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August 12, 2017 18:06

We carry out work on the plaster walls of the slopes

We carry out work on the plaster walls of the slopes

When carrying out repairs in the apartment or house is often performed plaster slopes on the windows or doors.

This work, despite its apparent simplicity, requires a special approach and special knowledge of the art, with which you can get a perfectly flat and smooth surface of the base.

Plaster slopes carried out both outside and inside of the window frame and is performed only after will be fully completed work on the installation window.

should be noted that the surface of plastering slopes near the plastic window has some specific features and nuances and to undertake the work properly, you need to start to explore the underlying technology.

Before plastering slopes with their own hands will be executed, it is best to work out a little bit on a flat surface to thoroughly learn the techniques and the specifics of the work.

As a rule, most complexity is plastering the top of the window and the base in this case a little experience of this type of work is a must.

learn how to plaster slopes doors, as well as the surface of the window from both inside and outside, explained in detail in the video, which is available below.



  • Features of work
  • preparatory stage of work
  • Execution
  • Working with plastic windows

Features of work

Plaster surface of the wall near the window you need,first of all, in order to make the opening even more geometry and eliminate any gaps on the perimeter of the frame.

This procedure is performed depending on the material of construction of walls made.

better if plaster slopes with their own hands will be executed after it is determined, as a matter window and the window sill, and in this case do not have to come back again to eliminate the gaps.

technology of works for plastic windows is slightly different from the one used for the finishing of ordinary windows, but the essence of the process is almost the same.

In any case, at the end of the work surface near a window should get not only smooth, but also as smooth as possible.

Plaster slopes window may be performed as gypsum and cement mixture, especially if the work is done outdoors.

Before proceeding to the work itself, it is necessary to start to get all the necessary tools, as well as to acquire enough of the material itself.

example, must be on hand and building level, it is desirable that its length is not less than one meter.

In addition, you must have a set of rules, made of aluminum, a simple pencil, and Malki said.

Application plaster

There must be purchased spatula and trowel and a bucket, which will be convenient to dilute the mixture to work.

Another must stock up with foam, which can be used to quickly fill all the big gaps between the window surface and the base of the wall.

Do not forget about the ladder or any plane, with the help of which you can reach the top of the window, including the outside.

preparatory stage of work

the preparatory phase before the plastering of surfaces similar actions as plastic, and for wooden windows and on their quality largely depends on the final result.

It is best to install the sill plane at an advanced stage, as in this case be able to avoid plugging the gaps later, and in addition, and increase the overall reliability of the entire structure.

before the start of the process should be possible to protect the entire surface of the window from falling plaster.To do this it is best to cover the window sill cardboard layer.

is also advisable to clean the opening of all kinds of dirt and dust, remove large nodules, if any.

themselves window units, especially plastic, hiding under the polyethylene, which is conveniently attached using adhesive tape.

Under the protective layer hiding and window fittings, radiators, and other items for which the solution can get.A similar procedure is carried out and the outside of the window.

the preparatory phase should be cut off any excess foam before plastering surfaces which will interfere to make the surface smooth.

entire surface slopes near the window it is mandatory to carefully primed.This will help to improve the adhesion to the wall surface of the mixture.

recommends to the fiber cut foam stick a vapor barrier in the form of a film, or treat it with a special sealant.

Next, you need to make your own special pattern, which is called the bevel.It is for it to be subsequently Plasterer all slopes.

This device can be made of plywood sheets, which must have a smooth surface.

manufacturing bevel should pay special attention, because of this tool will depend largely on the evenness of the surface of the slope.

For more information about how to perform plastering slopes near the window, described in the video below.



Plaster various slopes is an important step in making repairs in the apartment or house.To plaster slopes should be approached responsibly and collected.

In the room where the plaster surface of the slopes will be carried out, the ambient temperature should not be less than plus five degrees for the cement mixture, and at least ten plus for plaster solutions.

Cook mixture for plaster should be in strict accordance with the way it is recommended to do the manufacturer.It is necessary to abandon the use of the mixture, the shelf life of which came out a long time.

cooking solution is recommended in small quantities, as in the case of drying will not be able to achieve high-quality plastering slopes.

It is best to begin to calculate the necessary amount of the solution, based on the thickness of the layer of plaster intended directly sizes slopes themselves.

Before applying plaster on a slope determined place, which will be located directly next slope angle itself and the counting is done.

For these purposes, it is recommended to use a special area, which will define the boundaries of plastering the surface of the slope and in the future to protect the corner from various mechanical damage.

Also, before plastering should set the beacons.Further

markup area in the upper part is applied directly to the solution itself, which by means of bevel pressed against the window sill, and the mixture must be carefully smooth surface with slope.

This is done until then, until you get the most even surface of the slope and the angle itself.

Similar work is done around the perimeter of the window as long as the layer of plaster will not be flat and smooth.

At the final stage at all angles of repose exhibited special perforated corners that hide under the last layer of plaster.

For more information about how to perform plaster slope surfaces, described in the video below.


Working with plastic windows

In the case where the plaster should be performed near the plastic windows, you need to take into account the specific character of work and know some of the subtleties.

itself plaster is applied in a similar manner as described above.

After its complete application and before the stucco has time to dry out and grab, you must gently with a spatula to do a little furrow between itself and the frame slope.

a furrow width should not exceed five millimeters.

Next, you need to allow time to ensure that the plaster is completely dry, then fill in the furrow of the sealant layer, which has a silicone base.

This sealant layer will form a special pad, which will protect the plaster from cracking.

As is known, the plastic tends to grow under a variety of external influences.

Construction protective strip in a layer of plaster to protect the surface from cracks and various deformations.


Plaster base slopes of plastic windows must be done as carefully as possible, so as not to damage the material of the frame.

In that case, if you want to apply a thick layer of plaster, you can run a slope with the help of drywall, which will reduce the flow of solution.

Grout top layer of plaster is carried out only after the solution is completely dry and will fall.

If all the work will be done properly and in accordance with the technology, you get derailed plastered flat and smooth as you can see in the video below.

Plaster of surfaces of slopes must be done not only right, but also in strict accordance with our technology.

Only in this way will be able to achieve the most even and smooth base.When carrying out special attention should be given to putting up beacons, as well as the processing of angles.

Similarly, the work is performed for the surfaces of slopes near the door.If the plaster will be made outdoors, it is not recommended to use a mixture of gypsum-based.

In this case, stop the choice on the cement slurries.