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August 12, 2017 18:08

Types of roofing materials

Types of roofing materials Photo home repair roof with his hands.Types of roofing materials

Currently, when choosing a roofing material is taken into account not only its reliability, durability and longevity.Preference is given to a material having the above qualities along with more and aesthetic appearance.All roofing materials are divided into these types: silicate (cement-sand and clay tiles, asbestos cement sheets), organic (wood tar, tar, wood, plastic) and metal (sheet neozinced and galvanized steel).The most common types of roofing material is a polymer or bitumen basis.

Metal roofing materials

Metal roofing is used in the construction of a number of reasons.Firstly, it has a durability (the service life - 20 years);secondly, it does not require complex care (galvanized sheet steel care is absolutely not necessary);Thirdly, it is most easy (with battens 15 kg per 1 m2), whereby the lumber possible savings due to reduction in size of the cross section of wooden roof frame elements.

In today's market kinds of metal roofing materials, which includes not only roofing iron, and aluminum sheets, metal, copper tape, are fairly widespread.

Roofing iron (sheets, cold rolled steel) may have a thickness of 0,35-5 mm, width 500-2300 mm, and in some cases allows you to roll the length of material in rolls.Most often used in roofing steel, having a thickness of 0.35-0.8 mm.The dimensions of the sheet may be 710 x 1420 mm, 1000 x 2000 mm and 750 x 1500 mm.

In the convenient and rolled steel, as it turns out on the roof allowing less water to seep seams.However, in most cases, used roofer sheets having dimensions 710 x 1420 mm.Material consumption is 5.1 kg of steel roofing on 1 m2 of the roof.

With black and galvanized steel produced, with both sides coated with a zinc layer having a thickness of 0.02 mm.

To prevent corrosion of the steel must be covered with black grease.Roofing iron should only be stored in a dry place.When fairly prolonged storage the sheets should be cleaned of grease and proolifit on both sides.The most reliable protection material is coated on the drying oil with oil paint.

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the purpose of securing the sheets using special roofing nails, equal to the length of 45-50 mm and having a broad hat.

These types of roofing - a sheet of aluminum or galvanized steel, stamped in the form of tile coverings.

Our industry has not yet mastered the production of metal, but in the Russian market, this material meets Swedish, Finnish, English and German descent.

Sheet sizes are different for different manufacturers.Exterior coating metal may be made of colored polyester are polyvinyl chloride, plastisol and several other polymeric materials with a thickness of 20-70 microns.By increasing the thickness of the polymer layer material strength is increased, and therefore its service life is increased.

Ondustil is a kind of metal, which is covered with mineral granules, is contributing to the creation of the volume of roofing slate effect.The high cost of this material relates it to the elite category of coatings, however, it is fully consistent with the level of its technical performance.Ondustil durable, durable, shake-rostoek, resistant to weathering, and also provides good sound insulation.

Metal tiles

Metal tiles Photo This corrugated steel sheet, having dimensions of 1 x 0.5 m. Its surface is covered with mineral granules in an acrylic binder.Externally very similar to metal ceramic.

In our country it is issued in the form of sheets of galvanized steel, slightly profiled, without the exterior finishes.

These types of roofing are very common in the individual building and successfully replaces galvanized steel sheets.

roof with such a coating is at least 50 years.The height and size of the sheets are extremely diverse.

disadvantage of this material is considerable exposure to corrosion due to the specific properties of aluminum.

With this material you can do at home with their own hands Repair of the roof of the roof, having an unlimited service life.Its thickness is 0.6 or 0.8 mm, and the width - 670 mm.Installation of this type of roof is very labor intensive and is impossible without the presence of special skills and abilities.First, prepare the roof has a shiny surface, which subsequently darkens.

Self Repair.