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August 12, 2017 18:08

Water radiators : types and features

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Vertical radiators

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If we exclude from consideration the electric oil equipment, electric convectors and autonomous heating system with anti-freeze, all other radiators best described as water.As a coolant they use ordinary water, sometimes passed only coarse mechanical cleaning.Network engineering, this approach reduces the cost of, and for possible negative electrochemical and corrosion processes in the terminal heating devices heat the consumer pays.

Operational properties of various metals (iron, aluminum, etc.) In heating devices, we have already discussed in separate articles, it's time to talk about options for their design and layout.

Engineering solution of such heaters elaborated in the last century, but the new design they have received recently.Regardless of the material and design of the vertical heating elements - just stretched high and tight on the sides of the conventional radiators.The scheme of their connection to the heat networks common (options: bottom, side or diagonal) in two-pipe or single-pipe design.Positive quality is obvious:

  • wide range of design projects that can fit almost any decor, just look at the picture;
  • easy installation, usually provided by a wide range of fasteners;
  • under arbitrary choice of location, with appropriate piping layout;
  • large heat transfer area in a compact design, not limited panes space.

Why are we not all at once switched to vertical radiators in our apartments, where is the catch?Everything is quite simple: these units by a third warm ourselves, the top of efficiency, where there is no convective heat transfer is almost zero, and the price of power at 1760 watts in the design variant can be 520-550 euros.For a country cottage good for modest Khrushchev obviously expensive.


Tubular radiators

In units of this type have a certain elegance and simplicity of style.In this device at high efficiency heat transfer surface area is low enough.If, based on the unit price of transmission capacity tubular radiators can be attributed to the category of the most expensive.Increase heat steel tubes tiers is achieved by increasing their number in depth and increasing the number of sections.

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For example, compare some characteristics of middle class tubular radiators from two of the best (in terms of sales) manufacturers of Italy and Germany:

parameter Cordivari Ardesia Zehndtr Charlston
Total Units 10 10
Overall dimensions 556h460h107 560h460h62
Power kW 1100 540
average price, rbl. 6660 7970

Conclusions can do yourself.Elegant and fashionable 10-cell model of the tubular radiator from ZehndtrCharlston can warm a little more than 5 square meters of space at the price of a kilowatt useful heat energy of 14.7 rubles (even in older variations of cast-iron battery, the figure is five times better).

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radiators In this case, you should not talk about the features of embodiment, namely, the place the heater arrangement.Why put the heater on the floor?

  • bearing properties of partitions do not allow them to place on a massive radiators (the private sector, the wall of drywall), but good sex can withstand all conditions;
  • French windows in a country house, under which the standard mark heaters does not work physically, but without reliable air curtain can not do;
  • similar case for offices, shops and other commercial premises.

Material and surface heating radiator design can be any, it is best to work in such conditions, bimetallic convectors, which not only provide the most heat exchange area, but also an effective convective heat transfer.Price qualitative section (operating pressure up to 40 bar, 95 W heat) outdoor radiator RONDO 150/120 is only 390 rubles, with excellent European design, nothing better in this category we have found.

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