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December 13, 2017 00:00

Decorating the walls in the bathroom

When repairing the bathroom need to take into account the many nuances.We should not forget that in this room collects the most moisture and at the same time, it is usually not aired, iethere is simply no air circulation.Therefore, this part of the repair of the apartment should be paid special attention.Thus, each careful owner wants the walls in the bathroom have served long enough and kept the attractive appearance.To do this, first of all, to choose building materials carefully.To date, there is a large enough range.Therefore, the selection of the correct material you should not be an unsolvable problem.Consider a few options for finishing bathroom walls with his own hands.

option walls in the bathroom



This material is perhaps the most commonly used for walls in the bathroom.This is facilitated by a number of advantages, the most valuable of which is environmentally friendly and water resistance.In addition, the tiles on the bathroom wall does not burn and does not change color and shape, therefore capable of long time maintain their original appearance.

Today the market can find a tile with a variety of colors, pictures, inserts and ornaments.Can be different material and size.Thus, it is possible to meet a smaller tile size of 50 × 50 mm and larger - 650 × 300 mm.

should say that lined the walls of the bathroom tile is quite difficult.Therefore, to obtain a good result from the first time, if you previously had no experience of such work, it is recommended to turn to professionals.If you want to finish the walls with his own, it should be during a particularly careful with sutures.In particular, to improve the quality of the final result you need to choose water-resistant grout.It protects joints from seeping moisture.In addition, it is necessary to remove all voids under the coating, which could accumulate moisture, because this in turn can lead to mold formation.

plastic panels


This material is also quite often used to finish the bathroom.Note its main advantages:

  1. It is distinguished by its efficiency and practicality.These panels are fairly easy to install.So to them the strength to work even for a beginner.
  2. plastic walls in the bathroom are not afraid of temperature fluctuations and unstable humidity.
  3. Another undoubted advantage of this material is easy to care for.So, to wash the plastic can take simple cloth soaked in a chemical solution.Incidentally, in the same way it is possible to wipe the tile.

should also be noted that there is no need to carry out the alignment of the wall before installation of plastic panels, which will be discussed below.It suffices only to mount rail frame, then fix them on top of the plastic by means of simple screws.Preliminary work surface covered with a moisture repellent composition.This will prevent the back side panels condensate droplets.More desirably processed using joints sealant.All this will help prevent the appearance of cavities in the plastic mold.

Choosing plastic panels today is large enough, with a vast range of texture and coloring.It is recommended when choosing not to give preference panels too light shade, asthey will gradually fade and turn yellow.

Finish granite

laying - granite - 02

This is one of the most worthy competitors for ceramic tiles.Its cost is higher, but not much.Besides granite in some indicators even superior to the tiles.In particular, it is more durable and vitality.Further, even various breeds of natural stone can simulate thereby.Porcelain is durable enough, it is thanks to the quality it has resistance to fluctuations in temperature and moisture.Thus, it is one of the best materials that can be used to successfully finish vannogo premises.

Adhesive tape

info_self - a_film

This is one of the cheapest ways of wall decoration.Self-adhesive waterproof, so it is ideal for the bathroom.To further enhance protection against moisture, after gluing the seams is recommended to treat with silicone sealant.Today, the market can find a film that mimics natural stone or expensive wood.These options are very well looked on the walls in the bathroom.Photo examples can be seen below.

Glass tile


It's quite an attractive material that will look great as a wall decoration in the bathroom.It possesses many properties that are ordinary glass, including a smooth surface.In addition, it is not terrible effect of bacteria and fungi.With this material can be silver or imitation ice surface.

Today the market can find a tile coated with holographic pattern, which is literally "come alive."In addition, the glass is good because it makes the room visually larger.The choice of colors for this decorative material is now quite large.Among the shortcomings of glass tiles, first of all, you need to call a high cost.Therefore, it often is used only as a supplement to a ceramic tile.

Facing tree


Another option of finishing bathroom walls is wood paneling.It is quite expensive finishing material, but it looks very attractive.It is not surprising that it is so popular.The main front paneling - impregnated wood special repellent.Then the tree is covered with lacquer.Furthermore, when mounting alignment surfaces need to hold and adjust the material by size.

Such finishing rather complicated.Therefore, they must comply with professionals who know how to use the special construction equipment.In general, he finishes the process takes a lot of time.Particular attention should be paid to the care of the wood surface.That will have a very beautiful and, more importantly, long-lasting siding.Externally, these walls look very respectable.



can just go and paint the walls in the bath - this is a relatively cheap option of finishing.Only the paint must always be water-resistant, which is usually indicated on the bank.Typically, moisture resistant materials marked "red duck."

How is painting bathroom walls?First of all, you must be well prepared work surface.These works are considered the most time-consuming.These include cleaning the walls of the traces of the old finish and remove materials that are poorly kept.In addition, it is necessary to get rid of grease and dust spots, which may well be present on the wall.Major irregularities can be smoothed with plaster, and small - neatly hide putty.The work surface should get a perfectly flat.Otherwise, after the painting on the wall will be visible any defect.

After drying, it is recommended to sand the surface thoroughly.Further, the wall is painted with a brush or roller.The main thing - do not use the bathroom until the paint on the walls completely dry.For such a finish in any case you can not use a cheap mix.After all, they can crack and peel off.When choosing colors to prefer that which is resistant to moisture.Equally important properties such as environmental friendliness, ease of application and durability.Under these requirements most suitable acrylic and latex paints.Sometimes you can find good emulsion mixture.

Finish linoleum

linoleum - to - wall

those apartment owners who want to make a decoration of walls bath extraordinary way, can use a special linoleum.This option is relatively inexpensive.In addition, for the gluing of the material does not require any special skills.By the way, the finish can be made in the usual linoleum floor, but it is only in extreme cases.It is best, of course, to use a material for cladding in the bathroom.

for gluing of linoleum glue fit any building.You must first prime the substrate.In addition, all the joints hermetically seal the need.This can be done by using hot or cold welding.The most problematic areas is recommended to treat with silicone sealant.

Unfortunately, today there is a small selection of drawings, which will look good on the wall.Not suitable for this purpose linoleum dark color or ornament under the "stone", "tree", "marble."such material Finish visually make the space smaller.The room will seem darker, more sombre.Therefore it is better to choose light-colored linoleum or give preference to other finishing materials.

Plastering of walls in the bathroom

bath plaster

known that plastering of the walls is performed before laying ceramic tiles is carried out or painting.However, the plaster is used more as an independent way to finish.

Previously applied only to a mixture based on cement.But nowadays possible to use ready-made dry formulations differing in additives and plasticizers.When compared with the cement solution, they primarily are simpler to apply.Moreover, dry mixtures reliable, not shrink.When applying the plaster dries, the surface does not appear on the unpleasant eye cracks and chips that usually spoil the whole look.After plastering and priming the wall can be painted immediately.

However, the use of plaster as a finishing material is not without drawbacks.In particular, for the proper plastering surfaces requires special knowledge and skills.Therefore, the person to whom it is not known, it will be difficult to perform these works.If, however, learn at least the basics of application technology solution, consisting of several stages, the whole job can be done fairly quickly and effortlessly.

Today, the building materials market one can find several kinds of plaster mixtures.Including relief, which can hide the defects on the walls.

mosaics Decorating

Mosaic - in - bathroom

Mosaic looks wonderful in any room.Used for its production, materials such as ceramics, glass, stone and others.But this option finishing is one of the most expensive.But if you can afford it, then using the mosaic you can create a truly unique design.Although, it is possible to decorate on an existing pattern.

is now possible to buy the mosaic, which has adhered to the polymer network that will relieve you of the need to acquire specialized knowledge and styling skills.When using such a coating material will need to produce a finished sheet sticking to the working surface as well as the laying of ceramic tiles is performed.

stickers for wall decor


After finishing, you can decorate your walls with labels that will add individuality interior.Patterns for this, you can choose ready-made or ordered especially in the printing industry.In any case, the labels must be moisture-proof, as the material itself and to which they are bonded.Only original decor will serve for a long time.

Alignment walls in the bathroom

So, you have decided, than to decorate the walls of the bathroom.But before that you need to carefully prepare the work surface.First of all, it is recommended to get rid of all existing irregularities.Leveling work can be performed by various methods.But before you decide which one to use, it is necessary to clarify the degree of surface irregularities.

So, if irregularities are noticeable only in some places, it is cheaper and easier to use professional plaster mixture.To do this, still need a bucket or basin, as well as several spatulas of different sizes.The amount of water required for the preparation depends on the type purchased mixture.The solution is first applied to the bumps a small spatula.Then with a spatula larger, it is distributed on the working surface.How flat wall will ultimately depend not only on the amount of the applied mixture, but also on how it is distributed.For a more thorough alignment is recommended to use in the course of long and straight objects such as straight bars.When the mixture is applied, and properly aligned on the wall, you need to give her time, so she had time to harden.This is followed by a walk surface with sandpaper.This will remove unnecessary roughness, becausethey will remain in any case.


If the walls in the bathroom so the curves that have potholes and other visual defects, then remove plaster irregularities will not work.In this case, better to "tidy up" the surface with a water-resistant drywall.For these works, except directly to the sheets, you will need a metal profile, hacksaw or scissors, weight for grouting, as well as a variety of fasteners.

When aligning walls plasterboard sheets is important to correctly set the crate from the metal sheets.This stage of work should be given special attention.After all, it will depend on the quality of the final alignment of the walls.In order to properly set the frame rate and useful building area.Guides are mounted on a work surface with dowels.The sheet material should lie on the crate so as to be perfectly flat with respect to both the floor and the ceiling.

Giposkarton on the metal profile is usually fastened with screws.On one sheet of them need at least 3-4.Well plate can be placed fully on the wall.In this case, the fasteners already need more.If one sheet of drywall you are missing, then the material can be cut using a construction knife.For this first incision in the top layer, after which the sheet nadlamyvayutsya gently, and then cut the second layer.

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