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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen made ​​of plasterboard with their hands

Immediately after the repair work in the kitchen to the master question concerning the filling space functional and attractive furniture.Usually the choice is influenced by its two criteria - ergonomics and reasonable price.This room has very limited space, thus it is required to arrange a relatively large number of items of household appliances and furniture.


This problem can be partly solved by acquiring quite expensive for the value sets that belong to the high class, but not every average family can afford to purchase such a plan.It is for this reason that more and more common option is to create furniture with his own hands.This is the optimal opportunity for a relatively small amount to get satisfying all the requirements and preferences of the individual plan.Recently, for this purpose, are becoming increasingly popular cuisine of plasterboard.

What can be made of drywall?


Many people who have decided to construct items of kitchen furniture made of plasterboard with their hands, interested in the question, that they are able to produce with a minimal amount of knowledge and the necessary tools.

Important!No one is more or less important task can not be accomplished without a minimum understanding of the ongoing process.For this reason, at the decision to make the hands kitchen plasterboard is pre-acquainted with the basic features of the material, as well as the techniques of his quality processing.

main issue of concern to each of the master - the strength of such structures, that is, whether they can withstand the required load, and if the furniture falls apart during its operation.You need to know that the drywall is durable building material, despite its relative fragility.If you make it a competent installation, structure able to withstand severe load 150 kg per meter or more.

In this process, as the kitchen finishing plasterboard with their hands can make these pieces of furniture and design:

  • niche;
  • shelves;
  • countertops;
  • outdoor tables;
  • bars;
  • special places for sitting with a simultaneous presence of built-in niches that are intended for storage of kitchen utensils.

As can be seen from the above, the elements of the drywall can replace almost all the furniture in the kitchen.Of course, it is necessary to carry out relatively complex and voluminous work, but they quickly pay for themselves many advantages.Among these factors can be identified as:

  1. is possible organically enough to equip all the free space, and make it as comfortable and functional, without simultaneously feeling that littered the kitchen space.
  2. can create a considerable amount of storage space for large utensils.
  3. total cost will be much lower than when you try to perform all the same processes, but with a more expensive price of finished products.

Important!The main advantage of arrangement of kitchen items from the drywall is the ability to withstand heavy loads.Shelves stacked on the weight of items and products are not broken, do not crack under the weight of a relatively small set of household appliances, table top, even after long-term use does not sag under installed in it hob and sink.

Features manufacture countertops plasterboard

a tabletop - 2 - en -

Below is discussed in more detail an example of self-production of a structure such as kitchen countertops made of plasterboard.For the reason that will be in their most complex features of this furniture element, based on the schema without difficulty perform any other structure.

Such an article can be produced in several models.Among them, the most common are considered to be linear, U-shaped and L-shaped.For example, it would be considered the easiest option - linear kitchen worktop.

For its implementation will need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • guide profiles;
  • plasterboard sheets with a thickness of about 18 mm;
  • fixing screws and a drill, which is in every house;
  • need a small amount of ceramic tiles;
  • glue to secure it;
  • spatulas and a special grout;
  • marker, ruler and level.

Important!Before collecting structure is required to determine the height of its location, as well as the parameters of the width of the overall work surface.It is recommended to be guided by the light of the growth of people living in the apartment, and their basic needs.

tabletop frame

countertop fabrication process is as follows:

  • On the walls facing each other, you must make four marks.It corners and end points of the future location of the structure.

Important!It is necessary to constantly check the evenness of the special level.

  • must be lowered approximately 10 cm below the marks and do another four marks.These points will designate the site of attachment of the guide profile.
  • By applying fastening devices needed to fix to the wall, where it will be put in charge of worktop, two profiles.One should be located slightly above the other.Step between the screws is 17-20 cm.
  • Two other elements must be attached to the ends of the wall, they will be the edge of the future piece of furniture.
  • located between the top and bottom elements about every 40 cm is required to install racks of support profile.
  • mounted between the top of the elements that are adjacent to the wall surface and those that are installed on the side, you should fix the special cross-connections with a distance of 40 cm step.
  • surface of the resulting construct and its obverse side is sheathed with plasterboard.
  • After that marked all the places where it is planned to install the stove and sink, and then according to the marks cut a suitable hole size.
  • The rest of the free surface is finished with ceramic tiles.
  • joints between tile elements require special seal the grout, which will enable quality enough to withstand frequent washing process.

This method can make all the basic furniture design, and a kitchen with his hands Plasterboard will be performed quickly and accurately.

Performing kitchen shelving


to make their own shelves of plasterboard, is to prepare the same list of tools that was specified above.The only thing that will have to be supplemented - scissors, designed to work with metal.

Below is discussed in detail an example of the stack, which consists of shelves arranged in two racks along the entire height of the room while simultaneously the depth of 50 cm. Such a structure can be equipped with doors, but it will be difficult variant Bole.

First of all, the markup is applied to racks:

  • in the corner, which is located between the floor and the wall put a mark, where it will be the first rack;
  • of this mark is indented about 50 cm, that is, its outer edge;
  • from the first marked point line is drawn vertically from the ceiling to the floor;
  • from the thus obtained line of retreat should be two feet deep.This horizontal part of the future stand;
  • from the rack contour, step back to the right of 1.5 meters and repeat all the previous manipulation.As a result of these works are available outline of the second pillar.

frame rack

After that, according to the established marks mounted profile and using a drill is attached to the wall surface.Then, the total height is measured and cut resistant future element, depending on the value of - two structural profile element bearing.Thus external racks are available.They are inserted in parallel to the wall surface and the grooves are connected.At the end of two rectangular frame on the form will be obtained, which are then sheathed with plasterboard.

Important!In order to ensure higher levels of strength between the uprights is positioned vertically positioned horizontal jumper.Set them better there, where there will be shelves.

In conclusion remains just sheathe plasterboard frame and can engage in the final finish.If you wish to equip the doors this design need to install certain pieces of wood and place for them to mount hinges.

As can be seen from the above, the process and the decision on how to make gypsum board kitchen, is not classified as complex.If you have available simple tools and have basic skills, as well as to follow the schemes outlined above, you can quickly create high-quality furniture made of drywall and equip its kitchen area.