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August 12, 2017 18:07

Original articles from pumpkin (photo ) : Fantasy without borders

Autumn - a great time, it seems that nature is ready to give her all of your paint before the cold winter.And the great gift of this time of year we get all kinds of vegetables , who not only useful to eat, but also the master of them all kinds of crafts - decorations for the interior.

Today Online "Dream House" we'll talk about the pumpkin.It is not only useful, but also has a beautiful color, from green to yellow with marked, to the lush yellow and orange colors.Through color and thick skinned pumpkin crafts are obtained strong and beautiful.They are pleasing to the eye very long, or, conversely, very long time.What can be done from a pumpkin, how to prolong the life of crafts?About it and talk.

Vase Clock Pumpkin Photo

pumpkin vase clock photo

crafts What you can do with your own hands pumpkin

first thing that comes to mind - this pumpkin on Halloween.In this holiday pumpkin head is everywhere, and the idea was picked up fairly quickly in our country.The second - a vase of pumpkins.But for them we have a separate publication.What else?

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most simple in execution crafts - it's all kinds of boxes, candlesticks, lamps, salt shakers.More complex to manufacture items made from dried pumpkin - cooking utensils, bags.

Casserole with pumpkin lid

pan with a lid from the pumpkin

Cream soup in a pot of pumpkin

cream soup in a pot of pumpkin

A great number of artefacts from the pumpkin can be filled with children's room: mobility on a bed, maracas, lighting and so on.Together with the children will be interesting to make the carriage houses various small animals, boats pumpkin, all kinds of creatures.

Funny muzzles - crafts made of pumpkin

Funny muzzles - crafts pumpkin

Funny muzzles - pumpkin crafts for the garden

Funny muzzles - crafts pumpkin garden

Peoples pumpkin

Peoples pumpkin

handicrafts made of pumpkin with his own hands

Kids crafts pumpkin with his own hands

Fireplace or shelf in the living roomcan decorate the original artifact, such as a round of pumpkin clock.

Crafts from big pumpkin - watch

Crafts from big pumpkin - watch

If you - happy owner of the garden, then fill it with street lamps and lanterns, birdhouses washstand intricate pumpkin.

Openwork lanterns from pumpkins

Openwork lanterns from pumpkins

Flashlight Pumpkin Photo

lanterns from pumpkins photo

Luxuriously look pumpkins, decorated with fresh flowers, glitter, autumn leaves.This is perhaps one of the best decorations for the fall decor.

Decorations of pumpkins photo

Decorations Pumpkin photo

The decor leaves pumpkin photo

Pumpkin Decor leaves photo

Decor pumpkin flowers

Decor pumpkin flowers

Jewellery for the interior of the pumpkin

Jewellery pumpkin interior

And with the colors you can make beautiful patterns.

Painting pumpkin photo

painting pumpkin photo

How do pumpkin crafts: Highlights

acquainted with pumpkin as a material for handicrafts, it is best to get the hand to light by objects, and only then move on to more complex crafts.

We select tool

To produce this or that is necessary to prepare crafts toolbox correctly.The most common need:

  • long knife;
  • scraper or a spoon to remove the pulp from the pumpkin;
  • paper for faster drying pumpkin;
  • thin paper, coal;
  • awl to make small holes;
  • Scotch;
  • paint, chisel and other.

We select and dried pumpkin

Most often make crafts out of a decorative pumpkin, but you can also use the usual small items.By selecting a suitable vegetable, inspect it for no rotten spots, wash and wipe best alcoholic solution.The next step depends on your purpose for future crafts.

If you plan to store it for a long time, you need a simple pumpkin-drying that does not take very long.You should cut the neck, remove the seeds and pulp with a spoon, then fill it with plenty of paper, so that she absorbed the moisture.Change the paper as long as it is no longer wet.Now the pumpkin is ready for use.

If you want to do something more serious, such as the dishes, you should know how to dry the pumpkin to craft that lasts much longer.You have to have patience, because this process takes six months.To the end of life is not to get frustrated, instead of well-dried pumpkin, choose a few pieces to dry.While some of them may start to rot.Thus, washed and mashed pumpkin weak alcohol solution must be removed in a well-ventilated, no exposure to the sun room.Vegetables should not touch each other.Every day for 6 months turn the pumpkin and make sure they did not rot in time to remove the infected vegetable.

a dry gourd diy

How dry gourd diy

articles made of dried pumpkin

Crafts from the dried pumpkin

begins to happen

, use our tips to the production of handicrafts made of pumpkin with his own hands will give you a lot of fun:

  • if pumpkin dried completely, thenbefore removing it from the seeds, pour water inside, then rinse the pumpkin;
  • to apply pattern on a vegetable, you must first put it on thin paper, then use adhesive tape to stick to the pumpkin and awl "puncture" pattern along the contour.After you take off the paper, wipe crafts charcoal, it will help to fix the image.The second option - for printing use plain copy paper;
  • finally applied drawing on the well-dried pumpkin using a jigsaw or a device for poker;
  • on fresh pumpkin can be applied by drawing the usual vegetable slicers;
  • if you decide to use paint, then give preference to acrylic;
  • not cover lacquer crafts, pumpkin needs to breathe;
  • if the hack of fresh pumpkin beginning to dry out, soak it for a few hours in the water;
  • cut the figure to be the center;
  • if you fail fresh pumpkin cut out of the picture, a piece can be cut back with wire.
The lantern of a decorated pumpkin

lantern from a decorated pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin photo

Carving a pumpkin photo

Pumpkin Crafts for beginners

Inspired by the idea to create something, to wait for 6 months, you do not want.Therefore, we offer you the most simple crafts from natural materials - from a pumpkin.

Candle Pumpkin

Prepare a small pumpkin, as described above.After a quick drying, gently tighten the wick at the bottom of pumpkins, pour the wax inside.You can use wax aromatic candles.

Small candles crafts from round pumpkin

Small candles - crafts made of round gourd

Candle pumpkin decorated with sequins

Candle pumpkin decorated with sequins

Candles from a small pumpkin Photo

candles from a small pumpkin Photo


Proceed as described for the manufacture of candles pumpkin, onlyend instead of wax and wick put inside a small vegetable candle.If you want, you can apply a pre-drawing and make a candlestick filigree.You can also make and lamp.

Openwork candle pumpkin

Openwork candle pumpkin

Candle Pumpkin

Candle Pumpkin

Cart pumpkin

Perfectly decorate autumn table.Cutting the pumpkin under the basket, cut out the excess.Remove the seeds and dry quickly.The handle of the basket can be carved, also on the side of the pumpkin can be applied to simple drawing.

Shopping for flowers of pumpkin

basket of flowers of pumpkin

carriage pumpkin crafts

This pumpkin is fun to do with children.Take advantage of the proposed sketches on the Internet, and safely get to work.

The coach of the pumpkin

Coach Pumpkin

Crafts pumpkin carriage

crafts pumpkin carriage

Finally I want to note that the master crafts pumpkin can all winter skrashivaya cold evenings.A resulting product will be pleased to give to friends and family.Believe me, a reminder of the warm days will bring them a lot of pleasure!

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