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August 12, 2017 18:08

Septic tanks

settlers size for cottage houses

The size of a cottage septic tanks for homes

In order to choose the right size sump, you must turn to the normative documents, such as SNIP 2.04.03-85.It is possible to find a complete and correct installation volume calculations.For example:

  • Wastewater their expense, not hang 5 m3 / day.
  • Wastewater consumption have more than 5 m3 / day.

should know that the average water consumption per person - 100-200 liters / day.

Types of plastic constructions

As we know, in many markets, and in shopping centers is a wide range of different kinds of plastic waste water facilities.Currently, plastic septic tanks replacing well known to us concrete septic tanks, because the new location can be installed not only in suburban areas, but also in residential apartment buildings.

Septic tanks may be:

  • polyethylene.
  • Polypropylene.
  • GRP.

features plastic construction

Plastic constructions are very popular today because they are made of reliable material and do an excellent job with their work in difficult working conditions.These special facilities are not to delay on itself any waste ..

Most of these channels are produced by two-layer, three or a four, and thus double their shelf life and makes their walls twice as strong.These latrines are an excellent opportunity to be installed in different climatic zones.

Characteristics of plastic constructions

polypropylene and fiberglass septic tanks

First, consider the polypropylene channels.They have, as well as the pros and cons.If we compare with polyethylene sumps, the PP wins because of its stability.This channel can withstand very high temperature heat drain, about 140 degrees.

He also has good corrosion resistance, and often it is used in the industrial drains, as they have a very hostile environment, and it can handle only simple structure well sustained treatment with appropriate specifications.

Polypropylene and fiberglass septic tanks

Considering fiberglass septic tanks, we can say that they are made on the basis of the Smolny with the addition of glass fibers to the walls of the strength.This kind of construction has certain separate chamber, as well as possible and it is desirable to use because of its corrosive effluents corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene and fiberglass septic tanks

General Specification Mounting

installation of plastic sewer systems installation can work in small teams of 4-5 people.To begin with, the sump should be tied to a wooden board, and when it is lowered, these boards are removed, and our building is lowered on a string.

Whatever the installation was correct, it is necessary to adhere to these rules:

  1. Moat should be sand, about 15-20 centimeters, right razrovnenny.
  2. walls of the trench and the wall of the sump should be at a distance of 30 centimeters.
  3. recess partitions must be cushioned with the bricks that there is no deformation of the walls of the septic tank.
  4. If the groundwater level rises above the sump pan, use a cement-sand mixture.
  5. necessary to establish reinforced concrete coverings, if septic digs to a depth of 1.5 meters.
  6. At the end of burying the sump, check that everything is connected properly.

main technological assembly is not the right solution:

  1. not connected to a septic tank concrete floors.Concrete slab helps keep the sump in the required space.
  2. When dusting is not executed sump with sand or cement-sand mixture, as they can help to avoid displacement of the settler from the soil, due to the winter ground deformation.
  3. If a septic tank only sprinkled with sand, while on the ground, may appear cracks.

    must be remembered that before settling tank will sprinkle sand, it is filled with some water, in order not to appear splits, warping and other cracks.Also it will help to serve him for a long time without any problems.

  4. not correct selection of the volume of the settler.Septic tank has two water purification process and drains fully considered cleared when all the processes are in septic tanks and seepage pits.For well purified water is necessary to select wells with large volume.

    has always been that the volume of the septic tank must be large in order to seepage in the well water would come on a lot cleaner, and with the help of the cleaning will be needed for a lot less.Moreover, settlers should not be less than three-day size of the gutter.

  5. Lack of ventilation or proper execution of installation.To rid yourself of unpleasant odor, must necessarily be a setting for the outlet of the riser pipe from the septic tank.

General Specification Mounting