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August 12, 2017 18:06

Retractable hood for the kitchen

Retractable hood for the kitchen

to equip various kitchen equipment, must be not only a sense of proportion and taste, but also the ability to use space efficiently.

modern retractable hood for the kitchen - the best solution for those who want to make this a functional room, leaving space.

It is an indispensable assistant hostess, clean the air of all the side effects of cooking (smoke, vapor, soot, and so on. D.).


  • Features and Benefits
  • Choose retractable hood
  • Where to buy and how much it costs?

Features and Benefits

retractable hood has several names: foldaway telescopic slider.

but independently of it, it is intended to purify the air without overloading valuable space.

Modern embedded retractable hood for the kitchen can be the following types:

  • filters;
  • Otvodnaja.

filter models operate on the principle of the filter, cleaning polluted air using a two-tier filtration system.

intake air flows back into the room.

Advantage filter extracts obviously - is not disturbed natural ventilation is needed for a better human being, it does not change the temperature regime.

tap-off hoods remove contaminated air from the kitchen space.

Before installing the need to take care of the arrangement of air ducts leading into the street or into the ventilation system.


Benefits retractable hood models are obvious:

  • laconic;
  • Compact.

for filtering models they are most relevant.

circulation system do not require a complex network of pipes, cumbersome venting and other support structures.

Drawer Hood is often inserted into the cabinet, so they are not visible to the eye.

positive reviews of drawers for kitchen hoods indicate that such models are already firmly in the life of the modern housewife and begin to displace classical bulky air pollution control equipment.

But not to give up, you need to properly make a choice.

Choose retractable hood

market offers a wide variety of retractable hood, most of which are inserted into the furniture.

They are to travel parallel to the surface of the genital panel shelf.

Choosing the hood, it is necessary to stop the PNA following parameters:

  • dimensions;
  • Performance;
  • Noise;
  • Additional features.

area occupied by the surface of the hood in the open state, shall not be less than the similar characteristics of the cooking surface.

other cleaning quality will drop significantly.For boards with a length of 0.5 m is recommended embedded retractable hood for the kitchen 50 cm, and so on. D.

hood to cope with their responsibilities, it is necessary to calculate the correct performance.

room volume multiplied by 12 (the number that indicates the amount of air updates every 5 minutes for the maintenance of normal conditions).

If the polluted air through the air extraction pipe is removed, the result is multiplied by a correction factor of 1.3.

Noise is directly proportional to power the built-in motor.not recommended to get the most productive hood.


Suffice model that fits this room.Indicator 45 dB is considered the upper limit of the low noise levels for this equipment, and it is necessary to strive for.

not be more than the presence of additional functions.

example, built in retractable hood for the kitchen 60 cm can be additionally equipped with sensors that control the level of filter clogging, the lighting, sensor and remote control systems.

is to determine which of the functions - a necessity, but from what can be discarded.Their number increases the cost of equipment.

However hood is required to be not only comfortable and productive, but also beautiful, combined with the interior.

For contemporary style solutions, such as high-tech, is considered to be an excellent choice for installation in a metal housing with touch or remote control.

Kitchen retro or vintage perfect model in a wooden case, shades of ivory or beige color.

Contemporary pendant retractable hood for the kitchen 50 cm and other sizes can be of any coloring and styling.


If you choose the desired design did not work - it is recommended to consider the built-in kitchen furniture option.For it will be put forward by increasing the effective area twice.

We need to think about the lighting that will further illuminate the work area and visually decorate your workspace.

In most models, it is built in, but some housewives prefer to do it alone.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

modern market is full of a variety of different models, which differ in operating parameters and external design.

Before you buy a retractable hood for the kitchen, you need to become familiar with the brands (Fagor - Spain, ARDO - Italy, Gefest - Belarus and many others).

Choose from the following manufacturers that have been proven buyers.

like any other household appliances, the price is retractable hood for the kitchen varies in a wide range.

not expensive models from China, for example, Control Air TF 5260 inox, would cost $ 80-120 at.e

Hardware average price category -. 200 in.e., but for lovers of modern innovative equipment features extracts from 400 at.e.