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August 12, 2017 18:05

Frame bath with his hands

The benefits of a bath is known to all, so there is rarely a country site, whose owners have not put and do not intend to put the bath.Practice construction of such buildings include more than one hundred years.Therefore, bath with his hands for the majority - this is not a fantasy, but a simple routine.Who wishes to devote the time frame construction can find step by step instructions below on how to make your own bath.In the work presented will help photos, videos, drawings.


  1. baths project
  2. Construction foundation
  3. Arrangement floor bath
  4. frame Making
  5. Arrangement roof
  6. Skinning of walls bath
  7. Finishing
  8. Veranda
  9. Set for a bath
  10. furnaceconstruction of drainage
  11. Video construction baths with their hands

baths project

Download baths project in dwg

format to meet the amount of 350 thousand rubles, it is possible to build a framework bath 4x4 meters, adding to the basic structure of the veranda. 4h1,8 m In this case, you can equip steam room 2,1h1,6 m, m 3,8h2,1 restroom and shower - 1,6h1.6 m

Construction foundation

depth of laying the foundation.due to the level of soil freezing areas, in this case -. 60 cm is to decide with its parameters, it is necessary to look into the bath project.If there is no project documentation, prepared by experts, the foundation form is determined depending on the wall material.

If you decide to put the skeleton bath will be enough to make a small strip foundation.For its arrangement on a prepared flat surface mounted square shuttering of 2 parallel boards.They are fastened by means of screws, an additional cross member is used to put the bar afterwards.

also need to take care of the basement ventilation, make the appropriate tab.Not to be mistaken with the size and direction of the trench for the foundation, it is better to first make the casing, and then in the space between the boards to dig a trench.Dig the ground is better to fill up in buckets and carry away from the area to prevent contamination.

Decking installed on the perimeter and under the internal partitions, as well as where the stove is installed.Since the load is distributed more evenly.It is also desirable to carry out reinforcement.The trenches are filled with the sand first, to reduce the load on the base, and then a concrete solution.

When it hardens, will only have to unscrew the screws and disassemble the casing.Usually after 5-7 days the concrete is gaining strength.In hot, dry conditions, it is recommended to pour the foundation of water.

Arrangement floor bath

first need to unroll the roll between the waterproofing of the foundation elements and the foundation itself.It may be an ordinary roofing material.It is used for waterproofing the basement in the recesses intended for the lag, which will become the basis of sex.

to lag did not cave in operation, they further strengthen the intermediate supports.The upper part of the foundation and waterproofing.Next will be to put the board floor, starting from the base edge.It is necessary to process antiseptic.

frame Making

next stage of construction framing baths with their own hands - making of the frame.4 individual wall unit is made of edged board, leaving holes for the window and door.Collect the workpiece should be on the ground, on a completely flat plot.

When blanks are ready for installation, they are installed vertically in pairs and fasten with screws.It is important to observe the correct connection angle, monitor the level.Externally frame racks look like hollow structure of the vertical and horizontal elements.After installation, you have to double-check the evenness, and only then begin to build the roofing system.

Arrangement roof

next stage step by step directions - building roof framing baths.

Its installation begins with the installation lag 2 floors.Next on the resulting beam is applied layer boards overlap.Then the truss system is mounted.We should not forget that the chimney will bring, so the truss system, it is necessary to leave adequate space.Then put the waterproofing is done kontrobreshetka, crate.It carries out installation of the roof.

space under the gable roof can be actively used for storing brooms and other useful things.

Skinning of walls bath

Void in the frame filled with insulation material bath.You can use the mats, rolls.But mats are much more convenient, they are simply inserted into the existing framework of emptiness.The web material must be cut according to the dimensions of the intermediate frame strut elements.

At arrangement of the walls we must not forget about the vapor barrier and waterproofing.When the film is fixed, start to finish outside the country bath blockhouse.

Next, you need to install windows and doors.


Inside the room is sheathed with another layer of insulation and a vapor barrier.The joints must be taped with duct tape.On top of the wall trimmed with clapboard.

When the wall decoration steam required to make 3 layers:

  • mineral wool;
  • foil;
  • lining.

The shower area establish appropriate equipment.The walls of the shower enclosure installation site better tiled, mosaic or plastic wall panels.


next stage of building the bath - the construction of the porch.For her need melkozaglublenny pier foundation.Further, the board of the foundation are doing, for that they put on the end, so the deflection will be removed.

then collected frame side structure consisting of vertical supports and the upper cross member, it will go to the main load veranda roof.The frame is secured to the bottom by means of anchor bolts.

between this frame and roof bath set connectors that cover the crate.On top lay roofing felt, can be mounted on top of slate or other roofing material.

based on terraces attached decking boards.Existing gaps in the side of the frame is filled with blanks with a decorative wooden lattice.

Installation furnace for a bath

One of the final stages - setting the furnace and out of the chimney.

If you select the oven with the possibility of installing a heat exchanger, the tank can be put in another room.In particular, it uses an oven Ermak-12, it selected a tank volume of 70 liters, which is placed in the attic in the zone of internal partition between shower and steam room.

It is also the tank with cold water, it is more - 120 liters.For supplying water into the tanks from the well pump is used.

Construction drain

About drain arrangement of the existing water intakes should take care at the early stage of construction of the bath.

Firstly, the need for laying sewer pipe with a slope of 1 meter of 3-5 cm. This pipe should come from the shower and the tap water flowing from the pipe system.It is located at the lowest point of the pipeline.This crane is needed to drain the water from the system and conserve the bath for a long time, for example, for the whole winter.It is better if the drain pipe will not have branches and turns.Straight pipe - it is a way to avoid blockages.The diagram shows how best to connect the two water intake in a single system.

sewer pipes to connect better with the septic tank to the drain water does not go into the earth.

Video construction baths with their hands