtains, carved letters, shelves and other elements.


It's worth to tell a little about bunk beds. It has long been clear that they are ideal for small children's rooms, but there are many variations of such furniture: an ordinary bed on 2 floors, with a hill instead of a ladder, two beds on top, a workstation at the bottom and so on. Also, a bunk bed can be a whole complex consisting of beds, a desk and wardrobes for clothes, books, toys. Very interesting beds with a perpendicular arrangement of beds. In this respect, a child sleeping on the first floor experiences more comfort, as space is freed above it. In addition, this design allows you to organize more shelves, hang lamps, etc.


If you see the beds in the store with roll-out mechanisms, do not deprive them of attention - they are quite convenient and compact. The same applies to tilting elements, when the bed in assembled form can be located at the level of the wardrobe, and before going to bed it is lowered into the working position. Ideas for registration:

  1. For children of different sexes, the walls in the room can be painted in different colors( contrasting), thus dividing the territory. To combine and harmonize the interior, use a common theme in the decor, for example, photos or pictures in the same frame, furniture, decorations, stickers or stencils on the walls.
  2. If children actively learn a foreign language, do so in order to help them learn. If it's English, the room can be decorated in the style of a London street with red telephone booths and double-decker buses painted on the wall. If it's Japanese, you can paint a crane on the walls against the background of the rising sun, hieroglyphs, windows curtain with bamboo jalousie, etc.
  3. If your children are delighted with a fairy tale, decorate the room in the appropriate style. For example, if it's "Harry Potter", recreate a similar interior, paint an owl and wizards on the walls. If the guys are delighted with the space odyssey and fantasy, turn the ceiling into a starry sky. The number of ideas is truly boundless, but the first thing to do is to find out the preferences of the future tenants of the room.

Zoning of the children's room

The topic of zoning space is extremely relevant, especially when it comes to the design of a children's room for two. More often than not, children, even twins, have completely different characters, preferences and passions, and therefore each of them needs their own space. Most people think that personal space is necessary from the teenage age, but this is a gross mistake - having your own zone, the child will develop faster and more actively show interest in something.


Zoning rooms should be done based on the age of the children. So, if it's preschoolers, then they do not have to study in the first place, but the game activity prevails. Therefore, we must allocate space for sleep and rest( games).Schoolchildren need to add a place for classes( writing desk and shelves).Further, if the child shows interest in sports, you can equip the sports corner - the Swedish wall, dumbbells. But we should not forget that there are two children, and each person needs a separate work area in a good way.

Zoning can be done using a rack, placing it as a partition between two desks, or in general, dividing one room into two. If the quadrature does not allow, the zoning can be purely visual - using color and decor. It not only looks beautiful, but also has a powerful psychological impact, indicating boundaries and creating a mood for a particular zone. That's why, if you decide to use color, you need to correctly select the gamut for each segment. In the sleeping area should prevail quiet tones, in the working - more saturated, but not "screaming", so as not to distract attention, but in the game zone you can give vent to fantasy. More details on this subject will be discussed in the next chapter.


Helpful Hint: In the work area try to make as many boxes and shelves as possible so that there is a place for each object, otherwise everything will be piled on the table and in the corners.

To divide space into zones, not only painting of walls and arrangement of furniture, but also a floor covering helps. The workplace should be clean and easily cleaned( shavings from pencils, pieces of plasticine, paints after drawing), so it's completely irrational to put a carpet there. But where is the place to him, so it's in the play area, where you can lie around, poke around, or just sit on the floor and play toy cars or dolls. If the room has a sports corner, bed there mats.

The color scheme of the child

The repair planning consists of several stages, one of which is the choice of the color scale. Starting from it, it is already possible to select coverages that would allow you to realize what was planned, but not vice versa. But no matter how you act, never use only one color for the whole room - it's boring and impractical.

Why painting a room in one color is bad? First of all, even if you choose the most cheerful, cozy and beautiful to your taste color, it will be boring if not properly maintained by its decor. In any case, there should be bright spots, especially in the children's room.


If you are building a children's room for two boys, the snowy ivory shade, which my mom would so much like, will soon be enriched with more juicy shades - traces of fingers stained in paint or ink, for example. Remember that children are little explorers of a huge and new world who can not understand why it is possible to draw on a white sheet of paper, but not on a white wall. But still imagine that you painted the room in a light color and each time pull children, demanding not to draw on the walls, do not touch the walls with dirty hands, etc. Kids simply will be uncomfortable to live in a room where you can not fully enjoy life. That is why it is necessary to build on the preferences of children, making their own constructive amendments, but no more.


Optimal tones for boys-fidgety - graphite, steel, cold shades of blue and green. For a boy and a girl you can zoning the room with blue and purple flowers with light inserts. Do not hesitate to use interior stickers and thematic painting. For example, in half of a girl you can picture a fairy castle, and on the side of a boy there is a knight on a horse or a ship with pirates.


Another reason why using several shades when painting walls is more profitable - the ability to visually expand the space and use it more efficiently. For example, if children living in the room live at the age of which it is customary to draw on any surfaces, the lower part of the walls, up to 70-100 cm high, should be covered with a washable latex paint of not too light color. And if you paint the ceiling with white paint and grab 20-30 cm of the height of the walls, the room will seem much higher than it really is.

Furniture for children

We already briefly touched on the topic of double beds, but in the children's room, in addition to the sleeping place, there must be a lot of other useful furniture. But before thinking about what to make space, it is necessary to understand that the furniture for a children's room for two should be special - safe, compact, ergonomic and comfortable. Cabinets, tables and beds should be strong, so that if you want you can climb and jump - children's games are unpredictable.


Children's furniture should be without sharp corners, otherwise regular bruises, abrasions and bruises are provided. Do not choose cabinets with glass inserts or glass shelves, it is better if everything is as simple and natural as possible( wood, metal).Find options with an abundance of drawers so that there is room for every thing, and nothing lies on the floor. The wardrobe should be comfortable and understandable( this also applies to adult cabinets).If a child has to rummage there for more than two minutes to find a favorite t-shirt or socks, then the closet is uncomfortable, and does not contain all things( on the other hand, there may be too many things and you need to reconsider the wardrobe).

L-class2( 7)

Pay special attention to lighting. One lamp in the middle of the ceiling is not enough - over each workplace should be a lamp, and the cold spectrum, as the warm relaxes and does not allow to concentrate. In the sleeping area of ​​light as such is not required, but there you can set a night light in the form of a funny little animal - both decoration, and diffused lighting. Such a night light will allow the child to orient at night if he wants to get up to drink or to the toilet.


When creating the interior of a children's room for two children, it is important to remember the ecological compatibility of each chosen item, be it furniture, decoration material or lighting. Paints are better to take on a water basis( acrylic or latex), because they quickly dry, create a durable but breathable coating and do not emit harmful substances( a good sign of a suitable paint is the absence of a sharp odor).As for furniture, it is recommended to give preference to wood with a moisture-resistant coating, so that it would be easier to take care of. Plastic in this regard is also good, but it is not strong enough.

There are a lot of options for a children's room for two, but the deciding voice must still belong to children. So before you get down to business, prepare photos of future furniture for your choice, a photo of your favorite designs from magazines and the Internet, a palette of colors that you would like to cover the walls, show it all to children and create a room for their dreams.

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