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August 12, 2017 18:05

Options Binder eaves - spotlights , boards , siding or decking ?

soffit Before we deal with variants and materials for filing krsi should remember why you need to look and feel overhangs.Firstly, in order to protect the roof space from negative influence of atmospheric factors.Secondly, to make the top of the finality art structure.Therefore, when filing the eaves must not only take care of the quality of work, but also to remember its aesthetic component.

with what options the bottom of the roof trim is advisable to choose to conform to the above conditions and do not require a large financial investment, we will understand.

One of the most frequently asked questions - when you need to start Binder eaves?The author believes that engage sheet set should overhang after completed all preparations for the installation of the roof.But if the cornices were originally faced with incorrect or needs to be replaced (repair) previously used material, then what's the difference when to start doing it.

main thing - the relevant weather.The second condition - to organize the work so that in the process of filing the eaves no walls and the roof were damaged.For example, stucco and shingles.

Times article topic - filing options, you should first decide on the most suitable materials (goods) for the decoration of the eaves.

materials Binder eaves


When it comes to it, it means the board edging or lining.What is to stop choice depends on the size of the eaves and the steepness of ramps.

variant with a board is less attractive.Firstly, the increased load on the truss system.Second, the workpiece fitting tightly, so organize quality natural air circulation is much more complicated than using a lining.And another question - how to install the ventilation grilles, if the thickness of edging articles significant (for example, "ten" or 15)?

Vol - pvc panels

Wood, along with advantages, also has many disadvantages.It absorbs moisture thus deformed.Including, and twisted.So, in such filing cornices it will turn a certain time slot.As a result - under the roof will not be as warm and dry as soon as the completion of the house.And if we add to this the probability of failure pieces of wood insects carpenter, the need for regular updating of the appearance, the feasibility of such a filing raises some doubts.

As a continuation of the preceding paragraph.Choosing for filing roof wood samples need to be prepared to ensure that periodically have to deal not only with their special surface treatment / compositions and varnishes, but also repair.That is, the regular replacement of rotten (destroyed) Eaves or lining.

On sale there are other products (slab, sheet metal) of wood - particle board, SALT, FC, PSF and the like.All of them are classified according to a variety of symptoms, and certain types of producers are positioned as "very water resistant".No matter how high-quality audio products was similar, we should not forget about some things.The first - it will be mounted outside the building, "the street".The second - the basis of all the samples in one form or another (dust, fibers, chips) wood is present.

Consequently, all the above, fully applies to these materials.The third - saving, low cost of such products, the apparent.It is necessary to take into account local conditions.How long will such a filing eaves, how often have to deal with its maintenance (repair), but in this case you will need time and money - all these questions require careful analysis.

Note!If you select this option registration overhangs, it is necessary to properly define the scheme and mounting technology.Factors such as maintainability Binder eaves, should not be neglected.


Saydingovye panel

As a rule, they are meant siding made of PVC and aluminum (all types of siding are described here).Wood does not count, as has already been said about it.On the advantages of such information a lot of samples - speed of installation, maintainability, and so on.Much more interesting is what they have disadvantages, when used as a binder in the eaves.

Appearance overhangs - a matter of taste.What is the practical aspect of the design options?

  • Specificity siding installation provides full abutting panels.Therefore, most likely, will have to think about not only the regeneration of natural ventilation under the roof, but also compulsory.Especially if the home has an attic.
  • high thermal conductivity of the siding necessitates better insulation overhangs.This complicates the work on installation of eaves and requires additional costs.


Such sheets are easy to install, as their dimensions significantly larger than saydingovyh panels.The basis of all shaped articles - rolled steel.Selection options for the shape and parameters of the wave significantly, but the outer covering of a small - or cheap "galvanizing" or sheets with a protective polymer layer.

Vol - eaves - trapezoidal sheet

last look much prettier, especially as a variety of color allows you to choose the material for filing cornices to match the walls or (and) the roof.One of the advantages of this option is to design the eaves specifics mounting sheets - a gap between them, which in most cases is sufficient for an effective ventilation under the roof.Perhaps the only difficulty arises when dealing with samples having a polymer coating.Filing the eaves they require special care, since the protective layer is easily damaged.


a first approximation - the same siding.But the difference is still there, as spotlights - a product specially designed for filing the eaves.Their peculiarity is that, firstly, panels have greater thickness (and therefore strength).Second, even in the manufacturing process in the spotlights is applied perforation, so in addition to do something for the organization of ventilation is not necessary - these holes is sufficient for the natural current of air masses.

Finish - eaves , roof , soffit

Third, the original weight of polymer additives are introduced to enhance resistance to panels UV rays.So, filed on cornices spotlights burn are at least as fast as PVC siding.

Another plus - the kit includes everything needed for installation (straps, fasteners).Using spotlights greatly simplify filing cornices and save the time that would have had to spend on the search and acquisition of various additional elements.

k- 5

Features mounting each product - its.It is logical to bring only the examples of the most common schemes Binder eaves.

k- 3

author believes that the information is more than comprehensive.The decision is yours, dear reader.The main thing is to choose the best option, in accordance with local conditions.A mount for a binder material cornices not so difficult.Good luck!

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