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February 27, 2018 00:00

How to restore the chair with his hands

Almost every house where there live several generations of households, there are items of outdated furniture sets.Old wooden chairs, battered time, but with the original design, often become a family heirloom.Throw them not to raise his hand, but also to enter into an updated interior also is not always possible.


  • options possible operations rectavratsii old chairs
  • Examples of how to restore the chair with his hands
    • How to refurbish an old chair with lacquered (or colored) base and upholstered seat?
      • What you need to stock up?Step by step instructions
    • How to restore wood lacquered chair?
      • What you need to stock up?
      • process itself
      • Subtleties
  • Other ideas restoration

old chairs in such a situation no other options other than like an old chair is also updated.What exactly can be done to give a second life to the rarity of furniture?

restoration - chairs - 002

options possible operations rectavratsii old chairs

  1. processing, restoration and painting wooden base.
  2. Padding or replacement of the soft parts (seats and soft backs).
  3. decoupage, painting or other finishing.

Examples of how to restore the chair with his hands

How to refurbish an old chair with lacquered (or colored) base and upholstered seat?


What you need to stock up?

  • Abrasive paper (large and small).
  • stapler staples (building).
  • paint (acrylic or other quick-drying).
  • Nail treatment of wooden parts of the surface.
  • solvent.
  • glue for wood (or universal).
  • Brush.
  • Scissors.
  • marker.
  • Technical fabrics (flannel).
  • upholstery fabric.
  • Foam filler.

Step by Step

  1. Remove the old upholstered seat.
  2. Remove large sandpaper old paint finish.
  3. shallow nazhdachkoy grind the cleaned surface.
  4. Paint the prepared wooden part of the chair.
  5. Allow to dry completely.Dilute
  6. varnish solvent in a ratio of 1: 1.
  7. Open the lacquer well dried surface of the chair, wielding the brush.
  8. Allow varnish to dry completely.
  9. Lay the old seat on the foam.
  10. Trace its outline marker.
  11. Cut workpiece new soft seat scissors.
  12. Fold the old seat, the foam blank and flannel.
  13. Wrap the fabric edges and secure the seat with the help of a stapler and staples.
  14. Cut out a piece of upholstery fabric the same shape as the seat + 10-15cm on allowances.
  15. Secants tuck the edges and neaten.
  16. Pull the upholstery on the seat, fixing the fabric at the corners.Watch out for uniform tension, securing all edges staple gun.
  17. updated to attach the seat completely dried-up chair with glue or small nails.
  18. all.You can use your new-old chair.726017536_4e803dsb5f

In the case where you have a chair, even with a soft back, last restored in the same way as the seat.

How to restore wood lacquered chair?

What you need to stock up?

  • Acetone.
  • Sponge for economic purposes.
  • Brush.

process itself

  1. Apply a solvent to the sponge.
  2. Treat all surfaces of the chair, removing old paint coatings.
  3. With brush pick the chair a new varnish.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. Chair updated.You can use.



  1. for embedding small damages of wooden parts, you can use putty made independently of meal + PVA glue.This mixture should be as thick as clay.
  2. To refresh the color of wood stain, use (it can be of different colors), consolidating its furniture varnish, as, will smear stain clothes.

Other ideas restoration

old chairs How to restore the chair should be resolved on the basis of his status, available materials, planned for this action funds, as well as your imagination and creativity.Here, some of the possible variations.

  • Ā«Aging" of the wooden chair krakelyurnogo applying varnish between the two layers of acrylic paint of various colors.In the upper layer of paint with cracks through which the contrast can be seen the bottom layer.


  • Decoupage or painting.Description decoupage technique you can easily find on the Internet, painting, in general, a matter of taste and fantasy.For the application of original drawings, use a brush and acrylic paints.Prior to this, the chair should be cleaned from the surface of the old coating, proshpaklevat, sanded paint and paint-basis.Painted parts need to open the paint, then the product will last longer.

71519124_2656788770_d95a6z6s84_o 131502_original

  • Upgrading old chair with the help of what is at hand (leather belts, old jeans, fur vests and so on).The results of such non-standard approach presented in the photo.

Belchair6 polezny_5

  • Restoration style "ethnic".The same preparation and painting.Only in the present painting ethnic patterns and ornaments, which are easier to apply with the help of stencils.This chair can be decorated as elements in the art of weaving "macrame" in the membranes of the subsidiary or on the legs of the chair.You can also weave or tie back and fabric seat upholstery.

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Repair - chair - his - hands

  • Application covers.It can be as copyrights seat covers, and covers that hide almost the entire chair completely.Here it is where carousing creative individuals.The original model, embroidery, knitting, etc., - all will be welcome.

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In addition, it should be remembered that the new-old chair should be fully fit into the surroundings.Choose paint and upholstery materials, in harmony with the room walls and other pieces of furniture.

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