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August 12, 2017 18:05

Paint the outside of the wooden house

Houses made of wood look interesting.However, the material from which they are made, on contact with moisture can be destroyed in a short time.Therefore, a wooden house painted the outside of the structure prior to commissioning, as well as his painting at regular intervals during operation.


  1. What materials are needed?
  2. In what order should be applied to cover?
  3. painting technology wooden house outside
  4. Basic mistakes when painting the house from a tree
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What materials are needed?

To protect the wood from precipitation, sunlight and possible emergence of fungi, it is better to use a complex application of finishing materials from the company RENNER (Italy).Necessarily need antiseptic sealant to the ends of the paint itself.Experts recommend as a finishing layer use a water-based material.

In what order should be applied to cover?

The first stage is applied antiseptic.Since this coating is quite liquid, it can penetrate deeply into the wood to create a vast protective layer.It will prevent the wood from white rot fungi, blue stain.

further applied to the ends of the mastic.This zone is the most susceptible to moisture absorption.A coating applied to this area creates a protective layer which prevents the ingress of water.

As an antiseptic is not resistant coating, it can be washed away by rain falling on him.To prevent this undesirable consequence, using a finishing layer.It is recommended to be applied in 3 layers.

painting technology wooden house outside

In order to paint the outside of a wooden house with his own hands went quickly and without problems, and the result pleased the years to come, it is necessary to prepare the surface properly.For this is done polishing the wood.

It allows you to smooth the surface and remove the old layer (grain size of the grinding machine should be from 80 to 100 units.).From the quality of grinding carried out depends on how deeply penetrated antiseptic, because during grinding work opens the pores of the wood.

Then apply an antiseptic.This will require a brush.When applied should not be left untreated plots, the entire surface is richly moistened with a solution.To dry, this layer is approximately 3 hours.When it dries, it is necessary to treat the wood, to remove lint.

This need stems from the fact that the pile in this situation is to perform the functions and carry out the capillary wall which fell into the water.If this happens, the paints will peel off.

next step - applying to the ends of the mastic.By its density of material reminiscent of liquid sour cream.It is applied with a brush, and then smear on the surface.How to do it, you can see on the video.Mastic to dry will be about 3 hours.

At the end of the main paint is applied to the material.For convenience, it is better to pour into a small container.Applying water-based material is in the 2 - 3 layers.So many layers required to protect acted for at least five years.Between each coating must dry surface.The drying time is not less than 2 hours.If you select the finishing material RENNER, then at least the application of each subsequent layer of the wall will be transformed before our eyes.

In the sun it will become unobtrusive brilliance, which has all the expensive Italian furniture.You can choose any color, giving the house a pleasant appearance, appropriate design project.Numerous photos show the richness of the palette of this material.Therefore, many believe that RENNER - Optimal paint for painting the outside of the wooden house.

If during the subsequent operation will identify any weaknesses, you can clear this place of dust, podshlifovat it and apply another coat.

Basic mistakes when painting the house from a tree

First of all, it's wrong-chosen material.When using paints and varnishes Oil-based house in the difficult climatic conditions in a couple of years, do not look in the best way.After the varnish under the influence of the sun and frost and exfoliate slazit whole pieces.As a result, the wood remains unprotected and necessary to carry out the painting of the old wooden houses from the outside again, including all the stages and work, including polishing.

When painting was used only antiseptic, it will not last more than six months.Further, he washed off and leaves the surface without protection.

Dye house under the scorching sun should not be, because the paint material in such conditions is badly absorbed.The result crust and antiseptic penetration depth is reduced from 3.5 mm to 1 mm.


For greater clarity, we recommend to watch the video on how to paint the wooden house from the outside.