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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tablecloths and napkins on the table : the selection , combination , serving

Probably every woman dreams of a fairytale samobranoy tablecloths that can fill the table with tasty dishes in a matter of seconds.Unfortunately, scientists have not yet mastered the art of magic, but modern manufacturers of textiles learned to create tablecloths and napkins on the table, looking at that inevitably recall the beautiful fairy pictures. with his readers "Dream House" today to share recommendations on how to pick up and the tablecloth and napkins to it that the most beautiful and harmonious lay the table.

Tablecloths and napkins on the table

Tablecloths and napkins on the table

place tablecloth on the dining table

Since ancient times, the tablecloth was perceived not just as items, but also as a symbol of prosperity and even a kind of guardian race.For example, in Babylon, it is sheathed with golden thread and adorned with complex paintings.In ancient Egypt, a flap of tissue that covers the table, paint the coloring pigment.This figure is adjusted depending on the estates and wealth of the family.In Russia also, because of the high skill of woven, tablecloths are available not only princes, but also farmers.For a long time the Slavic peoples it was the custom to pass the tablecloth from generation to generation as a symbol of prosperity.

Equally interesting story tablecloth makes it not just a practical addition, as an attribute, capable of creating a special decoration in table setting and be a bright interior decoration.

tablecloth rectangular table in the photo

tablecloth rectangular table in the photo

Textiles for table Picture table

Textiles for table photo

Choice tablecloth on the table

1. Form

To properly pick a tablecloth on the table, you first need to decide on its form.Modern tablecloths are square, rectangular, oval and round.Ideally, the shape of the tablecloth should follow the shape of the tabletop.The exception applies only to the round tables, the design of which is allowed to use square tablecloths that can create an interesting and voluminous drape.In addition, having issued a round table round table cloth, on top of it and you can put a small cloth square shape.Especially interesting to look at such a composition combining contrasting colors to each other.

Round and square table cloth on a round table

Round and square table cloth on a round table

cloth on a round table photo

tablecloth on a round table photo

how to pick up the tablecloth on the table

How to choose a tablecloth on the table

cloth on the oval table

tablecloth on the oval table

Also, there is an interesting variety of tablecloths calledrunners or runner, the shape of which resembles an elongated narrow web or track.Most harmoniously tablecloth-track look at the oblong wooden table.However, since this fabric is relatively narrow, with the runner table served woven wipes.

Tablecloths , runners and napkins to match

Tablecloths, runners and napkins to match

Tablecloth runner Serving dinner table

Tablecloth runner Serving dinner table

Tablecloth - track for serving festive table

tablecloth-track for serving festive table

Contrast slider tablecloth on a white background

Contrast tablecloth-runner on a white background

2. Material

Modern tablecloths are made of natural, synthetic and blended fabrics.The choice of material depends on the purpose of the tablecloth.

According to the rules of etiquette and holiday celebrations require natural textile design.linen or cotton is most often used for the production of this category tablecloths.Festive tablecloths made from natural materials are durable, hypoallergenic and, besides, stylish appearance.

However, these products have one major drawback - the tendency to shrink during washing and ironing, so their size should be slightly larger than required.

beautiful tablecloth on the table

Beautiful tablecloth on the table

Checkered red and white tablecloth for the table

Checkered red and white tablecloth for the table

Due to the use of natural soiled cloths in daily life is not quite comfortable.Therefore, lay the table for family lunches and afternoon teas recommended cloths made of polyester or acrylic.Tablecloths of these artificial materials are treated with water-repellent, easy to wash, little rumpled and, besides, different democratic price.But despite the ease and availability of these products, they also have a beautiful appearance.For example, are very popular polyester tablecloth with a jacquard weave, which do not have the wrong side.

beautiful tablecloth on the table photo

Beautiful tablecloth on the table photo

The snow-white tablecloth on the dining table

snow-white tablecloth on the dining table

Tablecloth on a rectangular table runner

tablecloth on a rectangular table with runner

In a separate category, you can highlight the lace tablecloths and napkins.In most cases, subtle and elegant fishnet products are individual interior decoration that can give of your home warmth and comfort.

Lacy napkin on the table

lacy napkin on the table

Lace tablecloths photo

lace tablecloth Photo

3. Size

size tablecloth for table should include the length of the countertop, as well as the length of the "plumb".According to etiquette requirements, the length of "plumb" tablecloth should not be less than 20 centimeters, that is, products must exceed the size of the table by at least 40 centimeters.However, in a festive serving need to "plumb" completely covered the table legs.

The tablecloth and napkins with rings

tablecloth and napkins with rings

4. Color

Depending on the colors of the tablecloth can be both neutral attribute, and a bright interior decoration.For neutral colors include beige, coffee, gray and peach tones, which blend harmoniously with any interior design trends.

festive tablecloth

festive tablecloth Photo

Fabric and color tablecloth

fabric and color tablecloths

Underline the originality of modern styles help brightly colored tablecloths and napkins suitable.If you serviruete table for special occasion, choose a snow-white tablecloth, which always looks elegant and appropriate.

White tablecloth tableware

white tablecloth for serving

table also can be identified separately Christmas tablecloth.Since the theme of this festival allows certain derogations from the general rules of etiquette, choose bright tablecloth with a suitable pattern for the New Year's table serving.

Tablecloth for New Year

tablecloth for the New Year's table

Festive Christmas tablecloth on the table

festive tablecloth on New Year's table

Red Christmas tablecloth track with snowflakes

Red Christmas tablecloth-track with snowflakes

How to pick up the napkin to the tablecloth for a nice serving

tablecloth - is not the only element of the table servingbecause without napkins woven design usually looks unfinished.In the selection of tablecloths and napkins may be as a complete combination of colors and the combination of contrasting colors, so that the overall design will look bright and unusual.

However, if you decide to pick up the tone of napkins, tablecloths contrasting with the tone, make sure that the shade is also present in other cells of the table, for example, dishes, candlesticks, jewelry, etc.

If the napkins color can vary with the color of the tablecloth, the materials of these products must be the same.Most often used in wipes serving festive table, so if you use a linen table cloth - linen napkins choose if silk - silk, etc.


fabrics for tablecloths and napkins

tablecloths and napkins on the table

Tablecloths and napkins on the table photo

Pink napkin and white tablecloth

pink napkin and white tablecloth

With a successful combination of tablecloths with napkins, you can create an amazing serving, using thematic ideas for anyholiday.So, if you arrange a children's birthday party, use to select a child's hobby subjects.By the Easter holiday, the New Year or Christmas, wedding, birthday - for every occasion there is a original way.

Linen tablecloths and napkins

Linen tablecloths and napkins

Napkin on the table under the plate

Napkin on the table under the plate

Laying the table without a tablecloth with napkins

Tableware napkins without tablecloths

Properly fitted tablecloths and napkins on the table can decorate even the most nondescript interior and emphasize the good taste of the hostess.Therefore, choosing a much needed attributes, pay attention not only on their design, but also on quality, as tablecloths and napkins should please you more than a year.

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