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August 12, 2017 18:08

Bimetallic radiators «Rifar Monolit»

principal difference between design

Russian company for the production of heating systems "Rifar" was founded more than 10 years ago.During this time, the latest radiators production technology developed and implemented by specialists that make a worthy competition to the western analogues.

The fundamental difference between construction The fundamental difference between construction

heating radiators Monolit - it bimetallic design for heating, designed for a fundamentally new manufacturing specialists of "Rifar" technology, and totally meets all technical requirements and specifications in the operating conditions in various climatic conditions.This is especially important for the harsh Russian winters.

Bimetallic radiators linear series Monolit, its external characteristics do not differ from the usual aluminum radiators.The main difference lies in the unique way the connection of steel tubes placed inside the aluminum body.Rifar Monolit Design Series radiator eliminates the possibility of leakage of hazardous or damage the system due to the absence of nipple connections.Warm water moves in a single non-separable welded construction.

outer housing of the heating battery "Monolith" is constructed of aluminum, which has high emissivity, and thanks to a good design solution, fits perfectly into any interior.

The fundamental difference between construction

Benefits Rifar

radiators Bimetallic radiators «Monolit», acquired for heat will be in the cold season:

  • provide the most comfortable temperature in the room;
  • serve their owners for a long time, a guarantee of 25 years;
  • Let's use as a coolant any liquid as steel pipes provide excellent corrosion protection;
  • possibility of installation in children's and medical institutions;
  • coolant temperature may rise freely to 135˚S;
  • pressure in the middle of the radiators produced by passing the liquid inside can be up to 150 atmospheres;
  • simple installation, without the need for special equipment.

Benefits Rifar radiators

cost, specifications

Price «RifarMonolit» radiators depends on several factors, such as:

  • number of radiator sections;
  • working pressure in the middle of the structure;
  • ways to enable the central heating system.

reviews Among the owners who have already set in their homes Bimetallic radiators «RifarMonolit» you will not find a single negative.

The cost of the technical characteristics

When properly conducted installation and good operation of bimetallic radiators «RifarMonolit» will serve long years, I give warmth and comfort of your home.

Main specifications of radiators "Monolith»

Model Intersection axial distance, mm Dimensions, Wattage volume Weight kg
height width depth
Monolith 350 415 100 80 134 0,18 1,5 415
Monolith 500 577 100 80 196 0,20 2,0 577