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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to hang a TV on the wall with his hands

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In this article we will look at a step by step technique, how to hang the TV on the wall with his hands .The reason to write this article served as my experience of life, which is based on the TV when buying in a store, I asked to install it in my house.To my surprise there was no limit, when the consultant said that the cost of mounting the TV on the wall is 3500-4500 thousand rubles.These are the prices for not quite a complicated job, so let's begin.

How to hang a TV on the wall

How to hang your TV on the wall

necessary tools for the job:

  1. Drill (in my case, an ordinary screwdriver);
  2. 2 drills for concrete (cost about 50 rubles apiece);
  3. Roulette;
  4. Building level;
  5. Screws;
  6. Set construction dyubiley;
  7. Wall bracket (in my case with the ability to tilt for easy viewing of the TV)
  8. Hammer;
  9. And wall, a TV and a helper (helper is needed in order to pick up and help fix the TV in the grooves).
Tools needed to work

tools needed to work



Step technology to secure the TV to the wall

  1. The first thing we need to do - is to read the instructions.Typically, a piece of paper with instructions for mounting the TV to a wall right there in the box with the purchase of the wall bracket (by the way its purchase cost me 2,000 rubles).Let's examine it.

    Instructions TV mount

    Instructions TV mount will help you understand

  2. next stage - drawing up preliminary drawings.We need to measure the size of our TV and note the resulting parameters are on the wall.
    The wall on which we will install the TV

    wall on which we will install the TV

    TV - Picture

    TV - photo

  3. After we measured the size of the TV with a tape measure, measure the start arm and draw out its outline.
    Wall bracket with which we produce fasteners

    Wall bracket with which we produce fasteners

    Note on the wall bracket contour

    note on the wall contour kronshneyna

  4. Circuit is ready.There comes a good time to fix the tilting guide on the TV (with their help will be tilt level control).In order to properly secure the guides need to put the TV on a flat surface and with the help of bolts to fasten the rails to the back cover of the TV.
    Fasten the rails to the rear of the TV

    fasten the rails to the rear of the TV

    The guide brackets screwed

    Guide brackets screwed

  5. fifth step - mounting frame to the wall.Mounting frame as follows: initially puts the frame to the wall using a pencil (in my case a ballpoint pen) note the slots for drilling holes in the wall. Importantly, the frame and its location using the construction exhibiting levels becauseThis will install it without distortions (at right angles).

    The process of drilling holes for fastening the frame

    process of drilling holes for fastening the frame

  6. The next step comes the hardest part - is drilling holes for dowels with screws (which are actually frame construction kronshneyna will be installed).Drilling with, you can use an ordinary screwdriver (as I did), but the most useful tool - it is certainly a drill.Drilling must be a special drill for concrete, becauseit does not blunts and drilling speed will be much higher.
    The process of drilling a wall using a power screwdriver

    drilling process of the wall using a power screwdriver

  7. So the holes are ready, then we begin to insert dowel.

    Insert the dowel in the concrete wall

    Insert dowels into the concrete wall

  8. When inserted dowel - begin to twist the screws.Self-tapping screws are screwed with the key 10 or a pair of pliers (pliers in the nation).

    The process of the frame fixing to the wall

    process frame wall mounted

  9. When the frame is set, it must be tested.If your televezor weighs about 20 kilograms, the test load, which must withstand the wall bracket is equal to - 60 kg.

    Wall bracket set

    Wall bracket set

  10. That's all.I hope my detailed technology will help you to understand how to install the TV on the wall.

    TV mounted on the wall

    TV mounted on the wall