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February 27, 2018 00:00

Kitchen apron made ​​of glass : especially the installation

Kitchen apron made of glass is an excellent alternative to the tile.Behind it is much easier to look after, and kitchen design immediately acquires a unique style and accuracy.Apron may consist of a single panel or several elements of different heights.The main feature is that the joints between the glass practically invisible, or they do not exist at all.Installation of glass apron can be ordered from the experts, but if you want to save the installation actually do with their hands.


  • glass Choice
    • Mount Technology Tips and Tricks
    • Design Tricks
  • Kitchen apron made of glass, photo

glass Choice

For the manufacture of kitchen apron suitfar from any glass.Specifics of operation dictates a certain coverage requirements.Since it is usually installed in the work area, that is where there is a stove and sink, the glass should be immune to temperature changes and accidental impacts.It must be strong enough and still have a beautiful appearance.

Under these requirements gets only two types - tempered or normal glass, but with a large thickness.To the surface is strong and durable, the product thickness shall not be less than 6 mm, but experts recommend not to install all of the usual glass in order to avoid traumatic situations.Tempered glass break in the domestic environment, accidental impact is almost impossible.Even if you get it, it will crumble into small particles with non-acute edges of which can not be cut.If broken ordinary glass, the fragments scattered all over the kitchen.However, an apron made of tempered glass can not be machined, so when you order this product should immediately describe the finite dimensions of the mounting.


Ordinary glass, even very thick, has a typical "bottle" shade which can distort the image behind it.For the production of special aprons used bleached and fully transparent glass, which not only does not change the picture, but even making it brighter and more expressive.

Advantages glass aprons for kitchen:

  • basic care - enough to wipe surface cleaning tool for windows;
  • hygiene - due to a lack or a small number of joints in them accumulated grease and dirt, both surfaces of the ceramic tiles;
  • strength;
  • durability;
  • opportunity to choose the color or pattern of the interior style;
  • visual extension of the work area and kitchen area;
  • simple and quick installation.

So much better than a glass apron usual tile surfaces, however, it does have its drawbacks, rather, lack of.It is to choose the right glass and a good glass is quite expensive.


Fortunately, large variety of panels allows you to choose an option for every taste:

  1. Clear glass - protects the wall from the spray, vapor and dust.
  2. Frosted glass - can be uniform or with printed patterns.
  3. Stained Glass - a great way to add a bright interior detail without repair.
  4. glass with a pattern - made for individual projects.Putting drawings by hand in the home is unrealistic - use special equipment for this factory.
  5. Mirror - the panel is visually expands the space, so this option is ideal for the kitchen with a modest quadrature.However, take care of the smooth surface should be very careful, because it is clearly visible even small dirt.

Tempered glass is the best option to create kitchen apron.It can withstand heat up to 1000 ° C, so it can be easily installed directly next to a cooker or hob.Before you order it, a thorough measurements.In this case, as in the saying, it is better to measure seven times since then cut the material at home will not work.

Mount Technology

When you have made all the necessary measurements and noted the location of the sockets and switches, you can prepare materials and tools.The installation of the apron should be done after the installation of kitchen furniture.


to work you will need these tools and materials:

  • glass panel - if you want to install multiple panels, then under the hood, choose the longer (high) glass segment.Dimensions apron made of glass width must be the same as the width of the hinged cupboards kitchen units, the composition looked harmoniously.The edges of the glass processing is not necessary;
  • installation profile - if you do not plan to mount a backlight, use the profile to install the glass panel with a T-shaped cross-section.To highlight need another special profile, the lower edge of the glass is pressed against the surface of a wall skirting attached to the table top;
  • LED strip with adapter - if the apron will be illuminated;
  • Mural - if you want to mask defects walls, there is nothing better photowall.Just stick them, and close the top apron.Alternatively, you can just order a glass kitchen apron with photo printing;
  • plastic spatula;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • pliers;
  • soldering;
  • electrical tape.

Please note that in the tool list is not a drill, grinder or screwdriver, as too aggressive exposure may damage the glass panel.

kitchen , glass - aprons

Installing a kitchen apron of glass:

  1. Attach the wall mounting profile, which will hold the glass panels.If
  2. will mount a backlight LED charge the tape in the profile and move it to the network.
  3. Attach the profile.fastening method is determined kind of accessories.Thus, there are profiles that must be fixed to the wall, while others can be set on the lower side of kitchen furniture.Newcomers second option is better not to choose, because the profile is rather difficult to fix and at the same time there is a risk to damage the integrity of the LED strip.
  4. Stick the film on the glass.If you've ever done tinted glasses in the car, this work will not seem hard to you.Lay the glass on the floor in the order in which they will be installed on the wall.Clean and degrease the surface with any alcohol-based, then sprinkle with water from a spray bottle and apply the film.Smooth out the surface from the center to the edges with a plastic spatula and expel water from the film.Always apply the film directly on all the panels, if more than one, and after priglazhivaniya cut expansion joints.
  5. remains only to install the glass in place.Pull the bottom panel from the wall and insert the top edge of the profile.Then slide the lower part of the wall and with slight pressure push the guide.The glass must stand firmly as possible and close to the wall.Make sure that between adjacent panels does not remain large gaps.To reduce the distance to a minimum, easy blows of a rubber mallet, adjust the panels to each other.Control the force of the blows that do not inadvertently break the glass.

Useful tips

desire to save as much money to repair or construction can be quite reasonable, but in this business you need to know when to stop.So, if you do not want to spend money on expensive tempered glass with a pattern, you can put the ordinary thick glass and place it under any pattern.Of course, the installation of the apron of the glass should be done with extreme caution, and to deal with it then to be very careful not to accidentally break.


As for the figure under the apron, then it can be done even without photowall.If you want to disguise any flaws walls, the best way is painting or pasting.Ordinary wallpaper should be avoided so that the condensate that accumulates behind the glass when heated, not spoiled paper.The same applies to conventional designs.Get them out of the panel will be very difficult.

Before installing kitchen apron of glass with your own hands, it is recommended to align the wall as possible.Installation is made only after the installation of furniture, finishing walls and ceilings.If the kitchen long wall, it is best to make an apron of several separate panels, you put monolithic.Experts do not recommend installing the segments are longer than 2.5 m.

glass - to - apron - kitchen

make accurate measurements and mark the places for sockets, switches fasteners Before ordering panel.They should be placed no closer than 5 cm from the edges.Cut holes for fasteners should be after drying glued to the film apron.

Design Tricks

Glass, as well as ceramic tiles are ideal for use in the kitchen.It is comfortable with the high humidity, temperature changes, and does not fade is long.But why not go further and make a practical protective cover has a stylish and complement the interior?There are several design techniques that can help you successfully organize the space, even on the smallest kitchen.

mirror - apron - for - food

Speaking of small kitchens.For them, there is nothing better than the aprons of the mirrored panels.Paint the walls in a lighter shade of monochrome and put an apron-to-ceiling mirror - kitchen immediately become "easier" and visually more spacious.If you can not buy expensive mirror panels, give preference to the most glossy surface of the glass - it too will reflect the items and be able to visually enlarge the area.


When choosing a color or pattern on the apron proceed from the overall style kitchen nature.So, if you like the model with funny rabbits, and the kitchen is made in the style of a retro or vintage, then this apron is unlikely to fit.Hi-tech suit plain dark colors and minimalist drawings.In the modern kitchen with European design will look good apron with photo wallpapers: fruits, vegetables, flowers.


Above we have described, what are the kinds of glass panels, but now look at how you can use them to create a harmonious interior:

  1. apron made of transparent glass is suitable in the case, if you do not want to block the beautiful color of the walls orwallpaper.The task of such panels is for the most part in the protection of the surface, not the decoration.This option is most often used in studio apartments where the kitchen combined with living room, so as not to detract from the overall design.
  2. Aprons frosted glass perfectly concealing defects wall decoration.If you do not want to glue wallpapers with a picture or paint a wall, set a matte panel.
  3. plain colored aprons can instantly "revive" any kitchen.They make the interior fresh and brighter without compromising the overall design.This option is ideal for those who want to organize a modern kitchen, but not ready for radical changes.Modern technologies allow to make a panel of tempered glass of any color.
  4. panels with pictures - this is a great opportunity to create a unique interior.The image is applied directly to the glass by means of full-color UV print or paste on the reverse side of a special vinyl.The first method gives better results.Moreover, UV printing allows application even 3D-image, which, like a mirror, can visually make the space wider.Very nice look pictures with deep perspective, such as sea surface, wipe away over the horizon, or a poppy field in the setting sun.Panels with glued pictures are cheaper, but the vinyl over time loses color from temperature extremes and exfoliate due to condensation.

Kitchen apron made of glass, photo

As you can see, install kitchen apron of glass not difficult, much more difficult to choose the appropriate option.To facilitate this difficult task, we propose to look like aprons look different colors and textures in the interior.














aprons - of - glass - with - photo print - for - food

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